a poem called ‘A Spirit in the World’

Running in the distance
I run to you,
I run to them,
I run for self-determination,
I run for the hope
that one day everyone will
be given the chance by
society once and for all
to be a self-determined
person who makes it on their
own with support of those who love them
without pleading for pity,
and pitied for the sake of everyone.
I sleep after the run,
and wake to see a bright light
in the distance out of
the darkness of the world.
I see a figure in the distance
with a dark coat and a long beard
before me.
He asks me cautiously “What have I done?”
I say with respect “I have returned the favor.”
He then says “Pay it forward!”
He disappears suddenly as I say “Amen”
I wake from sleeping
when I earnestly stand up with pride
seeing those in need in front of me.
I carry the wind, I pay it forward,
and spread the news, ‘Pay it Forward’.
People chuckle, people listen, and people harness the feelings.
I sense I have done more when
I have done what I needed to do.
Pay it forward, Pay it forward,
Pay it forward, PAY IT FORWARD!
Listen to your heart
and it will come.
Listen to your voice
and it will soak in.
Listen to ‘A Spirit in the World’
and you become what you are not.
Joyfully encouraging,
Remarkably strong,
and Happy-go-lucky
to release your emotions
establishes a sense of freedom.
Freedom to one day be ‘A Spirit in the World’.


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