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A poem called ‘We are Human!’

We Are Human!

by J.S.R.

I lose myself,
I beat myself,
I have faith,
I am a winner,
I lose faith,
I gain faith,
I encourage myself,
I get discouraged,
I win,
I lose,
I live,
I die,
I wake up,
I’m Alive,
I’m sleeping,
I’m grown up,
I’m constructive,
I’m a waste,
I’m habitually enjoyable,
I’m addictive,
I see dead people,
I see alive people,
I see people,
they are gravely ill,
they are disabled,
they are able-bodied,
they are sexually charged,
they are non-sexual,
they have addictions,
they are Human just like I am,
they are here,
they are there,
they are up and
they are down,
they are buried in their thoughts,
they are buried in the ground,
they have moods,
they have godly possessions,
we are made by god,
we are made by evil,
we are good,
we are bad,
we are deserving of what we want,
we are hurt by what we receive,
we are kind,
we are humble,
we are arrogant,
we are fueled by an aggressor,
we are patient,
we are dreamy,
we are bullied,
we are caring,
we are forgiving,
we are listening to ourselves,
we are not listening to others,
we are listening to our animal peers,
we are cleansing ourselves,
we are cleansing our homes,
we are teaching others,
we are learning from others,
we are doers,
we are melting away,
we are freaking out,
we are thinking smart,
we are logical,
we are illogical,
we are Human,
we are ALIVE!!!

(A poem that speaks from the heart and touches the soul. A poem about humanity.)

Always know the humanity in all of us including yourself and never ever lose faith in who you are and what you want to accomplish! Let’s be sure that every human being gets their chance to enjoy their successes in what makes them a Human being too 🙂