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Sometimes we just do things out of habit and may need to break those habits

Sometimes the darkness falls and we win. There is always darkness in the midst of every thing we do and see in this world.  Can we end the darkness once and for all? or Will it always be there to haunt us?

Sometimes we just want to do so much in our life that we need to take one step at a time.

Sometimes the world is just waiting and waiting for the right moment, but what if the right moment just passed you by.

Sometimes we know exactly when to inspire others to take the moment, but some are just very scared.

Sometimes we need to be a leader to show others what it will mean to take the moment, and people follow!

Sometimes I just feel down and out, but most of the time I feel great, I feel happy!!

Sometimes I just think and think, but realize how dangerous this can be.

Nike made an Ad campaign years ago “Just Do IT” to help many people DO the moments and live in the moments.

Sometimes we feel so much for others with an emotional empathetic spirit that we just don’t know what else to do with it.

All the time you just have to create a world of love, joy, and a world filled with many different amazing creations not thinking about what this world is at the moment.

This land is our land. It was made for us. All of us.  Respecting others is only the most important part of our spiritual growth.  Human existence does not seem to respect every one, but themselves.

We feel money getting in the way of our existence every day of our lives.  Instead of being a friend to any one we may have a connection with.

Money is an object, people are alive with feelings and feel for others.

Leadership is not based on how much money you have, its based on what we can do to live down a road less traveled.

Being a leader is our desire to follow in the footsteps of our angels.

Being a leader is just someone who can attract the followers to do amazing things the society has ever seen.

Now is the time to lead and do AMAZING things!

So, what’s it going to be? what are you tempted to do? What are you going to see? Who will you follow? Who will lead you? Who will you lead?

Try thinking about this as I continue writing my new fiction story coming soon to DMC!!





Now go and inspire others to do amazing creations and inventions too to be shared with every one!! By the way, DON’T FORGET DRIVE MOM CRAZY’S AUTISTIC PRIDE DAY’S ARTISTIC SPECTRUM AND SCIENTIFIC INVENTIONS showing on JUNE 18, 2011. Sometime in March I will be writing a post about the submissions many people on the Autism Spectrum would want to submit for it. Gear up for it and I hope many of you are thinking about what you would want to do for it.

posting soon,


Let yourself go and be free to do amazing things

The image above signifies the energy around us. It motivates us, it moves us, it creates our moods, and even sets our path in life.

Be free
let yourself go
because you’ll never know…

A freedom lasts when we let our minds wander. Fearing only stops us from doing amazing good things. The people around us, the places we see, the things we do, are all a part of our imagination spreading ourselves everywhere.

Our Energy
Floating in mid-air,
Soaking our minds
in to every thing
only makes us more free.

Special guidance we once had gave us the good nature of our freedom we have now. Being free is essential, so don’t worry about things or people because any thing or any person could destroy the essence of who you are.

Sorrow grows, but disappearance grows faster when we feel sad. The discovery we find to who we are is the growing obscurity of our wisdom. Fight to be yourself. Most people are afraid to be who they are. They become afraid of what they see on the other side of the mirror. Our reflection is just what we look like and you must be proud of what you are, but do not think about what you have done.

the feelings we have
over the essence of our
desires can drive us
to the madness developing
However we cleanse
to get to the core of who we
are and become a unity called ‘us’,
a unit for hope, more discovery,
and more letting our minds
be free to wander, to explore,
and to just be.

Someone once said the discovery we find is what we truly are and no body or no thing can influence us to be a ‘tool’ of who they are. We are who we are and that’s only what we can be. The talents we have allow us to see, to feel, to breathe, and to taste the sweetness of who we are.

posting soon,



Love is a fire that burns through the wind,
delivering to people that crave it and want it.

There is life, there is love in life,
the love for you is the love you give.

Love can be stronger than steel or a flab of fat,
bouncing from one person to the next.

Steel of love is hard and never bounces off,
and the people who have it hold on to it.

Fat of love is soft and bouncy,
going from one to the next to the next.

People with  Fat of love  deliver  love
to every one they find who wants it.

These could be what you call,
the lower than low in life.

Or you have the steel of love that
surround people that don’t bounce their love around.

You may call people weak or strong or
in between weak and strong, but you know
people will be whoever they intend to be.
You have the strong, you have the weak,
weak are the fat love and the strong are the steel of love.
Seek and you shall find, but don’t bounce your love around,
to the point that your love is there and gone the next.
There are people that are weak like that
and feel the need to act out their love the majority of the time.
Don’t feel that love is something you need to spread
when  you have someone to love instead.
Love is an angel that carries through
the good that two people share.
They love each other, they care for one another,
but they never ever share it with others.
To know two people that share everything
with each other and never give it away,
is a blessing that needs to be shown to g-d as example
to the rest of the world.
they’re men and women that may not do this and
must think twice about not doing it.
Its important for love stay true,
not be a flab of fat bouncy and remote.
To find someone you talk and understand oneanother,
repeat to yourself, do I love this person? every few weeks, months.
If you love them you marry, if not, you move on,
if not wanting to move on, you find a friend in them.
Friends are hard to come by. I know, I am aware.
You may only have one or two true friends in your life
who to be there and comfort you. If more, g-d bless you.
if not anyone may you have more blessing in your life.
It always good to know when and where to bounce
your love around to people that you feel need it.
I knew people that were as steel as steel or as fat as fat.
The fat as fat were smooching and trying to get in
everyone’s pants. the steel of steel wouldn’t let anyone at all.
Moderation is the key in life that will  find the
true meaning for most people. I know women and men that go either
one way or the other but very few that go inbetween.Anyway, gotta get going, enjoy!

out, J