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A Poem Called “The Difficult Life”

The Difficult Life,

by theamazinJ

A difficult life,
too many our fighting the results of:
too many people being impoverished,
too many not having a home of their own,
lacking funds everyday to have what is needed,
having very little or nothing to eat,
not having any water to drink,
not having enough sunlight,
being isolated, ostracized, and segregated from the world,
being enslaved or being paid sub-minimum wages,
being bullied to the eventual death,
fighting the addictions everyone gets
when trying to fight the difficult life
from the past or present,
not being accepted by the status quo,
fighting everyday for many lives
living the difficult life.
Living a difficult life can be also:
be exhausting,
fighting for what we believe in everyday
for the sake of a better ethical world,
fighting for civil rights for everyone,
fighting for every voice to be heard,
fighting for free appropriate public education for children no matter what
so that these children can grow up to be adults learning
and taking responsibility in college or whatever they choose later on
regardless of the impairments they may have,
fighting for everyone to obtain a high school diploma,
fighting for access to the same information, buildings, and opportunities,
fighting for reasonable accountable pay for jobs well done,
fighting for benefits to support our needs,
fighting for whatever relationships we desire,
fighting to protect privacy and trust,
fighting to not be afraid,
fighting for the right to choose with the support we can get
to make that decision on our own,
fighting not to be considered a martyr or an inspiration,
fighting to be a hero in our own hearts and self-esteem
without medals, without monuments, and without being an idol,
and just serving thou,
fighting for reasonable accommodations with whatever impairments we have,
fighting for equal protection under the law,
fighting for different cultures to exist simultaneously,
fighting for the protection of thou above the stars,
fighting our thoughts to be positive under the laws of attraction,
Life is difficult in the difficult life for everyone,
sometimes we need to organize together
as we listen to each other
for justice and equality for all,
because in the end,
we are all in this together
so that we don’t repeat history,
so we don’t look back,
and so we just move forward
to the plenty of justices served
and judgements being passed
of who done wrong and who done right,
preserving humanity,
preserving a world of peaceful communications,
and starting a trend of acceptance, trust, and love
rising up for a better life
than the difficult life of something we are fearing
we are about to enter into in 2017.

A Poem called “Building Bridges”

Building Bridges,

by theamazinJ

I am cool,
I am a man,
I am a person,
I am open minded,
I help everyone regardless of impairments,
I have impairments too,
I am disabled,
I am able,
I have my strengths,
I have weaknesses,
I am human,
I am a person,
I am part of the largest minority group,
the disability community.
I am able,
I am disabled,
I am Jewish,
I am even a person of color,
Even when everyone is a person of color
with our many facets of our skin tone.
White or Black or other races
is just as much a false facade
just as much as disability is too,
because we all are human,
regardless of what tribes we fit in,
We strive for human rights,
we work toward our goals to
work for ourselves,
to work for our communities,
continue our destiny
regardless of our
skin colors and tones,
regardless of
what we believe,
regardless of
what kinds of impairments we have
and how profound they may be or actually are,
regardless of
who we love
or what are identity is,
or regardless of
how we love
and physically attain our
sexual desires with the consent we give,
because in the end,
we are all human,
we all love each other at times,
we all hate each other at times,
we all have anxiety to connect,
we all have anxiety generally,
sometimes severe or sometimes not,
we all need support from one another,
we all go through the same trials
every day of our lives
regardless of what
rewards or consequences we obtain,
we all continue the work what
we want to contribute to the world,
most importantly,
we all direct our own lives
to our own creative endeavors
the world benefits from
because in the end,
it is all about us,
it is all about you,
it is all about
the way we communicate and send our messages
to the world
that eventually become our legacy,
a spin on the world,
that becomes the reality we all want
to open the minds of everyone
to understand,
it is not about race,
it is not about religion,
it is not about our impairments
and what medicine says is a disability,
it is not about our genders,
it is not about our sexual desires,
It’s only about learning,
It’s only about using our minds
regardless of how we use it or think,
and regardless of how we cope with our environments
with our sensory systems and impairments,
because it’s all about being vulnerable
to our connections and to ourselves
and to our environments,
it’s all about being an individual
and it’s all about being mortal
in a world that only teaches us
to eventually move forward
to the utter existences
of thou and the experiences
of moving through the universe
never ever reaching one another
even when we all go as fast or faster
than the speed of light eventually moving on
in an aging universe in an ageless space
without an aging human body in an aging world
that is constantly learning
to open up to the imperfections
when we are in our aging bodies
I have, you have,
and how our societies are aging too
in a world that is constantly changing
even when we don’t understand the changes,
becoming afraid of the unknown circumstances
and being afraid of what happens every day
and being afraid of building connections
so we build walls instead,
but it does not have to be that way,
because finally, it’s the ending that gives us
a new beginning every step of the way,
from the life cycle we all endure.

