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The small details someone with an Autism Spectrum Disorder sees

Ultrasound is a perfect job for somebody on the Autism Spectrum to be able to see the details no body else can see.

I would like to start an Ultrasound school strictly for anybody on the Autism Spectrum to go to learn from me.

How would everyone love this? I and the rest of this school I will create will honor other Spectrumites to learn this trade to become a contributing member of society.

I think from all the people seeing the ABCnews.com site, no body would deny an externship to an Individual with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

I want to be able to help out the rest of the Autism Spectrum community do work which will be not only lifesaving to them, but rewarding to them as well since they can also save other lives.

Anybody can do anything they put their mind to, it just takes time and practice.  Ultrasound especially in Cardiac and Vascular is an art form which a person with an ASD can see small details no body else can see.

Take it easy,