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A Poem called “Problems”


by theamazinj

Problems are mutual,
and do in fact exist
as mostly in everyone’s heads.
No one is more of a problem,
some look for problems
even when everything is ok.
when someone gets in a person’s face
for doing something anything,
the problem begins to exist.
Problems are socially constructed
no matter what you may say or think,
Problems are solvable
if we use our logic,
Problems just are a part of what we think
but do not actually exist,
when someone thinks
a person is a problem,
they are actually creating
a situation of frustration and stress.
when someone thinks
a situation is a problem,
they are actually constructing
in their mind everything that can hurt,
when someone hurts another
with their own mind or body
because of the problem they created,
that person causes pain.
the pain from what problem is in their mind,
the pain that can hurt others more
when we inflict that pain
from our mind,
the pain that hurts so badly
allowing others to bleed their thoughts
just as you have when you thought
of problem.
In order to heal,
we need to stop thinking of problems
we need to stop creating the problems
that can hurt others and their dignity,
that can hurt others and their own mind,
their own personhood,
that creates a world of problems
with situations,
with people,
needing to be solved.
It does not matter what you think,
it does not matter what you say,
it does not matter what you do,
problems are an invasion of what we think,
problems are an invasion of privacy.
problems are what we think
not what actually is,
and the idea problems
are easily solvable
by not looking at anything or person as a problem.
We may think what someone does or says
can hurt us badly,
but it does not mean we have to respond,
it does not mean we have to act with them,
and it does not mean we have to accept
their problem they created in their mind,
it just means we ignore the person or situation
until the person has thought it through,
until the person thinks logically,
and until the person takes a stand
to not see any person or situation
like the problem you may think is.
There is an end to creating problems
when we build a circle of support
when we use our mind to a positive focus
of any person or situation.


The only one to blame is no one to blame at all.   Autism Spectrum Disorders has no one to blame because it is a genetic disorder.  It is lies in genetic pools and because of the spreading of genes and mass reproduction from every body in the world and the world expanding and mingling with oneanother is the reason why things happen.  All I can say is that Stuff Happens and we need to get over it and help and support those in need.

We must stop trying to blame something or someone for everything and do something about helping out. G-d helps those who help themselves.

So, get up off your behind and do something with your life.

No one likes complainers especially those that try and put blame on to something or someone.

There is no cure for autism spectrum disorder, there is no blame on vaccines for autism spectrum disorders, and there is no blame on anybody for any wrong doing done on you.

When something seems not right or different we must use that difference to help ourselves and when it involves things like neurological conditions like autism spectrum disorders we must support and care.

Sharing is a part of life.  Life’s journey is about acceptance, sharing, caring, living life by helping ourselves … and that everybody has something to give to this world even somebody like myself with Asperger Syndrome.

To get where we need to get to, we need not be ridiculed, bullied, or ostracized.  Instead we need to have a plan of action and help ourselves and help others trying to help themselves.

Think like you can be the man or woman you want to become by never thinking to blame anyone or anything for the differences in life.

Accept this world!

out, J