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For June 18, 2015: 6th Annual Autistic Artistic Carnival for Autistic Pride Day BANNER will be out the end of the week!

Have no FEAR, have no ANGER, have no HATE…why????? Because the love of the Autistic Artistic Carnival is coming back once again for Autistic Pride Day June 18!!!! That means that this is the 6th annual ONLINE event!!!! remember it’s always for all ages for ALL Autistic people in this culture of Disability Culture.

Any one who wants to suggest a banner idea, please email me at autisticprideday@gmail.com for any suggestions you may have…

I have been busy with GRADUATE SCHOOL and need your help to get this banner out…

It could be past Carnival participants, classmates of mine in graduate school, professors I have, any one else at CUNY SPS, Adaptations members at the JCC in Manhattan, an Autistic Self-Advocacy Network member, or any one with a good idea!!

The Online Carnival will be AMAZING!!!!! And BETTER than any other year that it was produced ever as we reach the 10th year annual where there will be a REAL in person CARNIVAL!!!!!!!

Thank you ALL and please be patient…

CALLING all Artists, Writers, Musicians, Film people, inventors, etc. come one, come all!!!!!

WE Autistic people in Autistic culture are just as great as the MAINSTREAM general society too :)


A poem called “The Leaning Tower”

A collage and poem about what helps me with accepting changes in my life and becoming the person I want to be!

Meditation (and exercise) helps me out the most every day maintaining my focus and my things I need to do for myself!




by theamazinJ

I am out of touch,
I am very serene,
I am very inert,
I am very golden,
I am a good person just like
others are,
I am a successful,
yet struggling to succeed
by the perfection and
paralysis from perfection,
doing too much sometimes,
but by focusing on
my priorities,
I can do it
and not building
up too much anxious
feelings that
leave me paralyzed,
yet moving slowly
in reverse.
By moving forward,
I realize
I am pure,
I am true,
I am cool,
I am calm,
but sometimes
it’s hard to
cool down, but
I get sensory overloaded
to the point
society makes me feel
hurt, pain, stress, yelling
and not being able to control
my environments.
I am sure I can
take charge and become
a scholar,
a painter,
a writer,
and saying ‘I’m Possible’,
as to being a continued
positive living force that
no one else will ever
see before again
as my own unique self.
I will rise,
I will rise farther than
I am now,
but I need to struggle,
and I need to get there
to lean down and forward,
like I am not really
like I am a
starry night,
waiting to shine,
like a am a goose
with the golden eggs
ready to hatch
and bring joy to the world
toward self-actualization,
toward love,
toward strength,
towards smiles,
and without fears,
as we all embrace
each other, loving
each other just
as I was taught,
just as I was taught
before being born,
just as my spirit
lives inside me
to make me human.
Love is game
love is style
love is not physical
always, but
sometimes we just
need a hug,
a high five,
and a flap,
or an applaud whether
or not, we
need acknowledgement,
and acceptance
and to accept
every one
in the world
for who they are too.
Life is beautiful
as my leaning tower
becomes the freedom tower
of hope, of constructing,
of my ultimate goal
belief and believing
and never ever
ever ever ever
ever ever ever
ever ever ever
in my life ever,
That’s all folks,
as I become the angel
I was destined to be in the kingdom
of heaven,
and embracing everyone
no matter who, what, where,
they come from,
because I love you,
and most importantly
I love me!


Struggling to Communicate with People my Whole Life

Communication is key!!

However, I have been struggling to communicate with people my whole life from speech difficulties, being Autistic (not being a mainstream general person), and living my life as a person who cannot understand the jargon most people including my family tries to convey to me. This is when self-advocacy becomes important especially when I need my space too, understanding other people’s words spoken to me, and knowing when to communicate with or without my mouth.

Communication is key!!

But, my communication style has always been a struggle for others to understand. I do have echolalia, I do have multi-sensory issues, I do stim, I do think visually, and I love listening to people through music and I do love to dance like my papa Dave did!

Communication is key!!

Struggling to communicate is improper with people who struggle because everyone needs to interact and speak in a standard way through vocalizing thoughts through the mouth from mainstream society.

What can we do? What are we able to communicate to others when there is a disconnect especially with families and their Autistic children and siblings?

Connection is good, however when there is too much disconnect between families and their Autistic children or siblings, there needs to be a meeting point of each other to meet half way. By meeting halfway, we need to communicate by seeing each other at the right distance without seeing too far or too close. This is a problem for all families of Disabled people and Disabled people themselves.

Communication is key and the social model is much better when the medical model has caused so much pain and stigma!!

