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The beginnings of a book I am going to write to help heal another person on the Autism Spectrum

Surgery can be a difficult process to go through, but being on the Autism
Spectrum can make it even tougher. Many people on Autism Spectrum would be
subjected to sensory overload, anxiety, and agitation when going through
surgery. When I had my first surgery 2 years ago on my Pancreas and Spleen,
I felt a need to scream to get people’s hands off of me, but I also
discovered these people were there to help me. This year after having open
heart surgery to repair an aortic aneurysm and repair my aortic valve (my
original aortic valve remains in tact), I felt the same way, only this time a
bit more comfortable. The hardest part was after the surgery, the anesthesia seemed to drive my sensesin overload causing a meltdown. I did not know what I was hearing, seeing,
or feeling. But overall, I was better able to handle the situation.

I understand it was necessary to cut me open literally, but I want to know:
Why do they have to be so aggressive? I suppose sometimes it is necessary. The hardest part was when I had to be awake for them to put in another chest tube on my right side of my body. I have extreme pain tolerance, but this knocked my sensory system out of whack
even more. The Physician Assistant who performed the procedure, did not
want to do it to me, but had no other choice. It saved my life from filling
up fluid in one of my lungs. It is necessary to be aggressive sometimes.

I feel grateful to be able to be here and tell a story which is why I am
writing a Guide for Autistic People who are having Surgery. Any one’s life
is like a roller coaster since our life has really positive moments mixed in
with negative feelings/experiences. The main idea is to hold on to the
positive feelings/moments to be able to live a fully healthy, satisfying,
and happy life. May we attack ourselves for being unhealthy physically,
certainly not, but what we need to do is live our life experiencing love,
not pain.

Surgery can be quite hard to deal with and hopefully my Guide book will help
those people who are Autistic or Asperger’s in need of surgery deal with the
necessary evil. The necessary evil which may hurt us at first, but in the
end heals us from the ultimate pain. Please look out for my book when it is
completed, though it is in the very early stages of rough draft. I hope to
heal those anxious feelings from another person on the Autism Spectrum who
needs surgery.

posting soon enough,


A preview of an upcoming book I will write

I will be writing a book which I have already contacted Future Horizons publishing. It is just the beginning stages and will take time and commitment.
It is a book about how an Autistic Person can survive being in a Hospital. It will cover all the basic Autistic traits which can go in overload during an Autistic person’s visit and stay in the hospital from sensory sensitivities to anxiety. The Autisitic adult or child who needs surgery will benefit from my book.

When a Neurotypical goes in for surgery, results are completely different than when an Autistic person like myself has to go to the hospital for Surgery. The perception of the person going through the experience is completely different.

Look forward to seeing my book come to life soon and transform the way you view an Autistic or Asperger person.

Be well and I will be posting more soon,