5th Annual Autistic Artistic Carnival (2014)

Drum Roll please…………

As you wait for the Carnival images, Here are images from Kelly Green’s Artists and Autism’s Facebook page Chalk Festival:(it’s a rolling list, so if you want to be added just email autisticprideday@gmail.com!

Happy Autistic Pride Day 2014!!!




All participants for the Carnival are seen in Alphabetical order.

Enjoy the Carnival!!!!

Abby is a funny Loving young lady, her Autism Diagnosis has not defined her abilities and achievement.

















Adiba Ibnat Poshla



Aleesha Worthington 

aleesha self


Alex Inacio





Cure, Death, Institutionalization.

Waiting for just one wrong move,

Just one bad step and it’s the institution for us.

Death of our choices (Beware the choice! Beware refusing it!)

Cure for other’s discomfort over our existence.

Institutionalization, Death, Cure.


Make us become so numb,

To be less like me, and be more like you.

Beware our choices, beware refusing them,

Instead choose to control and hide them.

Waiting for just one wrong move,

Just one bad step,

Prove we are failures, all, to you.

Then enforce the endings three.


This might seem a strange poem to put up on Autistic Pride Day, but there are reasons.

This poem is not an expression of my pride. I do that often enough, here and elsewhere. When I stim openly, in public (as I will also do, this Autistic Pride Day,) that is an expression of my pride, that I am proud of who I am. When I assert my right to exist, as I am, in spite of all the messages otherwise, I am asserting my Autistic Pride. This poem is something different. This poem is why we need Autistic Pride. This poem is what we’re up against. And this poem is echolalic. I take other’s words and turn them around to say what I want to say.


If you’re curious about the echolalic references, you can find the explanations on Alyssa’s blog



Amy Sequenzia

Autistic Pride

I am proud of being Autistic
And of my Autistic friends
I am proud of young Autistics
Who have Autistic pride

They amaze me

I am proud of young Autistics
Who are discovering themselves
They are learning to understand the world
Through creative Autistic eyes

They make me smile

Young Autistics showering us with love
Bonding, sharing, exploring and laughing
With words, gestures and looks
Their Autistic selves leading the way

They lead their own way

Henry stands up for his right to be
We follow his lead and stand with him
He teaches the meaning of never giving up
He is writing an important chapter of the right to inclusion
Henry is courage and determination

Emma started to tell us the truths
As seen through her eyes but rarely understood
I knew she was bright, talented, spunky
She surprises with great wisdom, and also insight
Emma teaches us all about competence and perceptions

The poems make the boy smile
Fallon is probably my youngest fan
He is also promoting the voices of Autistic writers
Working for acceptance through the love for words
He is an Autistic literary critic

Mini V. I have just met
But I am sure of his beautiful soul
He wears his pride printed on a shirt
A big smile to share with the world
He knows and declares: “we are a team!”

Brooke is threading an adventurous path
Full of music that makes her happy
Unless the song drives her nuts or bananas
Songs can drive you all kinds of food
Brooke has Autistic logic and creativity

Max and Ty send me a card
Made out of things they gathered in the backyard
They are free and happy exploring the world
Or lining up cars, a line many feet long
Rebel souls, free spirits spreading love

Unabashedly Autistic H.
He loves books and writes poetry
He cooks to show his creativity
He is conquering the world
Wisdom resides within

Evie does not need words
To gather around her love and sisterhood
She giggles with joy, she trusts the love
She holds hand with her adoring sister
Acceptance as seen through the eyes of trust

I never met him but I already admire
His enormous empathy for all human beings
Sitting with his dad, watching over him
Cuddling with his mom, easing the trials of bigotry
Mu has a giant heart full of love

Miri is thriving, although she is a quiet one
She takes her time and looks like a philosopher
Who knows what wise thoughts are still to come?
I will wait for her
I know it is worthy my time

There are so many others
Who are always themselves
Their stories reaching the world
Autistic youth growing up with pride

I am proud of being Autistic
And of my Autistic friends
I am proud of young Autistics
Who have Autistic pride

I am proud of young Autistics
Who are discovering themselves
They are learning to understand the world
Through creative Autistic eyes

Copyright 2014 by Amy Sequenzia

Andrew Campbell


Autism Poster

PA 2

Brian J. Liston




as life’s



us all;




when it



we all

still shine

in our

own way;

our own




for greatness

all the while.

