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A Poem Called “I am just like you “

I am just like you,

(Initially this poem was entitled a different name, but I changed the poem title. I changed the title of the poem because as a disabled person myself, I need to be careful with my own internalized ableism as all of us disabled people have internalized ableism to deal with all the time. The original title was using my own internalized ableism to try to use a word that society uses toward disabled people like myself all the time, but and say I am not that. Society uses disabled people to accept internalized ableism so that disabled people can accept the ableism of society. This is an issue most of us in the disability community have to battle with in societies including the western societies. Thank you for reading this site and enjoying reading my poems.)

by theamazinJ

I can think for myself,
I have a mind of my own,
I am a master of myself,
I am a filmmaker,
I am an artist,
I am a poet,
I am a person,
I am not less than what you think,
I am an independent citizen,
I need support like everyone else,
I am capable even though I am disabled,
disability does not mean I am hidden from society,
disability does not mean I cannot say “I am disabled and proud”
disability does not mean my voice does not matter,
disability does not mean I can’t do anything,
disability means I need to structure my supports
and build a supported decision making agreement
between my supporters
as myself being the decision maker
like you and you and you in the world.
I disagree with people
as much as I agree,
I do not agree with you on some things,
but I agree on other things,
and that’s okay.
I can speak out on what I believe and feel
an that’s ok because it’s how I feel
and it does not mean
I am too easily influenced or ‘brainwashed’
because being ‘brainwashed’ is not even a thing,
it is a social construction, it is not even real,
and it is figure of speech of
someone’s imagination to make a person seem crazy,
to make a person feel disregarded as a person,
and to not allow a person to take responsibility for their choices
even if the person felt at the time
to choose something for their own self-care,
even if it was for their own way of
making meaning with the world,
my own way of growing and maturing
and doing things on my own,
to get to an understanding of what
I can do without the world telling me otherwise
as if I need to always be told
as if I am child and not the adult that I am.
Presuming competence is so important,
it is so liberating for everyone
because the social model of disability
is not about discrediting medicine,
it is about self-determination
it’s about de-stigmatizing what the medical model did,
so disabled people make their decisions
and using accommodations even it is from medicine
to help a person live their life,
even if they need other accessibilities
to do this as well,
even if many do not understand the
social model of disability,
that’s ok, but please don’t discredit it,
don’t discredit an individual’s right to make decisions
based on how they may feel at the time,
allow leeway in may be taking responsibility
for why the individual chose that decision at the time,
may be it wasn’t all about the individual’s behavior
maybe it could have been the way
the individual felt from the behavior
of the people around them.
Relationships are a two way street.
Everything that happens is never one sided,
it is never the fault of one person,
everyone can always take responsibility for
every decision that is made by an individual.
There is a reason why things happen,
and sometimes that reason needs to be known,
sometimes the reason is projected on the decision maker
because the other people don’t want to
feel bad or don’t want to know they might have done
something wrong.
There is never what someone did was wrong
like there is never what someone did was right.
Every decision we make is something we did
from how we felt at the time.
Everywhere we go, every decision we make,
are decisions that may have been
tough for us to make,
but it was decisions from our path
to help us grow,
to help us mature,
and to help us further our destiny
to live our life.
Every decision any individual makes
is by how we felt
and whoever was around the individual at that time
including the individual
who needs to take responsibility for that decision.
Take responsibility for yourself
and most importantly take responsibility
for every other person as a decision maker
regardless of who the person is or was
even if person is disabled or
even if the person is non-disabled.
It’s not all about you or them,
it’s all about the decision that was made.

A Poem Called “Invisible”


by theamazinJ

Not seen,
Not heard,
Not even there,
watching over,
everywhere I go,
I see.
everywhere I go,
I move.
I listen.
I tend to go from here to there.
I also go from there to here.
Invisible I am,
visible I seem.
Speaking I do.
Others and many don’t listen.
My voice matters once,
but not much at all.
I am important.
I run in my soul.
I speak in my mind.
I use my voice to lift me up.
My congruence is soft,
and sweet.
My differences are not unique.
I am different than the status quo.
I am disabled by default.
I am competent.
I am visible to those who see me.
Invisible mostly.
My voice counts like every voice counts.
I am seen in the world
like everyone else.
The world is changing.
Leaders are transitioning.
Leaders becoming immune to
the rest of society.
Leaders are not in touch
with the reality of every community.
Leaders fault on this.
Building outreach to everyone,
listening to those who actually do it,
while the leaders pay attention.
Every leader counts their materials.
Leaders do not understand
which is goes side and which goes the other side.
Leadership can be invisible too.
Being invisible fading in and out
of the community we live in.
Some visible moments,
but mostly invisibility
to work on ourselves.
Dangerous to be visible,
dangerous to be invisible.
Cautious when we become visible.
Everyone has their choices,
and no body can
take away that dignity.
Everyone has their family
as we learn to use the
right supports for the right time.
getting our words out there
for the best support we can get.
support means interdependence,
while no one is independent.
Sometimes many don’t understand
what support actually mean,
and instead intend to control.
Control is not support,
voicing ourselves
under what they think others want
without listening.
Self-determination is
recognizing what we want
being self-aware,
and doing what is
important for ourselves
without being under the influence,
and without being controlled.
Invisible or not,
any of us chooses
when we want to be seen,
and when we want not.
Being visible is a part of self-determination,
but mostly it is about who we are
and what we want at the time.
Be Seen or not be seen.

Presuming Competence in an Inclusive Society and Knowing Who We Are

Being in this world, we gain, we lose, we hurt, we pain, we forgive, we heal, we remember, we move forward!

Life is big! Life is a very grand, fearless adventure filled with much fear, anxiety, stress, and emotions keeping all of us feeling for situations, people around us, and others in our environment.

Having Awareness of who you are and the people around you is so important without having self-blame, pity, and not liking who we are.

Take a look at what I created here as the different things which identify all of us:

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 1.45.05 PM

Now take a look at this sign I created which shows how we ALL can succeed in this world:

pathways to success

Being who we are is what gives us the experience of a lifetime to live our life filled with the emotions necessary to feel for everyone in this world in the way, we only know how to do it. Every one is different, but we all experience the same emotions. However, we all also want similar things in life too, one of those things is success. Being successful is different for everyone. Every person needs and wants different things. The most important thing we all want to feel is appreciation, respect, supportive network, independence, comfort from everyone around us, ultimately reaching for a goal to live in our special way finally being rewarded with material money to spend. (Thus, we live, from a post I wrote in 2011,  Interdependently!)

Nothing is impossible for something you want to do to make a difference, we just have to spend our time being are own individuals with our individuality remembering every one matters and everybody is possible!!

Remember what eugenics stands for and why it continuously hurts so many people, still, these days! Here is a good video to watch about that, Grading People!

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