A poem of an Adventure to the Light of Myself and Yourself,


Adventure to the Light of Myself and Yourself,

by theamazinJ

All our life,
We have had to take orders from others,
telling us what to do,
telling us what to say,
telling us what to believe,
telling us that we are not good enough for life,
telling us what to learn,
telling us that we need to go into a specific direction,
telling us and brainwashing us that our voice and mind don’t matter,
telling us that we are a loser,
telling us that we are discouraged and crazy,
telling us that we are just a pawn,
telling us that we are retarded,
telling us that we don’t matter,
This is me for real:
I am nothing everyone tells me to do or says about me,
I am who I am,
I can say what I want to say,
I am what I want to believe,
I am good enough for life,
I am able to learn everything I want to learn
without others limiting me,
I can go in any direction I want to do for myself
for a positive revolution of change,
No one is brainwashing me,
I am not allowing everyone to brainwash me,
my voice and mind matter too,
I am a winner,
I am not crazy,
I am not a retard,
I am not just someone else’s pawn or puppet,
I direct my own life to whatever I want and need,
and I do matter very much so.
I don’t care who is jealous of me.
I am a leader,
I am disabled,
I am Autistic,
I am very intelligent,
I am incredibly creative,
I am able to converse with my own communication style,
and let my voice be heard and listened to
with my words that matter,
I work hard,
I am an entrepreneur,
I network with many people,
I am a part of Autistic culture,
i am changing your minds about disability culture,
My paradise has not happened, yet, but it will,
I am thou, I am me,
I am not you,
I am not the person you want me to be,
I am an Activist,
I am going to do and say whatever I think through and analyze,
I am Out and About,
I am a person,
I am a Human being,
I am not anything or anyone in between,
I am oppressed from too many people in society,
I am taking it to a positive,
To the Adventure to the Light of Myself,
and everyone will cheer me on,
everyone will listen to me,
and all of us will be the person we want to be
without no one taking charge of us,
without no one degrading us,
without no one belittling us,
without no one bullying us,
All of us will be an individual
All of us will be unique,
All of us has rights to be who we are,
All of us will speak for ourselves,
No one can take that voice away
which ever way we communicate,
so stop and think:
the next time you try to tell,
the next time you try to assume,
the next time you try to cross the boundary
of another person’s individuality,
it is a person’s right to self-direct,
directing their life,
it is a person’s right to speak for themselves
whatever they feel they want from their life
and everyone must listen,
and everyone must support our dreams to become a reality,
and everyone must guide the person
with whatever role they want to play in life,
as we become the person we want to be.
Be well and be enlightened by yourself.

A Poem called “A Spring of Fall of Water”

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A Spring of Fall of Water,

by theamazinJ

I spread out,
cook my hands in the sun,
the water begins to fall
and I get wet with drowsy
lamey laney rainy tears
pouring onto my body
and into my eyes,
and through my ears,
while sipping as I open my mouth,
I drink the water,
I fill up with saturation,
my life is all juiced up,
I think of the spring,
yet falling through the water,
the water is gloriously amazing
with all its fruitful splendor
I swim through and through the falls,
as though it is Fall.
My mind was clustered,
my mind opens up
to the feelings I had,
filling up with anger and rage,
while sprucing it up with laughter and joy,
the water feels good
the water makes me feel what I want to feel
I begin the nature of my being
as what I need to work toward
what I need to succeed
want to ensure that
everyone knows what I am meant to do
what I am here to do
to march to a beat of a different drummer,
my own drumming without being near anyone else.
I love the sun shining through
as I walk through the falls
and into the blooming water
swimming into zoom,
then I begin my swishing and swashing in the water
as I see a dark mist in the distance of the water,
It is a shadow,
but not sure what it is,
though how could I fear a shadow
that could be my own,
or someone else’s,
shadows are just the beginning
of what we see in people,
and it is nothing more
than a silhouette of what we will see,
and my fearing this unknown
could be fearing my own figure
or that of another,
How could we fear anything so dark
when it could just be a mirroring
of what we will see.
Just because something is dark or dreary,
does not mean it is scary,
for the darkness is just a
way for the light to appear
as we get closer and closer to what we hold so dear,
I love my shadow,
I love the darkness,
I love what I will be
seeing, but
do not know what I will be doing
when I finally see the light.
Light can be fire,
Light can be a figure of living or not,
Light can be curious,
Light can be colorful,
most importantly,
light is my distinct
water falling from the spring
as the autumn leaves start falling,
seeing the colors
and cherishing them,
seeing the different living figures
walking and running and standing and sitting,
speaking or not,
communicating a unique way,
while diversity exists
because one day
soon we may only see black and white,
and how sad that would be
to just see things only
one or the other
when we are all meant to be
diverse in our different
ways that we are.