In our




to show



can be





in a













lets us


we are





in life.

Bryan J. Merandi







IMG_128242967750774 IMG_128248842647768



Danny Rivera is 28 years old and loves to paint.

image-16 image-17 image-15 image-14 image-13 image-12 image-8 image-1 image-6

David Espinoza


Daniel Obejas

music he wrote himself!



Emily Wilmot’s daughter



Here is the original Blog post where H’s work can be seen on: Leah Kelly

minecraftskin1 minecraftskin2 minecraftskin3 minecraftskin4 minecraftskindesign


Ilana Watson is an artist, actor, and director in Portland, Oregon. She has been cross-stitching for about 25 years and started designing her own patterns last year. While she’s been drawing since she was a kid, she only took up pastels last fall, after wanting to try the medium for a long time. Ilana enjoys Doctor Who, astronomy, and volcanoes (among other things), and her favorite place to be is in a forest on a rainy day.





photo 2

photo 1

photo 3


      Jayson Halberstadt is 19 years old. At the age of two he began to draw and never stopped. Several years ago, Jay began taking cartooning lessons from a former Disney animator named Al Baruch. For a young artist, Jay has had many accomplishments. His art has been shown in several community centers, museums, libraries, parks, universities, Artserve in Fort Lauderdale, Stage 84 in Davie and The SOHO Gallery for Digital Art in NYC. He has donated artwork to several local charities, including a 12” X 12” canvas to the Friendship Circle of Fort Lauderdale and a framed 8.5” X 11” colored pencil drawing to Project Lifesaver, to be auctioned for fundraising. He also donated three 4’ X 4’ golf targets for the Autism Society of Broward’s children’s golf program. He collaborated with artist, William Bock to create a public art, ocean themed picnic table which was donated to the Special Olympics and can be seen outside their office at Nova University. Aside from volunteering for the Young at Art Children’s Museum and participating in their Comic Convention for three years in a row, Jay has volunteered as an assistant art teacher at the DPJCC and the Plantation Community Center. He also created a team called Jayson’s Giants to raise $1,000 for Autism Speaks and recently participated in the Inspiration Runway Fashion show to raise funds for the Center for Independent Living. Jay sang the National Anthem, with three other teens, in front of 17,000 people at the 1st Dan Marino WalkAbout Autism. He’s been recognized for his community efforts and work in the arts in the Our City Weston and the Weston Lifestyle magazines as well as the Philly Burbs. He was honored as a Powerful Kid semi-finalist by the Chris Evert Children’s Hospital and has volunteered at the Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital, drawing cartoons for young patients.

Since moving to Pennsylvania, Jay was the featured artist at a fundraiser in Yardley, which raised over $1200 for the organization Artists with Autism. He exhibited at the Philadelphia Zoo for Autism awareness day (twice), the Delaware County Community College Music and Art Festival and the Special Needs Resource Fair at the Calvary Fellowship Church. In the spring of 2013 his art was on exhibit at Mr. Musichead, Hollywood, CA – March 17 – April 2; 7 Sisters Gallery, Morro Bay, CA – April 11 – May 8, including 2nd Friday Art Walk; Curious Cup Bookstore, Carpinteria, CA – May 9 – May 21, including Carpinteria Open Studio Art Tour; Bell Arts Factory, Ventura, CA – June 5 – 19, including First Friday Art Walk Ventura.

Aside from his philanthropic activities, Jayson has received recognition from some of his heroes such as Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees and Geddy Lee from the band Rush, who sent autographs for his “awesome” pictures. He was employed at the Weston Branch Library and recently worked as an extra in the Tom Cruise movie, Rock of Ages. Jay was a member of the Junior National Honor Society and was invited to join the National Honor Society. He has sold original artworks as well as many prints and has had three drawings published in the Summer 2011 Edition of Virge Magazine and another three in the Fall 2011 edition. He was also published in the Asperkids Coloring Book. You can check out his websites artbyjay.biz or cafepress.com/artbyjay. Eventually, he would like to pursue a career in audiovisual entertainment.


jay with background

By: Jennifer Garcia
Age 27
Aspergers syndrome

The sky is blue
But I won’t be
The sun shall shine
So will I
The trees are growing
So am I

Beautiful beaches
Waves that reaches high
The sand is hot
So am I

The crowds roar
The days soar
With no fear year tear go by
Live my life to the fullest

The earth turns
The sun burns
People urns for something you can’t buy
I too can say it

Joanne Engel

Joanne Engel of Remote Impact finally received a diagnosis of Asperger’s at age 30 and has since learned to manage her limitations while cultivating her gifts. She is now very happy with her new job in accounting and continues to record her music for fun. She is currently recording her second full-length album, “Push,” for release later this year.

