A poem called “The Barriers We Face”


The Barriers We Face,

by theamazinJ

What am I,
I am me,
I am who I am,
told to be who I am,
act as who I am,
told to be different than myself,
How does it end,
creating distance
blocking me from my dreams
working hard toward my activism
in making disabled people
feel like equals
just the way
the Able bodied feel
just the way
Able bodied have opportunities
that disabled people are told we can’t have:
we can’t have limitations,
we can’t say we can’t,
we can’t say we can,
we can’t have our own career and network,
we can’t have enough income
to live our life as others can
and if we do have enough income,
we’re told we are not disabled,
we can’t say how we feel,
we can’t speak our own voices
because we are told are voices are crazy,
we can’t develop naturally
without society telling us
what or how to develop,
we can’t be who we are,
because society wants to try to find a cure,
Society can be hurtful,
society can cause a lot of pain to many cultures,
society even tries to repeat history
even when there was horrible things
that happened in history,
the barriers I face
are not unique to me,
they are unique to thousands
of disabled people everywhere
who face similar things,
facing the damages society
causes about disability:
being vulnerable to being looked down upon,
being vulnerable to being stared at,
being less able to have our voices heard,
being more vulnerable to having silenced voices,
being more vulnerable to being violated with bullying
and corruption ,
being more vulnerable to other disabled people
bullying each other,
being more vulnerable to lack of privacy,
being more vulnerable to psychiatric care,
being more vulnerable to being blamed
as the problem,
being more vulnerable to teasing and name calling,
and being more vulnerable to
therapies that can harm development,
Things are changing,
many people are starting to see
and change their past thinking,
many people are soothing to disability culture,
many people are starting to understand
disability culture is a part of human culture,
many people are just beginning to view
disability cultures with dignity and respect,
yet, the pain from the past
is still there,
the healing takes time,
more time from a lot of damages,
so many disabled people are still angry,
so many disabled people want retribution,
however, disabled people can also
be the perpetrator
like the Able-bodied community,
disabled people can also be irrational,
disabled people can also be over emotional,
disabled people can also be over thinking,
disabled people can also be bullies,
disabled people can also put blame on others
constantly pointing the fingers like Able-bodied people can do,
because we are all human
and as human beings
we are vulnerable to all of this,
we are vulnerable because we are human,
we are imperfect because we are human,
and we need to see it both ways,
we need to look through a wider lens
as far enough away to see
everything in our relationships,
everything around us,
and everywhere we can look,
without just seeing one thing,
and seeing the whole picture.
When one person tells their story,
we must listen to the other side as well,
we must watch and observe and read between the lines
of both sides of the story,
when the three little pigs cried for help
from the wolf,
the wolf cried for help
to be with a community
may be because the wolf wanted more,
may be because the wolf wanted to interact
and be friends, but didn’t know how,
may be the three little pigs who were scared,
needed to open up their minds from the unknown wolf culture
different from pig culture
to share and exchange,
may be the wolf was lonely and scared,
may be Able bodied culture need not be scared of disability culture,
and disability culture need not be scared of Able bodied culture,
may be we all need to understand
that we are all a part of humanity
that we are all learning,
that we can all share our cultures
whether it is disability or race or gender or sexuality,
no matter what you believe,
we are all human and are able to share,
and need to be open to sharing,
open to communication and dialogue,
open to discussion,
without being afraid
without being horrified,
without struggling with specific cultures
and their language, movements, and ideas;
because in the end,
Thou is up there and here,
thou shares and exchanges,
thou knows how we all feel,
thou is unknown
and knows how to break barriers.
the main barriers we all face;
is the struggle of the unknowns.

A poem called “Don’t Limit me, but Accepting my Limits”