A Poem of “Moving Forward and Expressing My Love”


Moving Forward and Expressing My Love,

by TheamazinJ

Moving Forward
I sit in this cafe
I stand in the sun,
I walk in the forest,
I am still in the desert,
I swim in the ocean,
I wash in the lake,
I feel good,
I feel proud,
I love who I am
and what I am becoming,
It took me ages,
but now I am moving forward
pushing passed the obstacles
of many people telling me
instructing me,
and not letting me grow
to be the activist
I am and will be,
I see something grow,
as I see a sunflower
in the distance
in the midst of pushing,
and eventually dying from
many who swarm all over it.
Love is incredible,
love is beautiful,
everyone has their own
their own
and their own
view of the world,
we can not dwell,
we can not let go of what we feel
what we want or what we need to do,
Following through the sun,
I gaze at the purple around the flower,
I gaze and gaze and gaze,
seeing the environment around me
as it grows darker and darker and darker,
and I no longer see the bright and shining
sunflower glowing in the sun,
the darkness creeps closer till it is
too dark to even see.
the darkness is just a shadow
of the person gazing over my shoulder,
I turn around and see this person
who is not really a person,
but a shadow in the sky
as big as a whale or
as big as the ocean.
I sing:
Let me go and let my people go,
the shadowy suddenly shines a bright
white light into the distance,
that suddenly illuminates everything,
and I suddenly see a person in the distance,
who is very far away, but visible,
I cannot see them,
I cannot hear them,
and certainly I cannot view
everything as it is all foggy
and not visible yet.
All I see is a person walking toward me,
and I just wonder:
who is this person?
Do I even know who they are?
have I ever spoken to them before?
Suddenly, a man comes up to me
to say:
“Get Up, and move forward!”
However, I cannot
as I feel paralyzed.
My feelings grow with
with haziness over my head,
and with clear thinking
than ever before.
I sit reading a book,
and suddenly I am gazed at the
person in the distance.
Thinking, thinking, thinking,
but not too much.
As I read a quote
one day that read:
“Let it go, Let me go, Let us all go”
in the newspaper all week.
Powerfully enough,
I see a red violet beam
going toward me
and I feel as if
I am being propelled forward,
when I fall.
I fall down
I bow down,
and I see the darkness before me,
the darkness creeps closer into
my body.
I begin running, running, and running,
until I see a light
that I gaze at
and I suddenly feel
paralyzed in mid air
with my feet planted
on the ground,
as the distant person
keeps on walking toward me,
and toward me,
and closer until
I see them
I reach over
with just a few miles ahead of me now,
and I touch the ground with my hand,
and reach closer and closer to my face,
when I collapse.
The person starts running closer
and closer to me,
until they hear a big bang
a bang so loud
that propels me into the sky,
and I say to everyone in the world,
at the moment,
at the shining starry moment,
when I get crowned in the sky:
This is time, It is my time,
it is our time,
Our time of love,
our time of humble humanity,
and our time for creating the world,
so move forward,
as I express my love for the world
I just want to say :
Let it go
Cherish who you are
what you can do for the world
because you don’t know
what you got to win,
until you feel
you got everything to lose.
Take care.

