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Time and Time again in a deep dark secret

It is a time when life is changing and things are going to happen.  We don’t know when and we don’t know how, it just will be.  We must accept and move on with our lives.

Think about the reasons why things happen.  Life is always filling up with many things, you just have to express them and your future.

Deaths happen rather quickly lately.  People say when you hear about one death, there will be 2 more coming soon. This year there have been lot’s of deaths in the summer.

The shell on our
backs is a genuine
factor of life.

Spin yourself around till you speed yourself up and go along the winds of the time continuum. Trouble is we become afraid, but we can’t be afraid.

Anyway, here is the time for us to show who we really are, HUMAN Beings! Human Beings should be there for each other because we are all striving to go to the same place in the end.

Gotta get going and posting later on,


Don’t be the character from this movie: (JUST BE WHO YOU ARE AND LET IT ALL FLOW)

R.I.P. Michael Jackson and the Space/Time Continuum

Michael Jackson was a man of integrity, strength, courage, and entertainment. He had a very big heart. His life left many questions to be answered. The death of Michael Jackson yesterday left every one in the world stunned. They had not known what more to say except play tribute to him by having the radios play his songs. You may have had a favorite song from Michael and will probably play it for days until you decide to move on. His music was legendary, his blood ran through his body like endless fuel. Michael Jackson was a gift to the whole world with his talent to entertain us. I know many of you are sitting at home the next day after his death wondering who will be the next big star in music entertainment. There is always another, but we still remember.

Think back to your earliest Michael Jackson memory from when you first heard one of his songs. What do you remember? I remember seeing Thriller. I would stare at the screen endless hours just watching his creative talent come alive in this video. Michael turned in to a zombie and a werewolf with his big red jacket becoming nothing more than a piece of rag. It is the next day after Michael Jackson’s death and he has become the zombie where you saw him in the Thriller video. Beware after midnight he could come out to haunt you for real now.( LOL, only if he had unfinished business! 🙂 )

Michael Jackson’s death proves life has an ending, but like in Mitch Albom’s book “The Five People You Meet In Heaven,” every ending is also a beginning, we just don’t know it at the time. The time continuum moves along as we live our lives. Some people say history repeats itself. If history repeats itself, then it sure to be scary. By scary I mean, unfortunately no body really learns from their mistakes. People try and alter their mistakes to look different, but in the end its the same mistake. The time continuum results in a cycle. A cycle which is very hard to break. I believe our ultimate goal is to work hard to reach a place in heaven. If not, we return to the cycle. Many people don’t realize this goal till the end. I hope Michael Jackson has his place in heaven now, but that is up to whatever judgment has to be made in the time continuum. Remember the time when Michael Jackson or someone you loved made you smile.

May we live our lives the way it ought to be by trying not to repeat history and break the cycle. We all need to move forward!

We are all the man (or woman) in the mirror so look in the mirror now and see if you could see yourself.

Anyway, I have to begin the day and I will posting again really soon especially my fiction…!