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The World Series Predictions…

The Tampa Devil Rays and Los Angles Dodgers will battle it out in the World Series in 7 games.  Tampa Bay Devil Rays will win the World Series.  Scott Kazmir will receive the MVP from Major League Baseball.  The New York Mets will cry themselves to sleep wishing the General Manager at that time never got Victor Zambrano for Scott Kazmir in a trade devastating New York Met Fans.

Does anybody have any thoughts on this issue?  Also, Does anybody feel the baseball players deserve the money they are given from the Team owners throughout Major League Baseball?  Will there be a baseball season next season when every body around the United States will not be able to afford to go to a baseball game at the stadiums especially at Citi Field for the Mets or the new Yankee Stadium? Yankee and Mets tickets alone for next year will cost Americans if they want to go to dig in their pockets really hard after paying the bailout plan taxes which was just voted for in congress and George W. Bush is about to sign.  Baseball has a lot to learn because talented individuals only receive the big bucks if they are in sports like baseball.   Every body has talents in their fields of work and athletes in any sport such as baseball should not get any more money than talented people in any other field of work.  If people who are talented in the medical community are not receiving the big bucks, baseball players should not either.

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