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Lives people have that we often tend to forget

I think there are many life skills we tend to forget when we are often living our lives. One of the most important aspects of our lives is we all have our own life of responsibilities to take care of.   The most important responsibilities are our health in regards to physical, mental, and spiritual health.  The other is our responsibilities of our chores which help  our lives completely.  Most people tend to ignore this aspect in their lives. People have different interests where some are more verbal than others.   People focus on things other than what they need to do.  I guess it is why people don’t want to focus on their overall health.

Every aspect of our health is important to us.  The physical health keeps our hygiene clean, our bodies healthy, and listening to our bodies.  The mental health helps us control the behaviors some of us seem to do which make us stand out from the typical.  Our spiritual health keeps us in control with our beliefs in whatever we believe is out there.  I am Jewish and there are different beliefs others believe in.   I know there is definitely a spiritual world beyond this world, but I do not know which is right, which is wrong.  Religion is a man-made belief system.  In order to get in touch with our spirit, we have to all spend at least 3o minutes with meditation. If none of you don’t know how to meditate, it is easy.

Meditation is our way of getting back on our task after a simple or complex distraction.  We just sit down comfortably in whatever position you want to focus in on, and just concentrate on breathing.  Once we concentrate on our breathing, we just focus on a very simple lively moment in our lives or a simple thing which we focus on to get through to our task once again. I know most people have trouble focusing on their task especially when they feel money is too important matter.  Money does not matter at all. The most important matter in this world is the love we have and give to to ourselves.  Once we love ourselves,  we can love other people.

A strong feeling for justice is taking our skill of reaching for our love and thinking about how to mark it in our lives. This mark in our lives will give the greatest gift we can give to ourselves. We should not want to get too many things in this world at any moment in time.  Not many people can get everything they want in a single lifetime.  If we get too many things at once, then we will receive too much to not knowing what we want next.  We all have a whole lifetime to get the things we want.  Work up to it and you will get it eventually.

The greed and the selfishness is a human trait which is our most disgusting part of us.  Instead of being greedy, we should be patient in our lives.  Asking for something will only allow us to get it later in life.  It is why the world’s economic mess has been so horrible lately.  We need to think about our self and not doubt any part of what we do.  I have a journey of thousands of more miles left in me to get what I want.  I don’t know how close I am, but I am sure I am probably closer than I think.  Some might be a long stretch for me.  I could try anyway.

We have to know how much we all are the same.   Every living creature who breathes is the same.  We all as living creatures need to determine how we have a guaranteed life to live our fate, and strive for our destiny.  Some people have an easier time at reaching their destiny while others just live their fate.  Our lives constitute the greatest nature in our fate.  My destiny is just beginning to come true, but I can not forget about my fate.  We can control own fate sometimes too.  There are many paths we can take, and we should all take the path not so many people take.  It is making me feel as if the reason why people are so greedy and impatient is because they take the path others take often.  By doing this, they expect sympathy from others. I know somebody who expects sympathy all the time and she stops at no cost to try and receive this sympathy.  She even writes it for others to see.  No body needs to receive sympathy from anybody. Sympathy is something people get which lasts a short while.  When people are constantly trying to gain more and more sympathy from others, I feel this is a disgusting way to live.  It is also is the wrong kind of attention one should get.  In addition, not every one should get attention all the time. There are many other people who need to receive attention too.   Attention is a good thing, but there are so many other people living in this world who seek it too.  Attention: Be more attentive to the whole world not just to yourself… Be an individual not a follower!

Take it easy,


A frustration of mine

There are so much frustrations in my life.  At least it will snow today, which will make more fun at home.  The only thing I need to do is be on top of shoveling once an hour.  At least I can switch off the hour of shoveling.

Posting all day today so I check this site for some updates. I know my responsibilities come first.