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Today is a major Protest in Washington D.C. against Autism Speaks

The Autistic Self Advocacy Network is planning a Protest against Autism Speaks at the National Mall in Washington D.C.  today.  I was invited to attend to, but I will keep up updates on how the protest is going. Today is also an Autism Speaks Walk for Autism in Washington D.C. as well.  Here is my words to “Autism Speaks.”

Autistic people around the world who are either Autistic Disorder or Asperger Syndrome speak in many different forms.  Any  parent of individuals with Autism disorders need to have a concrete understanding of their child because individuals with Autism disorders do get older.   Speaking as someone on the Autism Spectrum, I know Autism does not need to be cured.  There doesn’t need to even be a search for a cause either.  Autistic people throughout history and even prehistory has made great strides for humankind.

There needs to be oddities in the world around Neurotypical social people otherwise we would not have what we have today.   We would not have technology, we would not have science, and we certainly would not have many other things Neurotypicals benefit from what an Autistic individual has created like  some kinds of great music and even art.  An Autistic individual can do many things in this world for a social Neurotypical person by forgetting about the social and concentrating solely on the creation we want.

“Autism Speaks” needs to understand what we can do for ourselves and at the same time what Neurotypicals can do for us.  Neurotypicals can teach us what is like to fit in with social society, but social society is not everything the world is about. I agree that social learning in society is important, but learning from every one is also important to balance our lives.

Don’t fix this world with only Neurotypical social people in it because this world would be nothing without Autistic individuals.   If something goes wrong an Autism Spectrum individual with that interest can fix the problem with ease.

Make a difference “Autism Speaks” by deciding to finally advocate the right things for people along the Autism Spectrum.   There are 4.6 billion people in the world today and how many of those people in the population are considered to have some form of Autism.  If you take Autism away “Autism Speaks”, then you take away a whole culture of people in the world.  Think about whether you would want a boring world or an interesting one…

We need to all understand every body has a purpose in this world especially any one on Autism Spectrum and please Think Positive!

Good Luck ASAN on your Protest in Washington D.C.!

posting again soon,