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A sky full of Lighters represents my angels and 1 year later…

I try very hard to live my life the best way I can, but I know I can always try even harder.

One year and one score away from an almost ending to a new beginning established in my life, I feel great knowing I feel new. In two  years, I have had 2 major surgeries which makes me feel today, spleenless, oops, I mean speechless as I noticed I have been operated on twice. I’ve been given a second chance at life or may be I just have 9 lives like a cat. My surgeries are truly a blessing to keep me alive so I can live a fulfilled life doing the many things I want to do to achieve great feats.

If it wasn’t for a truly good friend to help me get through my surgery last year, I don’t know where I would be today because she sure had the experience with her previous heart surgeries to be able to help me.  You can read about my friend on her blog Ellen’s Crazy Life.  It amazes me how this person spent time with me on the phone answering all my questions about Open Heart Surgery.  I have so many people who care about me so much especially my family.

My emotions draw in to the feelings I feel toward others.  I feel for others so much. I only want the best for any one especially myself emphasizing love, connections, warmth, and achieving talents by positive influence in helping anyone to gain satisfaction in their lives.

What better can a person do to help another?

I believe life is strong and hope is our newest generation to achieve.  Sometimes things happen to start new beginnings in a person’s life.  I am in a new beginning with a new chance at life.

I may have had problems connecting beforehand learning to symbolize who I am, but now I am off to a good start.  My life keeps on getting better even though I am at the beginning of my new era.

I wonder what joys I can give to others now, but most importantly to myself.  I wonder if I can bring peace and harmony to my spirit because by doing so, I bring peace and harmony to the world. It may take some time, but at least I am showing what I want to do and show I will do it.  Second chances, third chances, etc don’t come very often, but I know I am needed to do so much and get my life in order. I still have much to process what I learn and continue to learn in the future.  So here it is, I am moving forward in this life to be the best I can be fulfilling my name as a blessed celebration.  I know I haven’t done much yet, but I will!

It’s important to be a leader and carry your own weight.  Adaptations has been great as well as my family who gave me things I need to know.  Friends I meet either from conferences I have been to or Adaptations or my many friends in Ultrasound I have met through the years formed a great network of people in my life.  Now its time to branch out even more.

Sometimes I am stronger than usual, sometimes I am feeling down, but sometimes I just need to see the people, places, friends, and family who are always supporting me from so many different places even from around the world. DMC gave me so much. I feel so grateful in my life and thankful I can continue to strive for greater successes.  I certainly can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings to give me an even better life. My rebirth in to this world is a blessing because now I have the chance to do everything I ever wanted to do and get it done.

As a sky full of Lighters is surging around, I am feeling very pleased and happy my angels are around always.


The beginnings of a book I am going to write to help heal another person on the Autism Spectrum

Surgery can be a difficult process to go through, but being on the Autism
Spectrum can make it even tougher. Many people on Autism Spectrum would be
subjected to sensory overload, anxiety, and agitation when going through
surgery. When I had my first surgery 2 years ago on my Pancreas and Spleen,
I felt a need to scream to get people’s hands off of me, but I also
discovered these people were there to help me. This year after having open
heart surgery to repair an aortic aneurysm and repair my aortic valve (my
original aortic valve remains in tact), I felt the same way, only this time a
bit more comfortable. The hardest part was after the surgery, the anesthesia seemed to drive my sensesin overload causing a meltdown. I did not know what I was hearing, seeing,
or feeling. But overall, I was better able to handle the situation.

I understand it was necessary to cut me open literally, but I want to know:
Why do they have to be so aggressive? I suppose sometimes it is necessary. The hardest part was when I had to be awake for them to put in another chest tube on my right side of my body. I have extreme pain tolerance, but this knocked my sensory system out of whack
even more. The Physician Assistant who performed the procedure, did not
want to do it to me, but had no other choice. It saved my life from filling
up fluid in one of my lungs. It is necessary to be aggressive sometimes.

I feel grateful to be able to be here and tell a story which is why I am
writing a Guide for Autistic People who are having Surgery. Any one’s life
is like a roller coaster since our life has really positive moments mixed in
with negative feelings/experiences. The main idea is to hold on to the
positive feelings/moments to be able to live a fully healthy, satisfying,
and happy life. May we attack ourselves for being unhealthy physically,
certainly not, but what we need to do is live our life experiencing love,
not pain.

Surgery can be quite hard to deal with and hopefully my Guide book will help
those people who are Autistic or Asperger’s in need of surgery deal with the
necessary evil. The necessary evil which may hurt us at first, but in the
end heals us from the ultimate pain. Please look out for my book when it is
completed, though it is in the very early stages of rough draft. I hope to
heal those anxious feelings from another person on the Autism Spectrum who
needs surgery.

posting soon enough,


A preview of an upcoming book I will write

I will be writing a book which I have already contacted Future Horizons publishing. It is just the beginning stages and will take time and commitment.
It is a book about how an Autistic Person can survive being in a Hospital. It will cover all the basic Autistic traits which can go in overload during an Autistic person’s visit and stay in the hospital from sensory sensitivities to anxiety. The Autisitic adult or child who needs surgery will benefit from my book.

When a Neurotypical goes in for surgery, results are completely different than when an Autistic person like myself has to go to the hospital for Surgery. The perception of the person going through the experience is completely different.

Look forward to seeing my book come to life soon and transform the way you view an Autistic or Asperger person.

Be well and I will be posting more soon,


Back in Action at Home writing posts for DMC

I am at home resting my body and walking around whenever I can. I am doing extremely well considering the major surgery I had. I just have problems with my vocal cords and can not speak very well. I need to rest the vocal cords every so often to gain strength in talking. Considering the circumstances my angels are definitely helping the healing process go by fast. I came home yesterday afternoon and spent the time outside in the sun because the sun is so positive. It also wore me down quicker. I didn’t get much sleep that night, but probably because I was so uncomfortable and had a lot on my mind. Today I woke up and felt better, though taking naps here and there, I can sense I will heal well.

It is important to remain a good frame of mind knowing all will go well. Chloe the Maltese dog is downstairs though I would like her to come upstairs with me. It is hard to lift her up and go up the stairs with me. We never know when we develop enough strength to back to our normal activities, but the activities I will be doing now are limited at the moment.

I have not posted in a while since my surgery, but now things just keep on rolling like NIKE.

I sense a different direction we are all going in which is why the weather has been so divertingly windy everywhere you go. What kind of changes? What changes will impact our lives the most? Remember is change going to occur whether a small change in the gas meter of your car to the small change to your less money in your wallet from buying the candy bar from the vending machine.

There are so many people who know me and care, but only a true few people who have cared for me from the very beginning. They continue to care for me of the bond of love. My protectors or angels intentions are to care for me.

I have had many so-called second chances on life. It must be very important so I can live my life stress-free, anxiety-free, and live it to the fullest. In general many people in the world struggle to live their life, but life’s journey is convoluted. We may feel high, but we also feel very low. The idea is to block out fears and angers which hurt us the most otherwise someday we could find ourselves deeper than we were in.
Don’t give in to the hole and always move forward through each door.

Now it is time to find Chloe the Maltese dog and keep her spirits up because a lonely animal or person usually become too sad. There are some people who don’t get too lonely because they claim they have immunity to it. Is it really true? Can these people never need to talk to 1 friend in their life? and Can they have made at least 1 friend a day for the rest of their life?

more posts to come including Gregarious Revolution new episode!!!