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An Adaptations for Anybody who needs it!

Anybody who needs a Social Skills training course should be able to get it and be provided to have a suitable course for their needs on their level of Social Skills.  Adaptations should become a recognized International program where if people need Social Skills, they can get it.  There should be professionals being trained specifically to teach Social Skills as well since many professionals do not know how to teach Social Skills.

There should be a way in which anybody who needs it can get it!


Social Skills training is different for every type of disability including physical disabilities

Social Skills training is required when certain types of people lack the abilities to interact with many people in the world.  There are three different types of ways in which people lack Social Skills.  One way is the neurological deficit like the Autism Spectrum and other neurological disabilities which are congenital or even people who had a severe stroke requiring Social Skills training.  Another way is the mental deficit like mental illnesses which handicap many people from having the same social life they had when they were children.  The final way in which a person can need Social Skills is when the person has a physical disability in which the physical disability handicaps the person from interacting with people and those types of people start lacking social skills.  Somebody can either be born with a physical disability or somebody might have an accident which causes a physical disability.  In whatever case the person may need Social Skills, and the world needs to understand everybody needs to interact with somebody.

Social Skills training is very hard if everybody in the Social Skills class is of different disabilities since different disabilities require different attention.  I feel there needs to be a separation of Social Skills training classes for every type of disability since every disability is on a different level.  For instance, mental disabilities are probably have the highest social skills and can adjust a lot better in the world by just minimal social skills training with a professional.  Although probably in certain severe cases of mental disabilities where people have lost complete touch of life, probably need even more attention to rebuild their social life.

I am not a professional to teach Social Skills, I am just somebody trying to have people understand the levels of Social Skills training.  I have much difficult time since I am on the Autism Spectrum myself which is a neurological deficit.  My blessing is my mother who has always helped me out and is trying to continue to smooth me over now with the social skills I developed with her through the years.  It is probably why for the past 5 years of my life, I have turned from a silent shy person in to a motor mouth.  Now I need to moderate myself to become a better person.  There should be other people out there who should try and follow the footsteps of my own mother.  She knows how to educate somebody on Social Skills training very well.  May be she should do one day seminars in helping other people understand how to approach Social Skills they way she sees it.   This way a professional who is having much trouble teaching anybody Social Skills will give better instruction to their class.

Anyway, I just wanted to write this post in now while its in the moment.  I feel this a really important issue to follow through.