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A Poem called “The Ordinary Extraordinary Person”

It’s a person
a person who you know
a person who you care about
a person who thinks straight
a person who is you.
a person who writes
who creates
and helps the world
in incredible ways,
an ordinary person
just like anybody else.
A person who accepts thyself
and works hard to
better the qualities
that makes up of a person.
A person who strives
for success,
A person who tries
to love the world
even though the world
may not love back.
A person with many
labels, but
realizes that
labels are artificial
once you get to the
point of knowing
the Human being
everyone is.
Humanity is pure,
Humanity is simple,
Humanity is complex,
Most importantly
Humanity is
our way to
fulfill our greatest
step toward living
the way we want our
destiny to be without
being influenced, suggestive,
and without being told what to do,
to be the Ordinary Extraordinary Person
that we are to feel happy about
what we know we can and want to do
to contribute to society.
Again, The time is now
to live to have a happy ending at the end.

(This poem is about everyone who tries hard not to fail)