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As Life turns and we spin around toward it we feel more connected…

Spinning around the room we try to find the life which turns toward us. The people who live in the future and the people who gaze in to our corners respond to our familiar remarks and smirks. We contribute to whatever we can in the world knowing it will all get better. Life takes twists and turns, ups and downs, but most importantly life gives us the challenge to improve our spirituality. Spirituality which helps give ourselves our own psychic intuition which most people don’t understand, fear, or forget about to include it in their lives. Instead people like to feel connected to other people which is what the Apple corporation strive to help give people the connections they desire. Steve Jobs led this movement at Apple and gave us so much.

Unfortunately, yesterday Steve Jobs passed away, but he left behind a legacy to help people inspire to be creative thinkers who think outside the box. He may not be here in body anymore, but his fulfillment to help people connect better, lives on in us, to feel more enticed to the connections we make. Steve Jobs knew what we wanted and figured out ways to give it to us in the most efficient manner, making technology utterly amazing.

Although his work is amazing, it also contributed to a lot of negative contributions like changing the way bullies do things. However his contributions has created good things for the world by instantly feeling connected to another person without thinking of being all by yourself. Instead of figuring out how to meet those connections in person which is the way of the past, we now find it easier to have conversations with new people.

By the way by meeting a person in the so called ‘real’ world, it gives us a means of growing more in our spirit by feeling confident in how we present ourselves. However, the internet helps make us become a better person by giving us ways to present who we are in real life by giving us examples of professional pictures of what other people post.  It also helps by certain websites which help us create virtual characters like on Second Life. We need to choose what will make us a better, more confident, and more easily satisfied person with our intuition toward being spiritual.

Some people refer to Steve Jobs as the great inventor of our time, well he certainly wrote a lot in our history books. We frequently want our world to be a better place no matter what we do, and feeling the most connected to others around us is what helps. Just try not to get too close to others…  The other thing Steve Jobs taught us was boundaries because he certainly knew how to set his boundaries straight between private and public lives.

May we move forward remembering the legacy of Steve Jobs and move forward to the distinction we have to live our own life!! Remember you have your own psychic intuition to connect within yourself.

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A good question for Apple Computers to possibly do…

How about if Apple Computers creates an Diagnostic Ultrasound System that is a Specific Voice Recognized, Touch Screen?

They would blow away all the rest of the Ultrasound companies and every thing would be Apple. How would you like them Apples? Move over Philips, GE, or any others Apple could blow you away if only they did this.

The Machine would know all knobology as the Ultrasound Technologist scans an a part of the body, the Technologist would just ask the machine to change features to get a better image!!

Start moving along so Apple Computers can create this system. No more stretching to push a button or move TGC’s, all you have to do is hold a transducer, scan and know your anatomy. Perfect!! It would make Venous Reflux studies so MUCH BETTER!!!

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Get Well Steve Jobs and come back even better than EVER!!

Steve Jobs took a medical leave yesterday and I hope his cancer did not come back, but many people feel this way. I want to wish Steve Jobs many blessings because I can relate to him. Steve Jobs’ bouts with health problems are more substantial and serious. He was not as lucky as I was. I just hope he is lucky now.

I have been lucky enough as most of you already know on DMC, to have had caught a very early stage of a mass on the tail of the pancreas which was removed at the end of 2008 with my spleen (Making me Spleenless OOPS I mean Speechless) Although I need to continuously watch myself annually since I have pancreatic and liver cysts as well. I am thankful my health is in good standing now.

Every thing happens for a reason and I just hope luck turns out just as well for Steve Jobs as it does for me. We shall wait and see. The Apple corporation has been thriving for years since Steve Jobs became the CEO of the company for the second time. The Apple corporation assigned an interim CEO during Steve Jobs’ medical leave. I just hope no matter what happens Steve Jobs always stays strong and remains positive.

My motto has always been to remain positive and follow inspiration in your life that will lead you in the right direction. There are many things occurring in my life now and I am wondering which direction to go in. Do I do this or I do that? That is the question!

I hope every one has a good day and I will be posting very soon…


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