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A Poem called “Tailspin within the Mind”

Tailspin within the Mind,

by theamazinJ

My mind wanders,
I have things to do,
My mind wanders,
I want to accomplish a lot,
My mind wanders
and I cannot tell it stop,
My mind wanders in a tailspin
and I am struggling to
tell it to shut up
as I become more anxious by it,
My mind is beautiful
with so much ideas and brilliance
I cannot fathom,
My mind is great,
My mind just needs to
put down and out all the ideas
I have into the world
in the most constructive manner.
When putting a mind that wanders in a tailspin
and spins and spins and spins,
while anxiety soars and soars and soars,
does not provide productivity.
So, what do I do?
I spin in circles physically
over and over and over,
I flap with my hands physically
over and over and over,
I pace while doing this,
over and over and over,
I repeat a mantra
over and over and over,
I hug and desire more hugs
so deep and pressure based,
over and over and over,
until the tailspin in the mind
finally stops and settles
so I can be productive
and get the ideas and brilliance
into production
as I finally take it
one step of the way.
There is different ways to
there is different ways
everyone lives,
different ways to settle things,
and never ending for any one
who may not understand
someone who is different,
someone who is disabled
by default by society.
It takes a map,
It takes to write things down,
It takes are senses for some to stop
things that go on in the mind
that most just do without,
to think about the positive ways
we can do things,
and use our energy,
not bracing our energy.
Being disabled is okay,
being different is okay,
being who we are is okay,
being typical like most is okay,
and it takes experiencing others
to understand everyone
even when most don’t understand
those who are disabled by default
by society in society,
and some who are disabled
not understanding most
who are typical of
what society is,
so we need to get up,
we need to stand up for a cause,
and we need to have patience
for one another
and eventually
we all learn
we all experience positive outcomes
we all become a community
in the end,
while not tailspinning
out of control
into a world that foregoes
the deepest darkest pressures
we would like to forget,
so we can listen
to the secret
of our own mind.