A poem called ‘When Will…’

when will they listen,
when will they know,
when will they learn,
when will they see,
when will they think well
to the opportunities any one can have,
when will everyone be included,
when will everyone know they can speak freely and be heard,
when will respect be given to people whose worked hard,
when will life be grander than grand,
when will life get better for Autistic and Disabled folks everywhere,
when will we have an opportunity to always be there for our peers struggling,
when will people everywhere learn that Autism Speaks needs to learn more;
more about working,
more about schooling,
more about allocating money,
more about outreach,
more about listening to the voices of all Autistic people,
more about the Autistic livelihood,
more about learning how to teach Autistic youth
to succeed in their future with Autistic adults standing by their side,
and more about Autistic adults.
where everyone in the world is learning to live together,
where everyone in the world is learning to work together,
learning to be polite,
learning to support,
learning to educate,
and learning to enjoy life…

(The time is now to work together and learn from each other, especially those people who need to learn from Autistic adults everywhere, the Autistic adults who can and want to mentor their youth peers where someday the most struggling Autistic youth will become a successful, assertive, and a part of the unified unit of people with their peers who aren’t Autistic/Disabled. We need to guarantee our future remains diverse, creative, supportive, and inventive as well as everyone in the world being able to cooperate. Everyone needs to remember what being human means, have feelings and emotions that are always felt, heard, and supported. If people struggle in their youth, we need to help them up, so they can continue to do the necessary steps to fulfill their mission throughout their life. Autistic adults who continue to struggle more since their youth need to do the best they can taking one step at a time believing in who they are. It’s hard and it gets harder as life gets older especially for Autistic adults who were not given a chance in their schooling to communicate well enough, but the future can still look bright no matter what.)


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