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There is no shame in anybody

There should be no shame in anybody and to be ashamed of somebody who is different because the family is ashamed of the person who is different, is like people who don’t trust and accept those who are different.  The Jett Travolta case is one example of a family which could have possibly been not accepting of somebody who was different.  People are different for a reason. Every body has their unique talents which are given to them to contribute to the world.

The uniqueness in people show there is no standard in the world.  If there were a standard, then the standardized testing would be accurate.  Standardized testing unfortunately is not accurate because it is limited to a select few who do very well. It is not anticipated on the levels of intelligence people do have.  It does not apply to a level of anxiety which develops when people take a section of the standardized test which is highly stressful.  However,  I don’t know what the answer is to really determine intelligence.

Intelligence is actually a growing development over time.  We all have a set intelligence when we are growing up as babies and children, but the intelligence which grows more and more over time is what really counts.  For instance, we can not be told we are brilliant at birth, then all of our life have no willingness to learn.  Even if you are considered brilliant, you must always strive for more learning.   There is no limit to intelligence and just because somebody may lack intelligence at first does not mean they can’t become brilliant and always be willing to learn.

The Jett Travolta case is very interesting and shows that people try to cover up what they don’t want to be seen. Autism is something of great value to this world far greater than anything else.  Every body who is not accepting these differences needs to accept these differences to help weaknesses the person may have to become a person just like anybody else with their talents.  Sometimes it takes a whole lifetime to work on weaknesses, as long as we just try to work on the weaknesses, everything will progress.

What is good progress anyway?  Good progress is gradual.  Remember when things happen rapidly,  it falls rapidly.  Does brilliance really exist anyway?  If it did, we would have all the answers.  There are always more questions to be answered.  We must always remember to question and learn. 

Take it easy and have a nice day,