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Need to do what I need to do

I get a lot of people telling me to do what I need to do first.  I should not do extra, I should not do too little, just what I need to do whether it is at work or at home.  I need come to a balance.  Once I come to a balance in my life, no body can tell me what I am doing is wrong.  Everything will be right.  There are certain examples of work related and home related functions I need to do in order to get things done.  If I do too little or too much, I don’t get anything done.  By too much, I am getting in to areas I should not worry about, and by too little I am not doing things I am supposed to be doing.  There needs to be a balance.  In life, not everything is going to be a joyous thing to do.  There are many things which are not enjoyable, but have to get done.

I can’t get annoyed, angry, or upset just because at home I want to do something else.  At work I need to not get angry, annoyed, or upset just because something wasn’t done right and needs to be done again.  I should not stress over anything too little because there are bigger stresses to worry about in life like bills.

From this day forward I am going to try harder to balance myself so that I won’t be questioned by anyone more frequently than I have been.

I know life is about not stressing over the little things, doing the things which need to be done, and finding a balance.

Anyway, I will posting again soon.

There is a saying My friend and I say to each other; he says Stay Strong and I say Stay Humble!

Time to start my day doing just that to get ahead! yes, I said it for the people who care and help me!


Life goes up and down, but we only need to think Positive

My life in the past month and a half has been very stressful. Sometimes I don’t know what my life will give me from day to day. Every body around me says I need to focus on one thing at a time and to think positive because positive thinking leads to a positive way of life. In order to think positive we also (me especially) need to move forward a long the time continuum.

At the end of my life it will be time to reminisce about my past. The past is for the time when we are only thinking about the happy times. The sad, angry, or hurtful times are the part our memories which we only need to learn from to move forward.

As I turn 30 years old tomorrow and my website has not been updated for a month and a half, I realize I let my stresses get to me too much. I did not think things through and worried about my past too much. As I think about moving forward and being visible, I realize how important it is to move forward in my life at work, at home, and with friends. If I can’t move forward, I can’t have a decent life where I can live it to the fullest.

Many people do care about me and feel I am one of a kind who is very bright and humble. I need to stay stronger than I ever was. Today is the day I am going to strengthen my soul and toughen up to be able to move forward. Besides I have much business to attend to now. I have a month and a half of catching up to do on this website.

I know I have my whole life ahead of me actually at most 2/3 of my life left over, so I start a journey to my new era tomorrow when I turn 30 years old.

posting again soon,