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Smoking is Bad for the Cardiovascular System

Smoking is very bad and everyone should stop it anyway because its also a bad habit. It makes your teeth turn yellow, your breath stink, it makes you impotent (yes it can cause I read about it), it increases the atherosclerotic process so that you are more prone to heart attack, stroke, and not being ableĀ  to walk. As well as the other things that can happen like cancer, emphysema, and also can cause aneursyms. Oh, yeah there is another, and this is very bad, you can smoke so much, its hard to breath and there is a medication that will clear up the breathing problem like Spiriva that can help. Not trying to scare people, but its very true. It is very gross. But, yet people do it at bars, restaurants, at home, …

Anyway this is your health conscious blog entry that will hopefully help in the long run…

Just go to the Bodies exhibition wherever you can and check out what your lungs look after smoking. I went twice to the Bodies Exhibition and it was Fantastic.

sorry if I got people nervous,

out, J