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Every Day We Need to give Thanks and Give Back

I have been through the worst, I’ve been through the pains, I’ve even been through many heart aches in my life with people in general. People have failed me, people have been disappointing me, but most importantly I need to remember what I do in my life and what I have in my life of the people who support me. Sometimes I feel my voice, my intelligence, and my way of being are not acknowledged and listened to. Or, is that what it may seem like to me sometimes? I know there are many people who support me in my network including my family.

Thanksgiving is a day that was started that turned around over many years. It first started as a racist holiday against indigenous people. I suppose now people are trying to save Thanksgiving because they are turning it into a day to be grateful for everything we have and will have or had already. However, Thanksgiving should not be a day just to be grateful because we should always be grateful. Thanksgiving instead should be a day for everyone as a community in the world to come together to rejoice, rejuvenate, laugh, smile, and cry together. Sometimes it can be hard to, but we need to try to be around people to show who we are.

It’s a day that the whole community enjoys each other’s company and becomes fulfilled with life. It’s a day we should cherish regardless of it’s racist roots in history because we need to imagine ourselves always being the loving person most of our families tried to push us to become including mine. Love is something we all need. We all love, we all may need kisses, we all may need hugs, and we all need someone to connect to, to be a human being striving for our success.

Traditionally on Thanksgiving, people make huge feasts of food which includes grilling, baking, or frying turkeys. For every food we have, for every drink we drink, for every food and drink leftover, let’s think about the people who don’t have food during this holiday season. What happened to these people? Are they forgotten? Are they lost? Are they gone? The people I am talking about are still human who are not forgotten, not lost, and not gone, they are just here because for whatever reason no one understood them.

Love your family no matter what. Love the incredible things you get from the people around you. Yes, sometimes people in your family may disagree with us even when both sides of the argument think they are right. No matter what there is no right answer to an argument. People differ on issues because of everyone’s life experiences, philosophies, and observations of the world. The problem is that when someone is Disabled, many Non-Disabled people just don’t understand the life of a person who is Disabled. They only guess about what difficulties the disability community feels, and there could be back and forth calling names to each other, but this does not solve solve anything except a bigger battle. We need to accept that everyone has different viewpoints and every one has different things they have to say. No one needs to be silenced while they listen to one side of a story, instead everyone needs to understand the whole side of every story.

There is a lot of unrest in the world right now because of racism, because of ableism, because of ageism, because of sexism, because of heterosexism, because of classism, because of so many other ways of discrimination in the world. Yet, we need to forget about our egos, forget about who does what to who, and just remember that we are a community. A community who loves, a community of amazing individuals in the Human race, who cherishes everything we can ever do in the world. Sometimes it can be hard to drop our guards of anger and drop our fears we may have, but it is a necessary part of being human to be able to let it go to be free and happy.

I hope you love, I hope you are smiling, I hope if you are crying you have someone to hold onto, and if you are angry you can let it go to feel joy. Sometimes it’s hard, sometimes it’s messy, and sometimes we feel we cannot let go, however regardless of what we think we can’t do, we can always make our own choices. If we choose love, we don’t fear. If we choose fear, we become hateful. Most importantly, if we choose fear and anger, then we need to take a deep breath in, to allow are happiness in, to remember what humanity is all about; having community.

I know that many parents fear for their children who may have disabilities. It can be hard, it can be rough, it can be really difficult trying to figure out how to help their Disabled child. People need to remember to look at the many Disabled people who have been successful with the many aspects of their life as a means to ask questions and reach out for support. Disabled people need to listen to these parents so that they can give advice that matters. These parents need to listen to the advice instead of seeming to ignore the words of the disability community speaking up. Disability cultures exist which includes Autistic culture.

More importantly, this happens a lot in the autism community way too much. Parents look to researchers and other professionals for help instead of looking to Autistic people for the help they need. Researchers and other professionals need to work with us by listening to the Autistic people who can really give a better understanding of what it means to be on the autistic spectrum. One can only guess what it’s like if they are not on the spectrum themselves.