When can communication become the right when all of us who need to connect with each other? When can we understand and accept each other regardless???

Language is individualized for each person. Self-determination is important for everyone while the importance of connection continues through learning from each other, learning on our own, and not being dependent on the system being medical model or stigmatizations society give us.

This is all the things to think about as when we need acceptance and understanding during the month of April for Autism Acceptance Month.

Remember communication is a two way street of understanding each other without getting too stressed, too angry, too overreaction, or too hurt from pain causing other’s too much pain too. I have felt pain in my past, but now it’s time to move forward and be happy as I remember the very need to maintain myself to continue to be positive!

Love my family, love all my friends, love all my support network, and love the world.

Thank you all!!!

Communication is KEY!!!

Doing well in graduate school!!!!


a poem called “It’s time to FINALLY listen to each other”


It’s time for the artist’s way
It’s time for paint
It’s time to write
It’s time for movement
It’s time for music
It’s time for dance
It’s time to dance like my grandpa
It’s time to listen
It’s really time to listen
It’s really really time for Autism Speaks to listen
It’s really time for society to listen
that the medical model of disability is a problem
that continues to stigmatize and stereotype
any one who is different
without embracing individuality and
celebrating a person for who they are,
their language, and their way of communicating,
their own very need to feel for people,
and any one’s very own need to being
the person they want to be
in the human race.

never go
in reverse
and by
moving forward
become the person
we all want to be.

This is the overview
of what we all want
of what we all gain
and of what we all have
to be a part of the
human race.
The diversity
The continuum
the spectrum
of the human race
that ultimately
FAMILY we always loved
FRIENDS we connect to
to be a part of our life too
the Support Network
we ALL always needed
and wanted in our life
and EVER!!

Thank you and LOVE and EMBRACE the people in your life who have always been there, are there now, and will be there in the future.

WE may be emotional, we may have different mental mindful ways of what makes us human, we may have different sensory experiences, but most importantly we are part of the human race which is a part of the UNIVERSE!!!


The Importance of living a Self-Determined Life

Self-determined language is very important for any one to know that any one can identify themselves the way any one feels comfortable with. Self-determination is also a way to be involved with our own life, our own feelings, our own conversations about us, and not involved with anything any one influences us about.

Emotional abuse can hurt a lot when people turn to us when saying or referring to our way of being as if we are not even human or we need to take medications to pass for a particular specific person’s individuality. This does not allow us to be our own individualistic self. Though, sometimes some people need to take medications regardless because of the ableism or emotional abuses affected by the way life immensely becomes too overwhelming. When this happens, any of us can become very anxious and seem disturbed since we are seen as being out of control. However, society creates this in individuals from the standards of a general normal that they want everyone to pass as.

We need to just live our life through the way of who we are, what we individually believe about who we are, and what we feel about our own life. This allows us to know that our life is what we want self-determinedly.

What we feel and what we do, is only a part of our being. When we move forward, we bring on not only what we want in our present situation, we bring on the past life we have lived too as a continuous spectrum of time and diversity in the human race.

We need to Remember our mission through what we are here for by what we can do for ourselves. The community needs to always remember the identities we all want for ourselves individually as part of self determination.

As an Autistic who also is very different from the general mainstream norm, society needs to understand that individuals are really individualistic as part of what makes us a part of the human race. The human race is exceptionally individualistic which is so diverse, so unique, so simple yet complex, so continuous though building on each other like legos, and everyone really is a spectrum of who everyone really can be. As an individual person, if we meet one human being we’ve have only met one human being.

While any one lives on this planet today, we can all think it’s hell or heaven depending on our experiences with our feelings while being involved with family, friends, and the broader world community. It depends on the feelings now that we feel before our body becomes too old; thinking of negative or positive feelings that determines our destiny. That’s what makes up heaven!

Everyone has their own spirit and their own feelings for our own space (or boundaries) to protect our own self of how we were first created in the world. This way, no one could ever feel like they can barge through who we are and our identity. The many things we built up for ourselves, makes up our own life in the world that we want to contribute to, to become the person we are destined to become.

Sometimes it takes a long time (as it did for me and for others) to think about the things we are destined for as we become way too influenced in our life to think of ourselves. Humanity is beautiful. It does not have to be too stressful, anxiety provoking, or even a way to pass for someone else’s normal. It’s who we are, what we want, and how we want to live it.

Self-determination is what builds our life now for even the future of our own
self-determination. It’s our own choice and no one else’s. We decide through our own spirituality of what makes us human, but ultimately what makes us a part of the universe.

If we make or give good, we get or receive good back!

Let’s make it a good life 😄

Love to my family, friends, and the broader world communities,