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Small things in this world lead the way of our lives in times of the rough

Stressful times and situations in our lives tend to lead the way by small things we do in our lives. Sometimes what we do and what we think are two different experiences we have with a stressful situation. We must always look at the small things we have in our life when times are stressful especially when a situation is very stressful to deal with. The longer a bad situation lasts, the more it builds up inside you. Every day a person has to stand up for his or her rights before a situation peaks. Some people’s tolerance of a stressful situation with a person can be very high, but a lot of the times many people are not this way. People must first learn to uncover the unknown, feel love, and not fear anything.

To bring an inner serenity from your situations with people, you must take some time out to feel connected to the higher powers for help. Some people may call this meditation, but a lot of people can do this in different ways. Sit down for a moment and focus on what you want out of your life. Think about all of what you are afraid of whether it being person(S), a place, a situation, a or a creature you are not sure of. When we are uncertain of what the unknown can do for us, we fear.

The unknown barks at us all the time. Most people’s fear of the unknown is their body’s time clock ending because they want to live to see a lot of things. Sometimes we are not meant to see everything. We are only meant to see or do things which are meant for our mission here on this planet. Some people take this for granted while others don’t even realize what their mission is. Some people can never figure it out while others figure it out a lot later in life. A special quality we all have is to live a fulfilling life whether it be alone in solitude or with someone special you love.

Most people can not live by themselves in solitude in fact every body at some point in their life craves to be someone they can love. Sometimes there are people in this world who say they don’t need someone to love let alone a friend. These people have so much fear of the unknown because they have gotten hurt way too many times in their lives. These people really do need friends or better yet someone they can love. It is the only thing God wants from us, to be feel love and joy for his great creation.

Now sometimes we may love someone who already has someone to love. We may become depressed because we can’t show our love for them. Love is not intended to be hurtful. It is to show us who we are intended to love and feel connected with. We begin on this planet with our families to learn how to love, and we are intended to show the world what we have learned from our families. Although some families when formed do not teach love the way it was meant to be taught. Unfortunately this happens a lot due to those parents not knowing how to love. Fortunately for some people, a special someone can show them what love is all about changing how the person may feel. This makes people become people and grow with love.

Frequently my life entails the breakthroughs of love, but a lot of the times the breakthrough of love is not meant for me. Instead you must cheer up, live your life, and continue breaking through the unknown. Although sometimes it can be meant to be if the person you love finds out the person they are with is not who they said they were. This tends to happen a lot in relationships these days. Many people do not stay true to themselves and act in a relationship rather than be in a relationship. Sometimes the person never knew how to love or sometimes it is a confusion of sexuality. It is important to feel who you are and feel connected to yourself always because the unknown is there for us to find out uncovering the mask or stone.

Feel the love in every way you can and don’t take things to the extreme!

posting soon enough,