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OK, let’s focus on ourselves for a minute!

I intended to tell people I do not like bickering over things and to tell the world we need to be more positive. Parents who believe in a cure for Autism are just people who are thinking too negatively about Autism. We can all be the person we ought to be and no body can stand in our way. If you let someone stand in your way, then you defeat your life. Autism is a continuum and many people like myself along this continuum can and will fight to the bitter end to be the person we want to be. I have Asperger Syndrome and I feel I can do it. I have in the past thought negatively, but the negative thoughts like thinking of ways to “cure” Autism or thinking of things which defeat your purpose in to this world are devastating to you and any one else. I can not change any of the parents who try to find a cure for Autism, but what I can do is tell them to stop thinking so negative. I know life is hard and things happen. If we are more patient with our lives and treat others with dignity, then we will all be better off. Please any one whether having Asperger Syndrome, Autistic Disorder, or any Neurotypical should believe in themselves they can do whatever they want to achieve. Hey, look at President Obama or George Berdejo (I interviewed him for the website) or even myself who is becoming a someone. Look in the mirror today and say to yourself something Popeye the Sailor man use to say “I am who I am and that’s all that I am, I’m Popeye the Sailor man, toot toot! or if you don’t like this, say what Stuart Smolley always told us “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and g-d darn it people like me.” Also never forget this one “You can pick your nose, you can pick your friends, but you can never pick your friend’s nose.”

Anyway, I am needing to do something now. I will post later on. Videos and Pictures to come…