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Neurodiversity: Sexuality and Identifying Oneself

Disclaimer: A discussion post on sex and sexuality

It’s important to identify ourselves. By identifying ourselves the way we know best, there are many ways we can identify ourselves in this world. Some of these different ways we identify ourselves are similar to other people, but in many ways for so many people it’s a completely different way these days. For example, many people identify themselves as male or female, however these are not the only gender roles someone can identify themselves with. Facebook recently added many of the gender roles to their list other than male or female. There are also many different ways many people want to connect to another Human being as well. It’s not just boyfriend and girlfriend. Dating and Relationships is a powerful example of connecting with someone else, but not everyone wants a sexual relationship. However, being sexual is a big part of Dating and Relationships.

Although, I do know most people in this world do want a sexual relationship because sex is important to many people. The beginnings of connecting sexually is touching another Human being in ways that is more than just talking. It’s holding a person, caressing a person, and creating a sense of deep pressure that fills up the souls of the Human beings connecting sexually. I have met many people where sex was not an important factor in their life, but they accept people who do find it important. So, why can’t society accept these people who don’t want sex?

Sex is important because it stimulates the brain for many people around creating a better positive experience for life for so many who feel lonely. This positive experience in life helps many people discover more creative, intellectual, and inventive new ideas. However, I am not saying without sex, people can’t be creative, intellectual, or inventive, I am just saying it allows the mind to be relaxed more to think of these expressions. Sex is not for everyone and there are many people who say they don’t need sex to live their life, but sex is still an expression for a lot of people including flirting.

Sex is a three letter word which the media has expressed in many ways showing many different ways sex can be done. It’s important to find the right partner for your needs if you desire those needs. I stress though that sex is done between 2 consenting adults who have the same desires and the same agenda for connecting with each other. If these circumstances are not met, sex should not be performed, if it is not met, then one or both parties violated each other’s feelings and bodies.

Many people enjoy having sex each and every day of the year. Although two Adults connecting in a consenting, sexual way, need to do so in the privacy of one of their homes or if they are married in their home. A part from sex, is kissing. For most, touching is part of the process of deep connection by gazing at each other and feeling each other’s skin.

Many people identify themselves differently and everyone has a different person they want to connect with sexually and desire to finding a partner to live their life with. Although, finding a partner to live your life with is not always absolute. Many times people find a partner, then decide to break up, finding a different partner. My advice to those people trying to find the love of their life, don’t be too picky, choose based on your instincts, decide what you want, and don’t be influenced from others. Finding a partner can be tricky for most, including myself, but it’s important to know what you want.

Finding a sexual partner can be hard for so many people because many people are lonely. It’s important to representing yourself correctly as well as being accepted from society with that representation. Society and the media don’t acknowledge all roles and ways to identify oneself. For example, the media and Autism Speaks, create a sense of fear for autism, where the Autistic person usually feels pitied because they are not accepted. Hence, society separates the part of them that is autistic from the rest of them that makes them a person. There are many ways every one identifies themselves with, and being Autistic is just one of the ways for many people these days as people accept themselves. Let’s Love, not Fear!!! Everyone can live and identify themselves with everything they know they are.

For example, will I find a woman for myself? Well, that’s all up to whether or not I find an emotional attachment in a woman that I feel connected to and feel like I want to do that. Though, it’s never been a major priority for myself and isn’t right now. I just have friends I like to talk to and finding a connection that does not matter who they are. Though, someday I will be with a woman I want to be with!


Being Autistic and finding love can be tricky

Disclaimer: A post for Adults about love among Adults:

It’s good to fall in love with someone you want to be with even though I am still searching. Although it is also good to take it slow with baby steps as to not play it too hard. Love is in the air all the time, but we need to understand what love is. Most of us do understand what love is, but a lot of us do not. It’s a complicated process.

Being in love for an Autistic person means many questions being drawn to us. A lot of times we act, think, and do things quicker when we find love. Autistic people need love too, but we need to slow that thinking down in order to enjoy it. It’s a challenge for us. That’s why falling in love is so difficult. Either being with another Autistic or a Neurotypical person, it probably would be easier for a lot of people on the Autistic spectrum to be involved with another Autistic person. Why? Because Neurotypical people tend to not understand what it’s like to be Autistic and winds up being a bigger challenge for us. Either fall in love or live in solitude, that’s the choice we all need to make.

It’s hard for a lot of Autistic people to be open minded about love when comes to our special interests or religion. Though we are less judgmental! I feel though we fall in love very easily because we are open minded about being with just about anyone that we feel we can relate to. We are very open minded in that sense, but when it comes down to thinking about our special interests our thinking turns black and white. We love to love just like anyone else. However we need to be conscious of our black and white thinking. Just because a person dates, does not mean the two will get married at least not right away. And what is marriage anyway? Well, it’s when 2 people fall in love, engage in each other’s intimacy, and want to spend the rest of their lives with each other. Anyone can marry anyone. There is someone for everyone. It’s just a matter of knowing who you want to marry. It’s a process of love, finding it, embracing it, spreading it, and spending time with the love of who you want to be with. 2 people should not be expelled from society because they want to marry. That would be ridiculous if society expelled anyone for falling in love and wanting to marry!

Love can be very tricky for an Autistic person at large. Though it’s important to keep an open mind about meeting anyone because you never know who you can fall in love with as a single person. Religion is man-made interpretations of what spirituality really is. Being in the universe, we need to feel the love around us because we need to eventually know that we contributed positively to the universe as a whole to build our own heaven. If we don’t, we go down the black hole in to nothingness where we engage in negative feelings.

So when do we find love? We will find love only when we engage with someone who we are willing to fill our hearts up without thinking about who and what the person is without thinking about why we are in love. The universe puts two people together to fall in love for a reason to show what love is. You can either take it or leave it, but never regret what the universe does. Every thing happens for a reason. Whether we fall in love or not, depends on what the universe wants from us. Not everyone is meant to fall in love supposedly, but everyone needs some kind of love to feel worthwhile and knowing that they are a part of the universe too. Otherwise the person will not feel loved and begin to hate the world. There are different ways to engage in love. Most people express it with sex while some others express love with their feelings and passions.

My advice for all those Autistic people particularly the adult population who are seeking love is to remind yourself to take 1 step at a time always slowing down the mind to not think of impulsive reactions like telling another person how much you love them. Love can trick anyone to not take it slowly. We need to let nature take it’s course to allow love between 2 people to develop the intimacy to lead up to the physical parts. Sex and sexuality are the most engaging parts of human nature. Expressing sexuality is important for anyone to not be afraid of, though sex itself is the most intimate part of what two human beings can do together. Neurotypical people tend to go straight to the sex without thinking about getting to know a person. However, sex is very powerful and the strongest intimacy two people can engage in. It can also be very painful for both people involved because either one or both of the people involved can get emotionally, physically, or spiritually hurt. What I mean by physical pain is sex can be very uncomfortable, confusing, and deeply painful touching between 2 people. Sex is not to played around with and people need to respect others first before engaging in sex. It’s so important for both parties involved in sexual activity whether a Neurotypical or Autistic person as a whole human race, to know that sex is only fun when you know who you want to love, if you choose it. Though it’s not for everyone which is why there is Asexuality.

Hope you have a great weekend!!