We need to be grateful that some researchers and other professionals have started doing this, but everyone also needs to slow down and breathe too. All in all, everyone who isn’t listening and learning to the Disabled including Autistic people, need to start now. In return, everyone can learn about about each other if only they listen to the things to be taught from those who are different from them. Then, only then, people everywhere will understand and accept a cultural difference that is different from who they are.

Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!!! Please listen, learn, and love the support network you have with the family that loves you no matter what. #lovenotfear

by the way…

This year is #GivingTuesday on December 2! This Giving Tuesday I hope you support The Autistic Self-Advocacy Network because A.S.A.N. really means to me the importance of community and accepting each other’s differences especially the cultural differences of Disability culture and Autistic culture. A.S.A.N. really is a breakthrough in the world because it really means that everyone who is Autistic or have other disabilities can express their voice or feelings of how they feel without being criticized. A.S.A.N. is about teaching the world what it means to understand each other’s cultural differences regardless of what they may be. It teaches everyone to be accepting even when it’s difficult to accept. Most importantly A.S.A.N. really teaches to love and educate people no matter who they are. The more people are educated, the more they will love, the less fearful and angry they become.

There are other organizations too that support Autistic people too. For example, they are Autism Women’s Network (AWN), Ollibean, Thinking Person’s Guide To Autism (TPGA), Association for Autistic Community, Autistic Community for Equality Facebook page, and G.R.A.S.P. (Global and Regional Autism Spectrum Partnership). When we think about cultures like Autistic culture, we need to think about supporting everyone without feeling like we are better than anyone else. We are all Human. We are all different and we are all learning from each other. The Autistic Rights movement only started about less 30 years ago, but we still have a long way to go.

I also trying to seek out funding for graduate school at CUNY. I started this crowdsourcing, to try to open up some doors. If anyone has any ideas for scholarship, please let me know!


Happy Thanksgiving!!

This year on Thanksgiving we should all be embracing ourselves while following up with the connections we make to feel proud and happy. Thanksgiving has given us a meaning for our life to exemplify diversity in all it’s accord. Not every one will be exploring this feeling at this time, but my hope is every one will feel this way soon enough. Meet me half way, meet you half way, and meet the generations half way to live a better life of diversity. We all contribute to the love, acceptance, and embracing who we all are. The feelings we have and the feelings we want are just a deepened contribution society should be helping us to gain. It’s important to love people who care about you and do important things for you. It’s also important to embrace the very need that each of us is a star and each of us needs to keep on shining our star no matter what the situation entails.

I want to take the time to wish everyone, one very Happy Thanksgiving and be able to share your experiences with each other feeling as though life genuinely will feel more complete for all of us. Hundreds of years ago Thanksgiving was created for all of us to appreciate everything we have received in our life. It should also be about thanking society for being diverse and being able to accept the things we need in life. A part from Thanksgiving, this year has been a big year of transitions. Some of these transitions has embarked upon all of us the very need to change our attitudes, relate to each other more, embrace differences, and further our fulfillment of our life in the present.

We engage with so many people in so many ways that our life fulfills the very need of our age which changes day by day. Those days feel trapped sometimes, but we see the light shining bright only to keep our spirits high. Sometimes the feelings we get deepen throughout ourselves as a whole. However, the feelings we get every minute or every hour are the pretense to where we stand altogether. Thanksgiving makes us all realize that we are stronger than we may even realize about the fears which bring tears. Notwithstanding we may contradict ourselves and not feel we guarantee success in our own self. These things are an important part of who we are. If you are creative, be creative. Whether a left sided brain (more technical and conservative) or a right sided brain (more creative and liberal), we have to know what drives our perspective to enable us to feel compelled to not judge, be open minded, and live life feeling free to be whatever we choose to be.

Feeling joyous, feeling abstract, feeling clear, being intelligent, and sometimes being spontaneous are very important in life. We should not feel distracted by what makes us feel connected to the world. Here is a picture I am going to show you all:

From a great song by Kermit the Frog, “Rainbow Connection”

Rainbows are visions, but only illusions,
and rainbows have nothing to hide.