A poem called “Let Everyone Fly like the Wind”

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Let Everyone Fly Like the Wind,

by theamazinJ

I’m disabled,
I can do anything,
I need support,
More support than able-bodied people,
it does not mean I cannot see and do my successes,
it does not mean I will fail without you,
it just means I need more support than you do not need,
I have my mind,
A wonderful mind,
I have my body,
A wonderful body,
I have my dreams,
I have my life,
A wonderful LIFE,
I have my creativity,
that able-bodied people ignore,
I have my thoughts,
that are not influenced by any one,
I am not brainwashed,
and these thoughts are mine,
I am oppressed by society,
and I don’t think any one cares,
they keep disabled people down,
way way down,
Though, disabled people,
are smart,
are creative,
are inventive,
network for jobs (if you realize this or not),
or, actually can network, but
are mostly tossed aside,
can change the world (if you only allow us too),
know so much as a person
while NOT your inspirations,
while NOT your tragedies,
while NOT your burdens,
can flourish if you don’t keep us down,
down in day hab,
down in sheltered workshops,
down in low level jobs,
down in poverty,
down on the streets,
down with functioning labels,
keeping our voices down and silent,
tokenizing our voices,
not allowing us to choose what we want,
without allowing our voices to be heard,
only allowing our voices to be heard by a limit,
and, backing away as we speak our words,
as we teach the able-bodied community
what we think, what we see, and what we know,
most importantly,
we can teach everyone
that society needs to change,
society needs to experience us
from our points of view,
and society,
needs to finally learn
what disability really is, and really means.
Let’s begin the change,
let’s begin the way society will accommodate
offering accessibility to disabled people everywhere,
let’s begin to universally design a society
that listens to everyone,
works with everyone on their own achievements,
changing structures both physically and abstractly,
showing less selfishness in the world,
and more humble, gracious, and open communities
to disability and disabled people
from close by to afar.

A poem called “A Darkened, upside down Rainbow”

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A Darkened, Upside Down Rainbow,

by theamazinJ

Quiet in the field,
I reach for hay,
I sit down on a rock,
and I look into the distance.
suddenly, I see
a rainbow in the distance,
it looks unusual
it looks peculiar,
it looks revealing,
it looks profound,
it does not have the
bright colors
it used to have.
The rainbow has been darkened,
it has been tossed out
by the streams of black rows
of evil swirling from space.
What happened?
The rainbow fell,
the arc of the rainbow turned upside down,
and the feelings everyone has
sounded off in horror and anger.
What have we done?
It is a troubling question.
What can we do?
It is a troubling answer.
It is a catch 22 of horror
that we seek
to rebuke, but can’t,
that we seek
to solve, but can’t either.
Sometimes we think we can,
and that only drives us
madder and madder as hell.
the madness drives us
to not think,
to not be logical,
and to think too emotional.
The arc of the rainbow
is a sacred covenant.
It is a holy wholly purely
spiritually mention of diversity
of neurodiversity and of
growth of the world,
though, we saw it not,
instead we saw it go bad,
go evil, and go sideways
and upside down into the night.
What can be done?
diversity of the human race
from neurodiversity
to diversity at larger view,
this is the only way
for everyone
to debate,
to envision,
to listen to different views,
to see different things,
and to accept
and to understand
the differences in our world.
how to rebuild the arc of the rainbow?
the rainbow is pure
the rainbow is bright
the rainbow is colorful,
and the rainbow is dark now,
respect the rainbow,
respect everyone
respect nature
respect everything you see around you,
Most importantly,
respect the future
from your interactions
with nature,
with people,
with other living animals,
and with how you do things
as we are personhood,
The rainbow guides us,
the rainbow purifies us,
the rainbow gives us answers,
the rainbow needs our help.
Let’s bring back the rainbow
to bright and full of colors,
allow it to flourish
with the multiplicity
of the human race.
For I am used,
I am scattered around,
feeling undignified,
not respected,
and hurt
with a run of blood.
Though, the rainbow
guides us all
to feel proud,
to feel happy,
and to feel
a part of the natural
personhood we all are
and maintain.
I will feel respected,
I will feel dignified,
and the rainbow
will give all of us
the distinction of
who we are as
I am thou.