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Let yourself go and be free to do amazing things

The image above signifies the energy around us. It motivates us, it moves us, it creates our moods, and even sets our path in life.

Be free
let yourself go
because you’ll never know…

A freedom lasts when we let our minds wander. Fearing only stops us from doing amazing good things. The people around us, the places we see, the things we do, are all a part of our imagination spreading ourselves everywhere.

Our Energy
Floating in mid-air,
Soaking our minds
in to every thing
only makes us more free.

Special guidance we once had gave us the good nature of our freedom we have now. Being free is essential, so don’t worry about things or people because any thing or any person could destroy the essence of who you are.

Sorrow grows, but disappearance grows faster when we feel sad. The discovery we find to who we are is the growing obscurity of our wisdom. Fight to be yourself. Most people are afraid to be who they are. They become afraid of what they see on the other side of the mirror. Our reflection is just what we look like and you must be proud of what you are, but do not think about what you have done.

the feelings we have
over the essence of our
desires can drive us
to the madness developing
However we cleanse
to get to the core of who we
are and become a unity called ‘us’,
a unit for hope, more discovery,
and more letting our minds
be free to wander, to explore,
and to just be.

Someone once said the discovery we find is what we truly are and no body or no thing can influence us to be a ‘tool’ of who they are. We are who we are and that’s only what we can be. The talents we have allow us to see, to feel, to breathe, and to taste the sweetness of who we are.

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A Neurodiverse world where every one specialize in unique perspectives to gain momentum

We live here,
We live there,
We live to reflect
what we have done,
We live to deflect
the people we need to shun,
from much pain
we have felt.
From much sorrow
we have heard,
from much laughter
we have smiled, and
from much anger
we have experienced.

In our lives, our
may contradict how
we think,
but we still live with
perspectives in our lives
to specialize,
to conceptualize
what we embark
on in the world,
with a gift,
and a skill,
we can traverse.

Sometimes we may get in the way
of what we can truly inspire,
Sometimes other people do this
to capture us to expire.
Sometimes we need to distinguish
the goals we need to fundamentally
speak out the very real desires we may have.
Arriving in to the age of relief
when we realize what has to be done
to survive and what is necessary
for us to believe what is done,
will be succeeded to what will be.

A future ahead of us
where we head to the top.
Not every one can reach the spot
where you can stand on the peak,
watching every one surround you
gathering to be close enough
to hear you speak.
The harder you work to
live your dream,
the more you work
to reach the peak,
the closer you get to reaching your heart.

(Some people don’t realize what they are truly destined to be doing. Sometimes it may take a lifetime or sometimes it may take another lifetime. A lot of times many people know what they are truly destined to do when they are born in to this world, thinking about it constantly, and unable to speak it until later in life. Although some people become engrossed in what other people blind them to thinking they are destined to do where they never fulfill the dream they always had. It is sad when you see someone blinded to their dream because of someone or some thing called ‘fast money’. Remember the story of ‘Tortoise and the hare’, it will help you realize what you know what needs to be done in your life.)

Been a little bit anxious of late, but definitely more posts coming very soon… A post coming soon on experiences being a speaker at the Autism Society of America conference this year! Drawings of mine revealed this week…

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It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks…

People have specific talents in certain areas. Matt Drazin has talent in web design which is his passion, I have talent in other areas like writing, and together with every one’s talents they can make a masterpiece.   The making of a masterpiece is very important.  I have a few masterpieces in the making: 1) this website 2) to get better at what I do when performing my studies.   There are certain people out there and it doesn’t matter what field they are in, feel that they are at the pinnacle of their creation and can not achieve better because there is no better than what they are. That is outright false and distorted thinking.  There is always room to improve yourself in what you do for your masterpiece in the making.

You start out in your field thinking this and others wonder to themselve is this guy that good or better than me? Wow, I have been in this field for how many years and this guy thinks he is better than me.

That is why I like George and I interviewed him for this website.  Even though he has done so much in his field, he is so willing to know so much more and beyond that.

The next surprise Interview comes pretty soon, when I interview someone else and it is not my grandma if anyone was thinking. It may come very shortly because it is a doctor that I once knew that is very smart and remarkable in how much he learns and achieves…

out, J