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Every one needs to Focus on the Solution not the Problem…

It relates well to Autism Spectrum Disorders. Every body is so focused on the facts Autism Spectrum is a problem, but if they defocus on the problem, they can solve the solution by looking at the WHOLE Picture.

Autism Spectrum Disorders has bigger more positive picture to it.

Enjoy the scene from Patch Adams: MY Favorite scene in the movies.

Capabilities for people to Work and get paid at a Job

The capablilities for people to work and get paid at a Job are very important for anybody to realize.  These capabalities include time management, organization, boundaries, quality work, asking questions when you need to, listening skills, learning, realizing imperfection exists, teaching others, and taking responsiblity for your actions.  These issues are very important to think about.  The school I create will not only teach every student the concepts to work in Ultrasound, but will also teach every student to be a good worker as well as social skills.  I think the current Ultrasound Schools all over the country lack teaching every student to be a good worker and social skills.  The name of my school will be called the Buena Salud Ultrasound School to respect people who taught me Ultrasound and also I needed a name which was better than using Patch Adams’ name he gave to his hospital.

It is very important and like somebody told me, it is probably good in the long term to do this type of school.  I first need to find an area I can build a school like this and research every statistic to get a really good school up there.

The Buena Salud Ultrasound School will help all those who are like me on the Autism Spectrum willing to learn and anybody else willing to learn Ultrasound, but have trouble learning due to a learning disability.  I hope everything happens for me in this school and I hope I can make a big difference in this world.  Buena Salud Ultrasound School will have a great reputation to allow students to work with the externship site they are given who will be able to work with the students.

It is a vision I have which can be done.  Think of all the ways in which Ultrasound can change people’s lives and have successors in life working for you.  We all need a successor in life. We need to show people how to be capable at a paid working job.  I am told though I need to realize not everyone is capable of working. I wish this was not true.

Buena Salud, Buena Salud Ultrasound School!!!!!

Let’s do it, anybody else in with me!!!!!!

Things are going great at my Work and life is good

Sorry I have not posted that much in a while.  All I have to say is that things are going great at workand life is good.  My life is going through many changes now because I am trying to think for myself more than anything in the world.

Remember if anybody has problems with their legs, don’t hesitate to CONTACT ME and I will give you the phone number from where I work in Yonkers to see the doctor who I work for.  In any case, it will help you out a whole lot.  The VNUS Radiofrequency Ablation procedure will help your legs out a lot.

ABC will be putting up the On Call plus site soon hopefully in September where you can see and hear me speak.  It will be On Call Plus Autism.

Anyway, I have many things to do today especially with work.

Hope anyone who reads this has a great day and I will post later on and more often again like I did in the past.

out, J

PS Polls will be more current like they used to be.

It all comes down to the Upbringing that leads to Success

There are so many ways to bring up a child, but what is right and what is wrong. I learned that to bring up a child with special needs, you need to have dedication, patience, and understanding of that child. To grow children with special needs like Autism Spectrum to grow up to be functioning adults is very hard to do. There needs to be an understanding of what the child needs and all the support he or she can get to achieve success. If there are even siblings the child has too, there needs to be understanding from the siblings as well since this child will need more support than the siblings who are Neurotypical. I feel that there is no body else in the world that is like my mother. She knows hows to challenge and at the same time comfort because she has a natural understanding of what is going on with the Autism Spectrum and many other people with special needs.

I feel that any single person can express themselves on how they feel. I have been talking to friends of mine that also have Asperger’s like myself and we have talked about the fact that Asperger’s is very mild. While Autism can be very severe in many cases, it is very hard for the person to express themselves vocally. Many people who don’t understand this will get frustrated, not knowing what to do. This can lead to the person with Autism Spectrum to get frustrated and upset as well.

In any case, people can really learn from my mother and others who have a understanding of the factors involved about Autism Spectrum. There are so many new and interesting ways to support and help someone on the Autism Spectrum without thinking of cures like knowing how to motivate people on the Autism Spectrum. While also teaching people on the Autism Spectrum the skills that are needed in this world that Neurotypicals take for granted because they know it from the very beginning. Then and only then will people on the Autism Spectrum attain the necessary skills for success.

Take it easy and relax.

out, J

Learning from one another in any Career…

There are many ways in which we can learn.  Learning from one another is the sanctuary of our life.  We learn everyday, but the best thing in the whole world to learn from is from those that know things better than us because they have lived it.  Colleagues in careers have lived through many things that some of us just starting out in a couple of years have never lived through.  Take for instance the learning curve of a field that is highly skilled and takes much experience to do like Echocardiography.  People that feel they know it right out of school are those that are going to fail, but those that feel they can always learn more and more will learn and succeed.  Learning takes time.  I know I am learning at a pace that is very slow and when I don’t know something at first I get frustrated, but I must admit I do not know.  If not, I am only fooling myself.   To learn Echocardiography and Vascular Ultrasound together takes practice and time.  Not everybody has the time and the patience to learn both aspects of this field.   Every body learns at different paces, but still it takes many years to do so.  George who seems like a superstar is constantly learning something new and if he his learning new things where he is highly advanced than every body should be learning new things as well. Like he always told me that every day I should bring home one or more pearls of wisdom a day from something I just learned.

In any case, Here is a quote from Billy Wagner the Mets Closer who is a superstar but is always learning from other people like Trevor Hoffman a closer with the Padres.

“I’ve always watched him to see what he does and how he handles himself and adversity. We’ve been All-Star [Games] in the same year three times, and I love to spend time with him and pick his brain,” Wagner said. “We don’t throw the same. Our games are nothing alike, but I can still learn from him. He doesn’t have five hundred-what-ever-he has for no reason.”

Take those words to your career and remember them because they pertain to us all.  Learn from the people around you that have been around longer.
out, J