A Poem called “Bad meets Good”

Bad Meets Good,

by theamazinJ

Sometimes we feel we are good,
sometimes we feel we are bad,
sometimes we do good,
sometimes we are bad,
it takes effort to understand
it takes responsibility to know it,
life is good,
not even bad.
Life is good
cause we get to
live however we feel we want to.
Sometimes we learn from the bad,
many times we learn not,
many times we encourage debate,
sometimes we do not
and agree.
Every other times we love
no matter what,
cause it takes a journey of love
from our whole life to
continuously love,
it takes effortless emotions,
it takes effortless thought,
it’s effortless to give hug,
it’s effortless to kiss,
it’s effortless to remember
everyone in our life,
but it’s also effortless
to remember the bad too,
cause the good,
cause the bad,
and everything in between
live together regardless,
and we cannot let go
and forget either,
but we can do good
effortlessly more than
we can effortlessly do bad,
as the bad simultaneously live with the good,
we must learn to live with both,
cause in the end,
the good is good,
and the bad is good too,
it is just a different good
that we want and
it is just a different good
we choose,
cause in the end,
we create our own life,
we choose what we want,
we know what we get,
we love what we want;
we can love everyone,
we can love everything,
or, we can love some
who we feel not hurt from,
we can love some
who contribute to the same love
they have given to us.
It is our choice,
it is our vision,
it is our life,
no one can change anything any one says,
no one can tell another
what to think,
what to choose,
who to love,
how much to love,
because in the end,
it is the personal choice
of every individual,
the personal choice
of what the individual wants,
we can choose life,
we can pick and choose what we love and what we hate,
or, we can choose anger and hate.
in the end,
it is on us.
The individual as what we are,
is on us to choose
what we want,
how we are,
who we connect to,
how many we connect to,
no one can take that away
from any one.

A Poem called “Stuck”


