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A Poem Called “Survival of the Fittest”

Survival of the Fittest,

by theamazinJ

Survival, living, escaping, living,
life, journey, and mind blowing experiences.
survival of the fittest,
surviving the struggle from the human interactions
finding hope in a journey to be yourself,
away from everyone else’s mistakes, identities, and voices,
speaking the one true voice of your self,
of what an individual wants, needs, and desires.
Life’s journey takes us 2 steps forward,
one step backward, every day of our life.
We cannot dwell on the liars,
we cannot sulk over the way a narcissist spins it
and all their followers twist the truth
to make everyone else insane,
to make everyone so crazy,
and to make everyone feel alone with their thoughts
as the narcissist leads.
Everyone craves themselves,
but many people forget to forgive themselves
and forget that everyone is in this together
to organize for human right, civil rights.
Many people forget the most important thing
is an individual’s self-determination
regardless of impairments
to allow everyone to just live.
Living is the most complicated, emotional, and loving
part of the human experience.
We are all living to get to reach our goals,
without influences, and with experiencing each day
with those who love us so dearly and explicitly,
but most importantly,
living is a daily dose of a grain of salt,
a way we need to not think of the words,
a way not to think of the way the words are drawn out,
but processing the words in the meaning of love
by those who communicating with us, with care.
Some may not be caring,
some may not really care,
some may be leading us into creating walls of despair,
and it takes sometimes effort to know
who really cares and who does not,
who builds bridges and not walls,
who really is in our life temporarily,
and who is there for life.
The meaning of survival of the fittest,
is not about the dominant person or human being that survives,
it’s not about allowing the weak to die off into extinction,
it is about the dominance of love in our life
regardless where we stand, sit, or crawl
as part of the animal kingdom
how we embrace are affection for love,
and the hugs and kisses and other forms of love
and how any body communicates,
we interact with, with those in our life,
because in the end,
love is actually the dominance of
survival of the fittest,
and that’s all that it really means.