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What it would be like if I never existed?

Wait, what am I trying to say here.  If I never existed, what would this world be like anyways.  I feel that if I never existed people all over would seem happier, sadder, or angrier.

What would you feel?  It all boils down to this, do we all have something to give to this world? May be none of us realize it yet, but may be we do have something to give to this world.

Having Asperger Syndrome does give me something to give to this world, and that is to show the world that life is not about to being mean and bullying people around, but about  the love and affection that we give for one another and the the fact that we should be less envious/jealous of people too.  The more love and affection we give to each other the better off we will be in this whole world.  The less likely we will be envious/jealous of each other either.

We should all be proud of our talents and never strive for trying to perform our limitations in this world that show are jealousy and envy.

My world is kind of like trying to control these people that have envy and jealousy because it is wrong.  The more that we have people jealous or envious, the more that people of this world will continue to go to war.  The beginnings of a war if you think about it start out with someone or some people that are jealous or better yet envious of a person or a group of people.

There are many wars in this world like the one in Iraq, little wars even in your own neighborhood.  That is when people need to decide whether or not it is right to start the war in the first place or be at peace with their own self thinking that my talents are fine and I have something to give to this world.

They’re so many people out there that are envious of other people because they don’t realize what their talents show the world.   When you go and do something to hurt another person because you are envious, it tends to make you look bad as well.

Sometimes they’re people in this world that are so envious they become a know-it-all and sometimes they’re people in this world that are so envious that they become backstabbing manipulators that try and and do whatever to hurt the other person they are envious of.

Sometimes both being a know-it-all and a manipulator show all over their faces all at once.

I have come across several people in my life that are a know-it-all and a manipulating jerk.  I don’t like it when I see people like that.

Why can’t people just be within themselves and be happy with that?

I don’t understand this.

Anyway, there is a huge difference between jealousy and envy, those that are jealous just don’t see eye to eye, and those that are envy start wars of rage just like Cane started on Abel.

Think of many different words of wisdom and triumph over your jealousies by not allowing your rage set in.

So, one more time What if I never existed?

out, J

Coworkers and How to be a TEAM player

Coworkers can seem the type that are hard to understand and hard to get to know what they are thinking and doing at a particular time of the day during work. First, there are many variables to it.  One it could be that coworkers may not like a particular person in the office because the person they don’t like may seem a bit socially awkward or a bit of a jerk that sits waiting for every one else to do the work or a bit too bossy that the person isn’t even the boss.  Coworkers can have many different variables in how they are.  When every one goes out after to work for drinks to a club or bar, and doesn’t include another coworker it looks pretty bad.  Yet coworkers are not your friends.  They are people you have to get a long with and communicate effectively with to get the job done at work and work as a TEAM.

If that doesn’t happen, then you know there is something dam wrong with that workplace.   That is why every one in the workplace must work effectively and efficiently with each other with as little conflicts as possible.  When there is a conflict then that workplace must resolve it.  Hopefully its a small conflict that doesn’t result in someone getting fired.

Workplace should be like your Second family because when you are not with your family, you are at work working hard, and that is like family.

So, in regards to TEAMWORK, if you must always find ways to work as a TEAM since there is no “I” in TEAM.

Otherwise if you can’t do that, you should not be working or better yet…

Anyway, Communication is the key to a beautiful workplace!


How to spot a jerk?!?!

The easiest way to spot a jerk when you see one right before your eyes. It is very hard to spot a jerk yet how do you do it is the question.

Take for example, EG is walking down the street and sees 10 people on the street of New York City, what is the probability that one of them is a big Jerk that EG could meet.

Anyway, I can’t tell, can you.

How do you value your people that you are friends with so that you do not wind up with a jerk?

This is a social relations study that I am trying to perform, How to spot a Jerk when you see one walking down the street and you can’t tell by their looks.

Anyway, I guess you have to talk to that person and figure it out yourself who is a jerk and who is not.

It is very hard, yet I have worked with jerks before who made me look bad, I have talked with them who made me look bad, and even seen the jerks at home when they visit me at home.

Yet how can you tell when that person is a jerk and trying to let you feel like them.

Jerks just like the Jerky brothers movie.

What is a jerk anyhows?

by the dictionary on the dictionary.com:

A jerk is a contemptibly naive, fatuous, foolish, or inconsequential person.

Let’s break this down it is a person who doesn’t really care much about anybody or anything.

Do you know any famous jerks in history whether past or present?

Post any names of famous jerks.

Anyway, this way we can all who read this site spot a jerk from an arm’s length a way much more easily.

I guess it takes practice to do this.

Have a good day,

out, J

As I turn a new page…

As I turn a new page in my life at the moment I have to put all things stressful out of my way in my mind. I have exams coming up that I want to take. Both which are very important for my career. Since I passed two exams already that lead to the the next two exams in which one of the exams comes first then the final fourth exam.

Yet, will that be it for the exams in my life. Will I have to take recertification exams as well. It is not mandatory now, but in a few years it could be. Things change and may be for the better. You must always be on top of your knowledge and your studies in order to do well in life since that is what is very important.

Anway, hope that this life turns for the better…

out, J

Before Aspergia Greets tonight….

There are so many ideas in life that many of us want to do, but what is the most realistic goal really for us to do. For instance, there are many sonographers out in the field that want to do everything no matter what, but can every sonographer do every modality of ultrasound. Not too many people can do this, but yet a lot of sonographers want to. Its a matter of what we should do that is most realistic for us to do that is important, not the fact that “I can do everything” factor, but that is what sonographers want to do and that is why people fail.

More realistically, there are sometimes when there is a person (or people) that divulge themselves into trying to do everything, and thinking that they can do the things that others have been doing for quite some time and only do, to try and go for it anyways.

My realism is that if you forget about the everybody else trying to do every little nick and cranny, and just focus on what you are good at, then life will work out better for you and for everyone else.

I think the reason why this has happened in recent years in sonography, because registry or certification is becoming more and more mandatory so people all over the field are becoming GREEDY.

The greed is becoming furor and people want to cross train doing everything.

Is this right? No, of course not because people in the field should have a little bit of patience.

Anyway, Things take time and being patient is very good to have unless you are very confused like me because my passion is the whole circulatory system. Yet, I can I choose the heart or choose the vascular system. That is what I need to do, sit down and wonder what serves me best and what gives me the greatest strength in the field of ultrasound.

I know I do NOT like General Ultrasound so I narrow it down to the Circulatory system, Cardiac or Vascular.

There are so many people out there like my friends in the field that try and help me make a decision, but in the end I HAVE to make the decision.

posting later on,

out, J