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My Trip to Salem, Massachusetts and My Calling!

Before I tell you about my trip to Salem, Massachusetts, I’d like all of you to vote in my latest poll…This afternoon I was walking around NYC observing the sun, the clouds, and the shadows hitting the ground. I notice these things a lot more often than most people do. Today seemed very strange and unusual. May be because it was just a little bit too quiet, but when I observed the Apple store today in NYC, I noticed many people take advantage of a free internet service at the apple store. A single person can spend hours at a computer at the apple store not realizing they are not in their own home. May be Steve Jobs should limit the amount of time to use the computers in his stores so that people don’t abuse the computers. I saw many people checking emails, blogging, blogging, using video cameras, and Facebook. Anyway, why can’t people understand that this is a public place and any one who uses the computers in the Apple Stores should not display their private information in public where people look over their shoulders. Just a thought for Steve Jobs and his Apple Corporation to make ground rules to use the computers in the stores. Besides a real internet service store charges money to use the computers and those stores are probably losing money now. Anyway, I would never use a internet cafe nor check private stuff in the apple store unless I absolutely had no choice.

Now you can all here all about my trip, what I learned, and why I am am so spiritual…

I went to Salem, Massachusetts and it transformed my whole life; mind, body, and spirit.  I felt it was my calling.  I needed a trip like this to begin my rebirth of my life.  I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend trip.  I explored the city of Salem and connected well to its history. Yes, I know I am Jewish by nature, but I felt a presence like no other when I was there. It almost felt the same way when I was in Tsfat or Eilat, or even Jerusalem. Yet, I am very connected to G-d no matter what or where I go. It was part of my calling to see the differences I can make in this world. I learned so much too in every step of the way. It felt GOOOOOOOOD!!!!! But as any closing time occurs, my weekend came to a close in Salem, Massachusetts. My next trek I like to go to is Edinburgh, Scotland…, but for now may be explore my spirituality even more. I’d like to go to certain areas where I can live my life better with more enjoyment and feel even more connected than I am right now. I love my connection and I love feeling the senses of my spirit guides/angels around me as well as the presence of G-d. Here is how you can feel more connected too:

1) Meditate for about an hour a day to start
2) Believe
3) Give, GIVE, G-I-V-E!!
4) When you go to sleep at night just relax your mind and think nothing else, but who is helping you
5) That’s all folks!!

Take a look at my pictures from the weekend getaway: (Look at each individual picture very very carefully)

Look, I know I haven’t posted in awhile, but I was preparing for this trip that I needed to go on. I feel great, I feel happy, and most importantly very lucky.

On my trip I did many things. I stayed at a local inn about 20 minutes walking distance from the city and did much walking, reflecting, and enjoying myself. I saw some fake psychics giving them a disturbed look as if they should not be pretending, but I also saw a psychic there who seemed very real. Although I do not need and want to see a psychic, I just walked right passed them. I have my own nature, so I don’t need theirs. Besides knowing everything that’s going to happen in the future is not healthy for most people. Its easier and better to live life with surprises. However, there are many different types of people who have psychic abilities. Not everyone with psychic abilities can do every psychic ability just like not every one can do every thing in the medical field!! For instance, every psychic has their special gift.

I also had lunch with a friend and his fiancé at a local barbecue restaurant. It felt interesting wherever I went especially to the House of the Seven Gables and learning about Nathaniel Hawthorne. I walked a lot day and night. Although when I was walking at night, it felt different than during the day. I was only there 2 days, but may be I will go back in the future perhaps in the Fall. Sometimes we do things because we know we just have to in order to feel more connected to ourselves.

Furthermore, I also learned much about the Wicca religion which dates back to before christianity started telling every one people with psychic/witch-like abilities were evil. Christianity caused a lot of people to fear someone who is different, but what if different is what G-d actually wants. To be different than the person standing next to you makes the world an interesting place, but being different in the way to contribute to society rather than harm society. Is it right that christianity especially the Catholic Church (or religion for that matter) puts fears in people’s eyes about people being different?

The countless fears christianity embeds in the people of this society range from witches to gay people to the mentally ill to even Autistic people or people with disabilities. Every one has a right to live and be productive contributing member of society. Some people just need more help to live their life because they have had much more setbacks in their life. Disability is just a word, but any one in this world can become disabled from society by day to day activities. What I have learned from the witches history is that society provoked a stigma against them, but we need to understand every one. I know I loved reading and watching the Harry Potter series, and this really taught me and others to understand good vs. evil. Lord Voldemort was evil, there is no doubt about it, and I am sure there could be many similar Lord Voldemort’s in society who are lurking around. As I learned from Star Wars, Yoda told us all “Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering!!!”

My journey in Salem made me realize what Diversity is all about, but also what we all need to do is fear less. Think about it!!

By going through the city of Salem walking around every inch stone by stone, I realized what my life was all about. It wasn’t like any other town or city in the world, it was Salem, but one day I will travel to other places giving me further evidence of my calling. I hope to keep on helping and giving to society and someday improve my skills… Some people may have many talents, some only a few, but when you only have 1 or 2 talents you get to show the world your unique perspective in the world. Talent makes any one feel good about themselves so why not experience the world by reaching out for your talent. By finding it, you may never know what an amazing life you can make. Spend some time over the next few days keeping focused on meditation, focusing in on what you can do rather than what you can’t do. Think of these talents from your mind, your body, or your spirit.

posting more soon,