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Before my next week start, let’s reflect, review, and remind ourselves to be grateful

My thoughts for a prosperous life and a good week every week.  People have to enjoy the moment and be grateful for everything they have.  The differences we have in our lives contribute to each of us.  If there is ever a time to move on, it is when you feel you’ve had enough.  Stressful moments are everywhere most of the time in your life, but to be able to handle that stress constructively, we need strength to get through it.  From the relaxing moments to the stressful moments, we consider life reaching out for our future in a way forward toward our next episodes on our channel. Some people consider life bad when they have rarely experienced good, but this is only because they don’t embrace and accept the good.

Every thing good happens because a person embraces anything given to them even if it is as small as a penny or light as feather.  Every one has a turn to turn their life in to what is intended for them from birth.  Some people just don’t understand or want to accept their own mission.  Instead they embrace jealousy and intend to want to hurt others.  I remember someone telling me envy is good sometimes when you want something so bad, you work harder at it.  I feel envy is not a good thing at all.  Envy does not allow other people to see what they can bring to this world by themselves.  Unless you may have two similar people with similar missions, but one has been doing it longer than the other.

A lot of times tough love works better to help a person become a somebody with their mission because  most people who have potential follow the crowd to nothingness in their life.  When a single person sees potential in the person doing nothing, the single person pushes anyone with potential to strive even if it means telling the truth about the person’s  life at the moment.  Later when the person finishes at the top, he or she may thank the person who applied tough love.

People who have potential can become leaders, but not every one is a leader every day of their life.  Some people are more of a leader than most.  Being a leader makes a person feel good because you are helping other people potentially succeed in their lives.  Leadership is a gift which is open to the possibilities of someday becoming a spiritual master who helps those in need of finding themselves.  I know some people who may think they are a leader now, but are really not being to true to themselves.

Follow your missions and if you feel you don’t know what they are just sit down in front of a tree and think deeply from your spirit.  No body knows more than you what you need to do in life.  Every one is meant to do something even if it is very small.  Embrace what your mission is and everything will go your way.

Time for a quote to end this post:

Deeds, not stones, are the true monuments of the great.

John L. Motley
US historian (1814 – 1877)

posting again later,