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Snow Cake enters into the media 1 year later from TFF

Snow cake enters into the movie theatres after 1 year being in the Tribeca Film Festival.

It is a very good film that deserves much credit.  GRASP and people on the autism spectrum have a lot to do with helping out with that film and most people know.

I can’t wait to the GRASP benefit in november when they hand out the new DNA award (Divine Neurotypical Award).  Its going to be great.

Any body who makes great strides in the autism community like  1st ever DNA Pat Schissel and last years DNA award winner, Diane Twachtman-Cullen should definitely should get the award in future years.

But the best way for a person on the spectrum like myself to adapt well in this world is to literally adapt and try and find a niche to make money from with a job.  You might think that one should start out right away with full time status. but, sometimes part time status is a way to wet your lips and get in to in the money making process.

I am studying for my RVT now and it is going well.  Hopefully I pass…

Not every thing out there is 100% perfect and to prove that you have to make the most out of your programs like GRASP which is for discussing issues and meeting people on the spectrum. Also, JCC manhattan’s Adaptations program that teaches social skills and job skills to those on the spectrum and off the spectrum that need it.  Adaptations has also been very good for me by building up my confidence.

AUTREAT this year is the end of JUNE and I really would love to go there in philadelphia, PA.  It sounds like it will be great to just chill out.  just go to ani.autistics.org and you will see…

Adios, yet no yet, because I have another one coming up soon….

out, J