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The State of the Union Address given by President Barack Obama was Sensational

President Obama delivered the State of the Union address last night.  It was truly inspiring for the American people. His message was urging all Americans to unify in order for the country to move ahead and regain our strength.  He stated that the American Dream still exists. He acknowledged  with great admiration the strength and tenacity of Representative Gabrielle Giffords, who was shot in the head by a senseless shooting of a misguided individual in Tucson, Arizona a few weeks ago. She is miraculously recovering from a gunshot wound to her head.   It is unfortunate that a tragedy is what is bringing this nation together. Ms. Gifford has inspired many of us to show how tragedies bring us together to give each other hope and continue to love. Every thing happens for a reason?

Our founding fathers fought and developed the laws of this country in order that we have basic human rights and freedoms that are not available in other countries.  President Obama stressed that the way to move forward into the future is developing innovations and creating opportunities for Americans.  The most important piece of obtaining this goal is through education.  We must realize that education is important in developing talents for our future. As a country we must enhance our educational systems so we can compete with the world.

As an American I am proud to have the opportunity to have my dreams become real.  As Americans we can feel proud of whom we are. That is why it is very critical for all of us to listen, open our eyes, and cooperate with whoever is helping us.  This can be accomplished by developing more patience, understanding of who others are no matter what.  We are all too critical of other people that are not like us.  This can be your neighbor, co-worker, friend, or a family member.  In order to come together as a whole we must remove the branding and labeling of others.

President Obama wanted every citizen to know that we may have separate political parties that may divide the American people, but we are still one nation.  Although the Congress is lead by Republicans and Democrats who have opposing views on certain issues they owe it to their constituents to work together for the good of the country.  The President reminded Americans how we inspire the rest of the world to value its citizens, appreciate basic human rights, and live a genuine healthy successful life.

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An image of Dr. Martin Luther King, JR: (As January comes to a close, we remembered a man this month who helped fight for our human rights as well)