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Back in Action at Home writing posts for DMC

I am at home resting my body and walking around whenever I can. I am doing extremely well considering the major surgery I had. I just have problems with my vocal cords and can not speak very well. I need to rest the vocal cords every so often to gain strength in talking. Considering the circumstances my angels are definitely helping the healing process go by fast. I came home yesterday afternoon and spent the time outside in the sun because the sun is so positive. It also wore me down quicker. I didn’t get much sleep that night, but probably because I was so uncomfortable and had a lot on my mind. Today I woke up and felt better, though taking naps here and there, I can sense I will heal well.

It is important to remain a good frame of mind knowing all will go well. Chloe the Maltese dog is downstairs though I would like her to come upstairs with me. It is hard to lift her up and go up the stairs with me. We never know when we develop enough strength to back to our normal activities, but the activities I will be doing now are limited at the moment.

I have not posted in a while since my surgery, but now things just keep on rolling like NIKE.

I sense a different direction we are all going in which is why the weather has been so divertingly windy everywhere you go. What kind of changes? What changes will impact our lives the most? Remember is change going to occur whether a small change in the gas meter of your car to the small change to your less money in your wallet from buying the candy bar from the vending machine.

There are so many people who know me and care, but only a true few people who have cared for me from the very beginning. They continue to care for me of the bond of love. My protectors or angels intentions are to care for me.

I have had many so-called second chances on life. It must be very important so I can live my life stress-free, anxiety-free, and live it to the fullest. In general many people in the world struggle to live their life, but life’s journey is convoluted. We may feel high, but we also feel very low. The idea is to block out fears and angers which hurt us the most otherwise someday we could find ourselves deeper than we were in.
Don’t give in to the hole and always move forward through each door.

Now it is time to find Chloe the Maltese dog and keep her spirits up because a lonely animal or person usually become too sad. There are some people who don’t get too lonely because they claim they have immunity to it. Is it really true? Can these people never need to talk to 1 friend in their life? and Can they have made at least 1 friend a day for the rest of their life?

more posts to come including Gregarious Revolution new episode!!!