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who says?

I feel that people are liers all the time. In the past 2 years, I have been lied to several times by people I know. People say one thing and they do another or people try and force me to do things I do not want to do. When I think about the amount of Big Fat Liars in the world I think to myself, what has happened to this world.

What ever happened to telling the truth? Anyway, may be people don’t want to tell the truth because if they did, they’d be exposed so naked in the street everyone would see. I remember that there are people in the world you know and there are people in the world you work with that will lie to make themselves look good.

Lying is good on this planet, but once you get up to the eternal one, he’ll see you for every nick and craney you did here on earth. He’ll expose you, embarrass you, and make you feel wretched inside. But, afterwards after all that has ended you’ll no why it doesn’t pay to lie.

When we lie, it is because we are ashamed of something that has been done or said so we use the lie as a means to become the truth even though it is not the truth.

The truth shall set you free or will it… is what some people say.

Well, it doesn’t really set you free by making you not have to deal with it, but it creates a sense of exposure and makes you feel powerless at first. People want to feel powerful even if they have to lie to feel that way.

Power is very important for every one, but to every one in the world there are different levels of POWER.

I know I give TOO MANY people I know POWER over me, but that is my fault. See, I come first and I AM THE POWERFUL one towards me not anybody else.

I shouldn’t give ANYONE power over myself. I should have full power for myself first.

No body and I mean no body deserves to be powerful over another person because that is how tyrants form.

Money gives power, but love gives respect. The only way respect happens is by telling the truth. Yet, every body lies and lies for good reason. The don’t want to expose themselves, their afraid, their sure that people won’t love them because of it, they are sure if they lie and not tell the truth they will be respected more. WRONG, you will be less respected.

I know people and we all know people in this world that lie. It goes down to simple to very more complex lies.

It also happens because every body in this world doesn’t want to be exposed or caught with their pants down.

think of at least 100 moments in the past 30 seconds of now of times you lied in your life.

I bet everybody can think of at least 1,000,000 moments of lying in the next 30,000 seconds.

There are different reasons for each lie as well.

Well, anyway, from the last post where I told things about CR, that was really something that SG told me about at the party especially the one about CR smelling like a fossil.

anyway, its all good,

out, J