Overtaken song

Kayla Joyce

am a jewelry artist with Asperger syndrome. My business is called Color Me Bright. My type of jewelry isn’t fine or fancy just colorful and fun.

I do much in the arts like improvised comedy, poems, beaded paintings, I’m also an avid photographer and like to video as well.

I care for special needs kids at church and am an ordained minister.

Owner of Color Me Bright handcrafted jewelry

See art and poems by Kayla here





Lane Hatten is an aspiring film director who has a passion for the old black and white monster movies of the 1930’s. He loves to learn about movie special effects and animation. Lane was diagnosed with autism at the age of 6. He plays piano and prefers to play movie soundtracks at all of his piano recitals. Lane is also a huge fan of Marvel Comics and movies and he loves to draw. Lane has a very high vocabulary, but prefers not to talk. He’s quiet and very still, so he is often overlooked in a group. He thinks carefully before he speaks, which can be problematic if the listener isn’t patient. His best friend and constant companion is a little terrier mix dog, named Bilbo, that Lane picked out at our local humane society.


Leah is 12 years old and lives with her parents and younger sister in the Philadelphia area. She has enjoyed creating art since she was very young. She also has a love for music and taught herself to play the clarinet and flute by watching youtube.

Lady With Polka Dot Cape




Margaret Franklin

Here is a link to her Deviant Art page: Margaret Franklin

971882_255427674597001_1123512901_n 1381526_322157441257357_1534655669_n 1530314_345354438937657_110994107_n 10322653_406777572795343_5929663835042821795_n


Michael Tolleson

“A Life in the Shadows” 389
12 inches x 16 inches (30.48 x 40.64 cm)
Acrylic on Canvas

Life for someone with autism or any condition that limits interaction on a social level is very difficult. In our minds, the world around us is full of color, wind, life and journeys that were not meant for us. The paths, bridges and roadways of that life are perceived difficult to navigate and the destinations are uncertain. If we choose an existence out of the mainstream of life, that demands strength as we are required to provide for ourselves emotionally, mentally, and culturally. To a great extent for many, we may find that we sequester ourselves in environments that will help us refuse to recognize that there is life beyond our dark, personal space bubble. This may be a life with our family that will provide for us, or our own designated living space where we can create a monk like existence without the need for the superfluous.
Some of us will crave and desire the energy of the outside world but we do not know how to partake of the interactions without being at a loss and overwhelmed mentally or emotionally. Try as we might, we lack the skills or the social wiring to understand the mechanics of the world and what everyone in it seem to understand without effort. We stare at an alien world’s population and stand perplexed at how it operates without any logic or sense of order by our own perceived set standards.
In contrast to some, others of us hunger for more and for an existence beyond the prison which we have created to protect ourselves. The very social walls that we erected strong, tall, and impenetrable, now become the very walls that not only protect us, also incarcerate us away from the things we yearn for. To go beyond these protective walls require that we open ourselves up to those which may come into our lives and question our being or existence. So, we must proceed by stripping away the protective layers and opening ourselves up to an environment and people that until now we have considered beyond safe with any form of contact. We move out of the darkness and brace ourselves for what may come. It will be with a great strength and courage that will be personally required if we seek to move beyond, “A Life in the Shadows”.

Life in the Shadows


I am not the typical boy people see everyday. I was born in South Korea and was adopted. Growing up was different for me and a challenge a big one. I grew up with Asperger’s syndrome. It gives me extra intelligence at the cost of my natural social knowledge, but I have worked through it.
I am also obsessed with Once upon a time and the game Aveyond. Wolves are my favorite animal and I am a MASTER at word games.
I am easy to get along with.

If the curse was reversed

Paris Subraya

PhotoGrid_1403113270932 20140429_131621 20140302_072057-1


Drawing horse


Tyler is 8 years old.


Zoe who is 9 years old