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And Rightfully so…we all have our right to express how we feel when need be!

Every one has a right to speak up and be treated like the person they truly are. No matter who the person is even if you may feel that person is belittling you, you must think to yourself, ‘What can I do to stop being trampled over by this person?’. People fear confronting others, but choosing your battles is important to understand. If you choose your battles right, you could win every time. Although sometimes each of us need to understand the situation of what’s going on around us and when it is a good time to speak up. Gaining the respect we need to live our life is important not only for ourselves, but it also shows our growth in society so other people around us don’t step all over us. I can tell you many examples in my life from people I have known who walked all over me like a stepping rug walking in to a home, but that is not the purpose of me writing this now. You should not be afraid to tell any one how you are feeling at the moment while staring in to the faces of people who have upset or hurt you. What’s the worst thing that can happen to you if you speak up? So, the other person won’t want to talk to you any more or the person gives you dirty looks. Well, may be that person is not even worth your time any way because if they were worth the time they would have never upset you in the first place.

Speaking of people at work, it is very hard to get a job these days and we all need to be grateful if we have a job. However, if the boss is truly a good person, they would understand your feelings and you would be able to work it out gaining respect from the both of you. When dealing with a friend who upsets you, it is easier to deal with because you can just walk away if need be. Life can seem very difficult at times, but we need to anchor ourselves to gain respect.

When stating the facts of why you are upset and not overreacting or over stimulating yourself, talking it through with the person as soon as it happens is very important so it does not stick with you building up anger. Most of the time no matter who the person is, the person who upset you wants power and control because it makes them feel good. Notwithstanding each one of us need to have our own control over own lives to gain respect and live our life knowing we have power to speak up not having that fear any more.

When considering speaking up to a person who upset you, you must consider these questions first:

1) Is this a battle worth fighting for?
2) Who are you speaking up to?
3) What’s the worst thing that could happen if you do speak up?
4) Remember to be conscious of what you are doing!
5) Remember the facts and tell it like it is!
6) Speak stern and to the point, no commercials!! Talk effectively!!
7) Before the other person responds, make sure you have said everything on your mind.
8) Listen to what the other person tells you after you speak up
9) Try to remain calm, be ready for the expected or unexpected
10) Be happy because now you will have more respect for yourself in your life!!

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posting more soon enough, Have a great Labor Day!! Remember this for some inspiration::: Wait for a star to fall!! (Tomorrow is another work day so we have to work hard, prove ourselves to gain more and more respect)