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A poem called “The Arc of Rainbow Meets the Dark Mark”


The Arc of Rainbow Meets the Dark Mark,

by theamazinJ

Rainbow bright,
the colors at sight,
flourishing all day,
experiencing at night,
even during the day
the darkness hits the arc,
for the dark mark
can be everywhere at any time.
The darkness brings in the light
the lightness intersects the dark,
diversity of colors intertwines
with both
the dark mark reveals a motion of change
a change to crack the arc of rainbow,
to breakthrough the strength
as the arc of rainbow is a covenant of thou,
it is a a part of them,
it is a part of us,
when the dark mark touches
our rainbow it changes what we see
and the light fights harder to
be stronger than ever
from the unknown dark mark,
the darkness is just
a separation or
just before the beginning of a new start,
the dark mark does not have to be bad,
it all depends on what you think
it all depends on how you perceive,
the dark mark breaking through
the rainbow means
what we want and what we have
is changing,
it is unknown,
but it is a change.
The Rainbow is a covenant
the rainbow is a part of the diversity of
what we see, what we hear,
what we become, what we feel,
the diversity of rainbow
is a mark that ensures
the rainbow ensures
acceptance of who individuals are
acceptance of how we all interact
acceptance of how we all communicate
acceptance of what individuals represent
in themselves for the community,
the rainbow is a mark too,
a mark of diversity
while the dark mark is really
a mark of change even though
it seems scary, it seems unknown,
and we do not know what to expect,
the dark mark meeting the rainbow
is just thou sending a message
to the hearts of everywhere
so everyone can hear
so everyone can remember
what thou wants
what thou is
what thou of all of us can do
The rainbow meeting the dark mark
means a message is being sent out
for a change, for a reinvention,
for human growth, for the world to understand
that we cannot grow without who we are,
we cannot grow without knowing
about others, without knowing about
helping ourselves
and better understanding others
in understanding human culture,
and knowing the reality of
the powers of the universe
that one day
we return
to the rainbow,
we return
to the stars,
we see our legacy
embedded and shining
everywhere and all around.
That is amazing,
to find out who we are,
doing what we want to experience and set our mark,
after all we finally reach our pinnacle
to be a part of everything we see in the night sky
being the symbol of what we were
which embarked on a legacy
for all to remember or choose to ignore.