by theamazinJ

not letting it go
without leaving things behind,
it’s part of disability
it’s part of difference
it’s part of everyone,
it’s part of what I am working on
to finally let it all go
when one sentence, phrase, saying, or situation ends,
or even letting things go that I think need fixing,
and moving passed those things those everythings,
regardless of;
things that were said,
regardless of:
things that were phrased,
that were passed in our life,
regardless of;
things that were done,
regardless of;
situations that happened in the past,
regardless of;
anything that I think needing fixing,
but really do not,
every time one finishes into another beginning,
I dwell too much,
I hold on to too much,
I analyze too much,
I move forward worrying,
worrying about the future,
worrying about the present,
worrying about what to say and do,
thinking too much
when all I need to do is,
let it go,
move forward,
spring ahead through the coldest of nights,
using my mind to harness myself
to fly out to live my life,
bringing my journey
from not caring too much
to only caring about myself
and caring for the rest
when I get a reaction
that I have not worried,
that I only cared about myself
to my own successes
that I cared for the work
I do that helped change a world
from all the many other bigotries
toward disabled people,
toward the other intersectional minorities
some of us also have,
that everyone causes harm to so many people
that are their neighbors
when all we need is to let it go
and love everyone,
but, everyone leads in to not letting it go,
to not let themselves move forward,
from all the problems in society,
that need to be solved
to a greater understanding of humanity,
so that we can be a community
for once and for all,
to support each other,
accept one another,
and to let it go together.
Mostly letting are worries go,
letting things just flow,
letting people regardless of
the kinds of impairments
from mild to profound
to work hard at what makes them happy,
to motivate everyone to learn about
their relationships without
trying to fix anyone,
without trying to discourage, control, and tell someone
what they have to do because you believe
their impairments are not sufficient to living their life.
Because in the end,
it’s about everyone letting it go,
it’s about everyone living their life
with whatever impairments they may have,
it’s about everyone being encouraged to learn
to feel competent because you presumed competence,
to learn what they want and as much as life
has to offer them without anyone
putting limits on learning.
Because in the end,
it’s all about us,
it’s all about learning,
it’s all about remembering not to worry
it’s all about creating a visual image of life
that the individual hopes to gain
remembering it’s the individual
at the center of their life,
regardless of what you say or I say,
Because in the end,
everyone is stuck,
everyone is weeping,
everyone is pitying themselves, others, and the situations around them,
and everyone needs to stop that.
Everyone needs to think about themselves more
to live in a community where
we all support,
where we all support our limitless being,
where we all are never ending boundless love,
and everyone inspires each other
to the end,
where we see the light
where we see what we have done in our life
moving on to build the bridges
to build an interdependence with one another
that will one day see a gelatinized society
spanning the holes of impairments that will always be there
so that everyone can finally
just let everything go
without fixing anything that does not need fixing.
Or without fixing any one regardless of what impairments
you may think is not perfect,
because in the end,
it is not about perfection,
it’s about living.

A Poem called “Karma”


by theamazinJ

WE choose,
We stipulate,
we antagonize,
we pathologize,
we protagonize,
we hurt,
we heal,
we feel sad,
we feel happy,
we choose,
we choose faith,
we choose thou,
we choose to be a leader,
we choose to lead our own life,
we choose life,
we choose death,
we choose how to live,
Thou teaches us,
Thou allows us to choose,
we can perfect,
or, we can accept
and live life happily,
we can fix,
or, we can move forward
working with what we got,
it is a choice,
we get to choose
depending on what
is going on,
do we choose life?
do we choose death?
We vote for a leader
in a society,
we vote for what we want
in a leader.
If a leader leads we don’t want,
we feel disappointed,
we feel discouraged,
and we feel ashamed,
yet, as karma states:
we get what we give
and we take what we have given.
Sometimes a leader we don’t want
in a society,
is just part of the process
of karma.
WE need to think about what we’ve done,
we need to think about what we haven’t done,
and, if we don’t want that leader,
then we need to change our thinking
for more positive things
for a change of what we do
and for an apology for what we’ve all done,
thats brings in a leader we all don’t want now
because in the end,
we all really wanted that leader we
hate, we don’t like in a society,
and in order to fix a situation
of bad leadership is by
changing our thoughts
changing our mindset
and, changing our ways
to take responsibility
as thoughts become reality
to change things for the better,
to change things for the good,
and change from negative to positive.
It’s the only way to
not repeat history,
it’s the only way toward success,
and it’s the only thing toward being
happy and feeling good
toward what we do,
cause in the end,
it is us, only us,
we choose everything,
we are responsible for everything,
we responsibly choose all our leaders,
and we responsibly choose to fix or not,
but the only thing we can do is fix what
we think about life
no matter what,
so in the end,
thou wants us to change our thoughts,
thou wants us to break the walls down,
thou wants us to break the loop,
and, thou wants us to establish
continuity toward living
because otherwise we are dying
leaving the human race
toward an empty world
not filled with anything
but simple matter and grime,
so let’s begin to change our thoughts,
let’s begin to build the bridges,
let’s begin to move forward,
let’s begin to converse with everyone,
let’s begin to think we can change everything,
and, let’s begin to accept neurodiversity
in to our lives,
because in the end,
it’s all about us, not them,
and certainly not about thou.