Don’t Limit me, but Accepting my limits,

by theamazinJ

Limits exist,
no matter what you may say,
when one person walks another may crawl,
we all have limits
as do numbers, energy, and the universe beyond,
no one or thing is immune to being limitless
even when the limit may still be going
it can reach an all time low
to even reaching the highest matter it can reach,
limits exist, plain and simple.
I have limits
even though it may seem
like I choose to think I don’t sometimes,
but choosing that is choosing to fool oneself.
Choosing to know your limits
is like choosing the wisest energy
you can possibly think for yourself.
I know what I can do,
though I need to also know
what my limitations are too.
I know I can only focus:
one task a time or my energy suffers greatly,
though, my energy suffers on the one task
no matter what in being able to do another task
the same day depending on how much I focused
to do the most perfect job on the previous task.
Yet, what is a perfect job?
What is perfect?
I need to remember:
I am imperfect because I am Human.
I have limits because I am Human.
I have to use my energy wisely
because I am Human.
I know I cannot do it all,
I know I cannot do it all in one day,
I know I have to focus on the right things
to do the best job on the most important.
Which means this:
If I clean my living space,
I know it does not have to be perfect.
If I cook or bake,
I know it just have to keep me fed.
If I do my laundry,
I know at the end of the laundry,
It just has to be folded yet not perfect,
If I break something, it is not the end of the world
especially when I am known to break something I use,
If I communicate with another person,
I know that I can make or break a relationship
depending on how much I speak,
If I use my money too much,
I know I will run out and be broke,
If I run out of gas in my car,
I know I won’t be able to move myself
from point A to point B fast enough
because I will have to walk or run or rest in between,
I know if I climb up on indoor rocks,
that if I run out of energy,
I need use the ropes to jump down.
I know if I use one muscle group too much
when working out,
I won’t be able to use my body or mind
until I am rested up enough.
I know if I work too many hours in one day at a job,
I will be too exhausted and need to rest up
for the next day,
I know I need to focus on things that will help me
both with my career and activism, and everything else in between.
I know if I use other people to communicate with too much,
I will either want to end the relationship myself
Other people will want to end the relationship with me
regardless of having relationships,
then I will be lonely for awhile,
until I find new relationships.
I know I may sometimes want more in a relationship
than someone else may want or what I am capable of
in pursuing the relationships,
and that is OK.
I have limits because I am Human.
I have limits because I am IMPERFECT.
I cannot do everything all at once.
I have limits because my energy goes up and down
depending on how I use my energy in a single day.
I have limits with my speech in talking with other people
especially when I begin to start raising my voice and yelling,
and need to know my limits with speech.
I know I can type to speak when I know my limits with speech are
nearing to the limit, and others need to respect that.
I know I can tell others that I need a break from communicating
with speech or typing to conserve my energy
for other more important things
and that I do not need approval,
just acceptance of this limit.
I know I have limits with what I can control,
and need to accept this,
but also others need to accept that
they cannot control me either.
I just need support
and support is:
listening to my limits,
accepting what I tell people are my limits,
communicating with everyone what I need support with,
and letting everyone know when I need support,
I need to know I am perfect with just who I am,
with the mind and body that I was born with,
with the things I can do with my body,
and the many things I can do with my mind
to enhance my spirit of my soul,
I am being who I am regardless of what others think,
I am Autistic because I am different than
what many people in the status quo think they can do,
I know my limits even though many
may say “you can do anything all the time”
which is true,
but, as a community as a human culture,
we all are imperfect
have limits in everything we do,
with everything we say through speech,
with everything we type,
with everything we work on
and, with every activity we want to do
for period of time before we know
we need to do it another time
or put off to the next day.
This does not mean:
We cannot do anything, cannot control our life, and cannot speak for ourselves,
It just means:
Know thy self,
Know the people around you,
know your limits,
know when you need to rest up to do it again,
and, know what talents you want to work on
at the moment you want to work on them
to use the energy for that talent, activity, or use of speech.
we are human
we rest because we are human
we can do many things with our mind and body
because we are human,
and, we need sleep every day
for at least 8 hours a day,
because we are human,
We are thou and we are human.

A poem called “Forgotten, but not forgotten”

Forgotten, but not Forgotten,

by theamazinJ

I remember,
Sometimes have forgotten,
I remember,
Forgotten I have not,
I have learned,
I have forgotten,
I am learning,
I am forgetting,
I am never forgetting,
I am remembering
Remembering to learn,
Remembering to grow,
Remembering to know,
Remembering to read,
Remembering what I know,
Remembering to be wise,
Leveling the playing field
as I develop myself
as an activist,
as I solidify,
as I am being what I want to be,
as I am moving forward
without following backward,
my journey moves slowly,
sometimes it picks up,
other times it is slow,
sometimes I stop,
but then I move on,
Sometimes I skip,
Sometimes I just walk,
Sometimes I spin
to spin as fast as I can
without seeing behind,
many times I move around
just to see something
I have not seen before,
I have forgotten, but
never forgotten,
I just have forgiven.
Forgiving without forgetting,
makes me grow
from the boy I once was,
to the man I am,
the journey from a
immature person to
a mature and wise person,
from a person who was naive
to a person who is wise,
I have forgotten, but never forgotten,
I just have learned
and finally,
am doing what I have to,
doing what I need to,
sorting myself to
journey into the beyond
into the mist,
and into the unknown
so that I can
further into my goals
deeply thinking thoroughly
about what I forget,
but never forgotten anything.