It’s time to enjoy Thanksgiving Day! I know not every one gets along, but at least we can accept each other’s differences.

Thank you and I hope you look forward to more creative works by me 😀


Thanksgiving Day and reflecting on the moment

Thanksgiving is a day of being grateful and giving back.   I know how many people should think of this all of the time.  Unfortunately, most people do not.  The rest of the holiday season is coming up now and pretty soon it will be 2010.

There are people to see, places to go, things to do, and things to get done. Life has been amusing, positive, but also tragic at times. It all depends on how you look at your own life. To me, nothing is tragic. We must build up our life to our ultimate satisfaction. Tragedy is just a figure of our thinking to feel sadder than we are. Yes, it was sad something had to happen, but every thing happens for a reason. Every one’s satisfaction is different, but it is very capable. Every body just wants something different for themselves or out of the ordinary. To me, life is not ordinary. It is a mere example of what can go right rather than what can go wrong.

Forget about your intentions to feel hurt and upset, instead fulfill your goals and needs to exemplify your passion out of life. I know there are people in this world who are tempted, angry, and do things against the lighter side becoming dark. It is okay to be angry, it is okay to even be tempted because we are all human. We just need to control our urges if they go overboard. The temptation to do something which is not right is our own feelings and should be resolved quickly.

Check this picture out:

Now if we take a hard strong look in to our lives, we see two sides to our brains; the right side and the left. If we look in to our feelings and emotions; we are split among many emotions. A feeling of love, hate, anger, fear, sadness, guilt, regret, and many more in our minds.

The picture signifies the sunrise and as Thanksgiving ends, and a new day arrives in our year 2009, we think about how we can modulate our emotions. We all had our Thanksgiving dinners and even desserts, but as we all digest the food and seeing an ounce more on our bodies wondering how we will exercise it off, we should think about bettering our lives by being our hidden self.

Think about it!

Anyway, posts coming soon this weekend…


What to think about during the first few days before Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is an era which began many years ago. Thinking about how we can be grateful for every thing we have by thanking those who help us or continue to help us. Thanksgiving is the time of year to reminisce and move forward. Most people do not realize this, but Thanksgiving should be about being grateful and giving back to those who use it wisely. Some people forget to live their life the way it was intended for, for servitude. They pretend to indulge in being mindful of others and seek discovery of their own self-benefit. This is okay to a point, but you should be able to think of how to help those people who are really struggling in life. Many people discover the true servitude to humankind when they become older, while others do not. I know Thanksgiving is a true sense of the word for every one to be engaging in, but people will finally set in it in their minds this year.

The trouble is people around the world don’t feel it is necessary to contribute as much as they can to the world. The time has arrived to begin fostering our need to live in a world which we control our impulses and use our instincts to help one another. The true meaning of Thanksgiving, be grateful and give!
I don’t just mean be grateful for what society gives to us, instead I mean be grateful for what g-d gives us and give to society the true reality of servitude.

We all interpret things differently and this is what makes life interesting. Many Ultrasound Technologists and Doctors interpret different ways on how to do studies for patients they see. Some people feel every thing should be standardized, while others disagree. Some people feel Autism should be cured, while others like myself feel life would be uneventful in inventions and artistic perspective without Autism Spectrum Disorders. Every one who lives in this world has an opinion and people can argue their opinions about their perspective on life, but no body can underestimate the true meaning of life. They can only know what is in their own minds from their own experiences. Life’s meaning is a joyous adventure with emotions where people discover what is right for themselves and what is wrong.

Thanksgiving is our way of thinking about other people’s different perspectives than what our own minds think. Please refrain from thinking of yourself this Thanksgiving and figure out how the world thinks. May be this Thanksgiving every one will listen to an Autistic speak and finally understand our world and senses. Life’s adventure is a constant discovery to many different revelations.

posting later on about this thought,