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A poem called ‘The Continuous Road’

The Continuous Road,

by J.S.R.,

Situated on a country road,
I stand marching forward
walking passed the stream
walking passed the woods
walking passed the people beside me,
moving ahead, only to
lift myself higher,
gainfully stronger,
and build a better way
for my life ahead me.
One day I was mixed up,
but today I am thinking straight,
on the right path,
continuing the strength I need
for the steps I need to take
to create a better way for society,
a stronger, more succinct society
with the mindset to
change the world toward
a peaceful bridge between everyone
to connect, communicate, and solve
the issues of our human meltdown
by exploring the ethical treatment
toward everyone and create a sense
of self-determination for any
human to lead toward a success that
never gets in our way.
Believe in what you want to do
to change society and it will
be done. If people
think you’re crazy for trying,
do it anyway, and life will
change in the continuous road
leading through the universe…

(It’s time for the world to change the perceptions of what many people think of the disabled, what many people think of people as they age, what many people think of different religions, what many people think of different cultures, what many people think of different sexualities, and what many people think of difference races. We need to think of our human race as a diverse community with many backgrounds and skills that do productive meaningful inventions and art work and other jobs for society. Speak up and speak clear however you want to speak up! It does not matter what mindset you are or what you may lack or where you come from, the time is now to change the perception from the old of yesterday to the new thinking of today to understand everyone has different mindsets, everyone lacks something and everyone comes from different places in the world. The most important part is to learn as much as you can in a lifetime and to help others always who struggle.)

Hope you enjoyed the poem,