A poem called “A letter from Heaven from Thou”


A letter from Heaven from Thou,

by theamazinj

Things are changing,
I see what you are doing,
Go get ’em and make those changes,
I support you,
I encourage you,
I want you to change those perceptions,
to change those pesky thinkers
striving to perfect the human genome,
I want you to change everything
to get everyone to believe in everyone
to get everyone thinking about my creation,
to the way I think about differences,
and to think about what true acceptance is,
I love you, now go get ’em my tigers,
go get ’em my activists,
and go get ’em my people to make peace
and to re-design a world
to thinking about universal design
to thinking about everyone,
not some who were
and are being a bigot
who designed societies in the past
both structurally and abstractly.
we need a world of differences
both varied and wide,
not bigots who do not think of differences,
we need a world to change things
from old to new,
and we need a world
to find my windmill
that changes everything,
that changes the way people perceive others,
the way disability is supposed to be in my human race,
the way the human race was created to be not perfect like I am,
it is you, it is yourself, and it is everyone around
who are activists who can stop this negative perspective
from thousands of years misperceiving me,
and creating the change toward accepting everyone,
to creating a world that does not hurt,
to creating a world of self-determination,
by creating a world of helping others with self-acceptance,
it is you to help others self-actualize,
Now, please send out this message
to finally GO GET ‘EM, MY SWEET ONES,
Go GET ‘EM, my tigers,
and GO GET ‘EM my activists,
but please do not be extreme,
please do change no matter what
others think is too radical to change,
and please just do it,
we need this,
we need diversity and differences
both varied and wind
in abilities
and in disabilities
and we need to show
what my world was created to be
like in the first place,
NOW, just GO and make that DIFFERENCE
no matter how stubborn and resistant
to change many of the others are!

A poem called “The Arc of Rainbow Meets the Dark Mark”


The Arc of Rainbow Meets the Dark Mark,

by theamazinJ

Rainbow bright,
the colors at sight,
flourishing all day,
experiencing at night,
even during the day
the darkness hits the arc,
for the dark mark
can be everywhere at any time.
The darkness brings in the light
the lightness intersects the dark,
diversity of colors intertwines
with both
the dark mark reveals a motion of change
a change to crack the arc of rainbow,
to breakthrough the strength
as the arc of rainbow is a covenant of thou,
it is a a part of them,
it is a part of us,
when the dark mark touches
our rainbow it changes what we see
and the light fights harder to
be stronger than ever
from the unknown dark mark,
the darkness is just
a separation or
just before the beginning of a new start,
the dark mark does not have to be bad,
it all depends on what you think
it all depends on how you perceive,
the dark mark breaking through
the rainbow means
what we want and what we have
is changing,
it is unknown,
but it is a change.
The Rainbow is a covenant
the rainbow is a part of the diversity of
what we see, what we hear,
what we become, what we feel,
the diversity of rainbow
is a mark that ensures
the rainbow ensures
acceptance of who individuals are
acceptance of how we all interact
acceptance of how we all communicate
acceptance of what individuals represent
in themselves for the community,
the rainbow is a mark too,
a mark of diversity
while the dark mark is really
a mark of change even though
it seems scary, it seems unknown,
and we do not know what to expect,
the dark mark meeting the rainbow
is just thou sending a message
to the hearts of everywhere
so everyone can hear
so everyone can remember
what thou wants
what thou is
what thou of all of us can do
The rainbow meeting the dark mark
means a message is being sent out
for a change, for a reinvention,
for human growth, for the world to understand
that we cannot grow without who we are,
we cannot grow without knowing
about others, without knowing about
helping ourselves
and better understanding others
in understanding human culture,
and knowing the reality of
the powers of the universe
that one day
we return
to the rainbow,
we return
to the stars,
we see our legacy
embedded and shining
everywhere and all around.
That is amazing,
to find out who we are,
doing what we want to experience and set our mark,
after all we finally reach our pinnacle
to be a part of everything we see in the night sky
being the symbol of what we were
which embarked on a legacy
for all to remember or choose to ignore.