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Can Society Finally Be Unified?

People in society can be judgmental. It’s a part of our human nature. Every one is a judge no matter who or where the person comes from and what the person does. Does being judgmental to others solve any problems?

The people in our communities need to finally be unified and move closer to the middle of a thick line we call ‘Society’. People generally hold grudges toward others no matter who the person is, Autistic or NT. There is no doubt about that. There are some NT people out there who are disillusioned, but there are also Autistics out there who feel the same way. Anger does not solve anything, in fact, it just leaves an empty shell and a sour stomach. When people become too angry, their emotions become way too strong no matter if the person has a disability or not. Every one’s mind works similar with different wiring. There are some Neurotypicals and Autistics who think in black and white, but not all. It’s important to see the gray.

We need to all understand our own human nature to be able to know what makes us tick and what makes us not. A lot of people don’t understand that our community is divided by very different points of view. For example, there are the parents of Autistics and their allies called the Autism community; and, the Autistics and their allies called the Autistic community who believe in the Neuro-Diversity disability rights movement. On either side there are two different sets of people in every community even in politics.

In politics in the U.S.A., the 2 different sides are Democrats and Republicans. Neither side has pushed themselves forward. All sides may think they have, but in reality they have not.

One small baby step toward the thick line eases the anger just a little bit. It’s time to make more progress in the communities we all live in!

There are quite a number of us who are moving forward, but most of us have not. In fact, the people that have not are overly judgmental and critical toward each other. A lot of these people on all sides yell or scream or chant. If there really is going to be an Acceptance for Human nature, then why can’t every one start moving forward.

Society was drawn a thick line in the middle to make sure the world does not fall a part. However, it’s been tough getting everyone to gravitate toward the thick line. An example of this sort of dispute toward the middle is the U.S. Government which has to try to come to a bipartisan agreement before society falls a part and jumps a fiscal cliff by the end of the year. I realize this is happening all over the world as well. No one is happy. That is how war begins. We can still prevent it from happening.

In a nutshell, we all need to come to agreements that will benefit society from not falling in to the deep end and becoming nothing more than a empty shell floating endlessly in space.

I understand that there are reasons why all of us should be angry. Fortunately, we can reason and use our free will wisely. Too many people everywhere are stubborn. Some people think it is just an Autistic trait, but really every one can be stubborn. Flexible thinking is a learned trait every one needs to comprehend.

All of us need to adapt to each other. We all need to ease our anger, be flexible, leave the judging behind us, stop whining, help each other out when there are troubles, and ending abusive behaviors. It’s that simple, but a lot of us seem to have trouble with these things.

Can we finally be unified as a society? I’m not sure, but I hope so.

posting more soon,