A Poem called Feeling Unique

by Jae

Disability means having

A humanity,

It feels vulnerable,

It feels unique,

It feels real,

It feels honest,

It feels humble,

Disability is both 

Social and biological,

Disability makes me grow,

Disability allows me to be free,

It allows me to be open with my self with my mind,

It makes me an expert of who I am,

When going to an expert does not matter.

Disability labels me

Humanity labels itself.

But how can we feel,

When non disabled is the norm,

Because the norm is normal,

Or is just neurotypical,

But neurotypical does not exist.

Normal is a word open to the 

Dictionary as disability Is also,

so both normal and 

disability are man made

Words to make a heirarchy of people.

Heirarchies that shouldn’t exist,

But do.

Heirachries are part of the 

Human experience 

Because not all humans

Can be a god, goblet, or high society.

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