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Thinking of ways to click —Ignore— in your mind, to build strength

Ignoring people who you don’t want to hear from can be hard to do.  Sometimes people feel they need to click Ignore. Ignore is a powerful word far greater than any other word.  When you Ignore another person, it drives the other person crazier than they have ever been in their life.  Ignoring people brings us back to the oneness of ourselves. It helps us discover what makes us, us.  You can not know the difference between ignoring and talking to the person unless you have discovered what it means to be you.

A relationship fits well when we have a strong enough Ego to fill ourselves up.  People who don’t have a strong enough Ego and go in to a relationship need to first have the dignity to admit they are not ready for a relationship.  You must find your strength for your Ego and sometimes you must do it by clicking—-Ignore—!  Once you can have the courage to do this, you can start building your strength to your passion in your life.  Ignoring people may drive other people crazy because those people may have weak Ego’s, but in the end it gives us the tenacity we need.  A person with a weak Ego may in fact  live their life with no revealing smiles by themselves. Instead they will be in constant disarray and disillusion over whether or not they will be able to be happy. They never open their eyes to their own surprising visions and  never lead their own life, always following others.

Ignoring someone does not necessarily mean disliking other people, it just means finding yourself be someone.  Once you find yourself, you can be in a relationship.  Relationships can be strange, but at the same time a relationship can bring experiences beyond the imaginable. Too many people in this world can not click –Ignore– right away and feel desperately lonely.  Filling your ego, loving yourself just a little bit, and knowing your passion, goes a long way once you enter in to a relationship like a friendship or even a romance.

Not every one has a romantic relationship, but every one has a friend in some way or another.  Relationships build on our lives! Once we know ourselves, our relationships get better and can grow stronger.

posting again later,