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Give me a break off of that Kit Kat Bar Thank you very much!

There is so many things we can and will do most of the time.  My life consists of things which happen to a degree of either positive or negative.  It happens to this way probably to all of us.  A Kit Kat bar is one of the most amazing chocolate creations ever made especially the name and its slogan to give me a break. It means many different things to many people.  It’s Grrrrrrrrrrreat, says Tony the Tiger of Frosted Flakes.  Yummy Yummy in my tummy, I like eating yummy things.  There are so many things adults like me have eaten as children.  Has anybody ever remember those disgusting sour candies?  How gross? I would be repulsed by them. Some people actually loved those candies.

There are so many different kinds of candies with slogans for one single person to read and enjoy the candy.

Does anybody remember Hopskotch or even when Happy your happy and you know it…?  These things were engraved in us to show us to be positive in this world and to be happy with our lives.

This song is something which everybody should listen to. Everybody in this world should be happy they are living doing all the things in this world they intend to do even when things are not going their way right now. It is something we should all remember to listen to always.

Even this one, Twinkle Twinkle little star:

Remember this song, it is something we should all remember. It remembers our dreams we had when we were little of things we wanted to achieve. Achievement can happen for anybody whether little or big. I know everybody will achieve something so little or so big in this world.

Here is another song from another time from a man in Hawaii who died a while back:

I love thinking of things which help me out a lot. I know it will help you out too. We will conquer these obstacles this world has hit us in the bucket with. I know Barack Obama can help be the catalyst, we just need to give him a chance. Chances are, let’s me remembers another song from this, listen to this as well…Smile!!!!! Smile like this woman in this video…

posting later on…