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Every one has the same realities, but different times…

No matter how much all families are dysfunctional and things happen that gets every one aggravated to the brink of angry.  Every one in their own families must allow themselves to still love their family member that causes grief.  Every family has their issues.  When you have three boys or three girls or better yet even one child, there is always grief that parents must go through.  Partly, it is because parents try to grow their children up the best way they can.   But, the issues are still the same in every family.

There is always at least one child of special need, one child that is the leader, and one child that is resentful and rebellious, one child that turns against the family (like my dad’s brother), one child that takes leaps and bounds to help out, and finally if I am missing anything else please let me know one child that is an athelete, and a child that wants to beat up every one in site.

Parents have problems most of the time knowing how to handle each individual child when every child is different.  They don’t want to make a mistake from their previous mom and dad that raised them up.

Some people tell me though that life is about making mistakes and learning from those mistakes.  Yet, when its raising children what can you do about that when the mistake will be tremendous if you do make a mistake.

Treating every child is the same no matter what is one lesson parents should try, but it depends on how you treat the children.  If it is good way, fine, if its a bad way that is another. If you are unsure if its good or bad, then seek advice from a counsler.

It is okay to seek advice from a counsler if you are unsure of how to handle your children.

That is why the world has people who can help.

But, if you are from old school like my grandma, then you will never seek any help even when you need it.

Anyway, for instance, a mother should accept the stepchildren of their husband who married previously and then got divorced from their wife because that mother needs to adapt and accept.  If you are like my grandma though, then you won’t accept any stepchildren because she feels that they are not a part of her.

When you marry someone and they have children already, you have to accept that because you fell in love with that person and that person and you have a union.  That union has any children that that loved one of your has and you need to accept that.  If you don’t accept that and the man or woman stay with you, then you are very lucky because most man or woman would leave you in a heartbeat.

I wonder what my grandpa who died in 1990 felt about this issue.

My grandma is very wicked in that sense of her because she won’t accept certain things in life.

But she is still my grandma and so I love her very much because she has other strengths in her, that she is very strong inside of her sometimes too strong when she has different types of views in life.

anyway have a good day and enjoy the read,

out, J