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You must believe in our new President-Elect Barack Obama catalyzing our Positive Energy

It must be a belief system to know this man can and will be the catalyst for our positive energy for, We the People of the United States of America and create unity in the world.  I don’t mean it in the sense we should be one giant country, I mean we all have differences and we all need to accept those differences.  Every unique individual in this world has something to give.  Each person and animal can help one another out.  In times of difficult situations like how most of us are in now, we need to lean on each other for support even if we have to have an animal to lean on who comforts us.

Animals are the best way for comfort.  My friend has 2 gerbals she just got, that is fantastic. I have Chloe the maltese dog, and I am sure other people use different other types of animals.   It is the support we get from each other and other animals which can help us get through rough times.

There is so much to give in so little time…, a time where we only have about 100 years to live.  Think of all the different people who are inspiring to enliven us.  Barack Obama should give us all the inspiration in the world because he is President and a President should be a Leader first.  Barack Obama should not care about anything else which gives him recognition.  He is a man trying to help make a difference like I am.

I want all of us to feel inspiration to better our lives and help those who have trouble finding the exhilaration.  I have found this already.  Tell a joke, laugh out loud to yourself thinking of a joke from the past, or even think about your happy childhood at times and only the happy times.  Think about what you wanted to do and may be this will help you find your niche in society without thinking of the money first.  There is more to life than money, there is the power of your passion to get you where your destiny wanted you to be until you became greedy.  Greed is rough way to deal with this world.  No body should be too greedy, we should try and do the best we can with what we have.

The right way to earn more money is by actually earning it with honest rewards.  A reward that all of us can cherish forever because we worked hard for a very long time.  Hardwork pays off in the end of an uphill battle to finally retire nicely and live a comfortable life.  Money is good, but we must be patient earning the money we get and be grateful for every cent.

Every time we earn something it is a reward which we should never forget.  No body deserves getting millions of dollars for anything unless they actually worked hard doing it.

Take it easy and posting later on,


President-Elect Barack Obama and Vice President-Elect Joe Biden

I am so happy these two are going to be our next President and Vice President of the United States of America.  I just hope these two can stay true to themselves and very humble.  I really admire a person who listens to others and is a leader.  I feel Barack Obama has all of that in him. It will be a tough next 4 years for Mr. Obama since there are so many issues in which George W. Bush created in the United States and the World.  I hope and pray these issues start to subside in the next 4 years.

Good Luck Mr. Obama and Good Luck Mr. Biden!!!!  I wish the both of you all the luck in the world to try your best to help us all out.


Obama for President all the way!!!!

I believe Barack Obama will be our great President of the United States of America.  I believe he will help anybody especially individuals with disabilities such as Autism Spectrum Disorders.   John McCain is not the right man for this Presidency and he is not a leader.  I want a Leader not a Presidential Candidate and certainly not someone who was a war hero.  You must look at all factors in this election.  John McCain tries to blind us to all of this.

I feel Barack Obama will help us all.  Sarah Palin is somebody who wants the spotlight and will not get it because she is chasing the spotlight too much.  Plus, Sarah Palin is not ready to be Vice President and certainly not ready to be our next President either.  Though people look at Barack Obama and Sarah Palin thinking they both lack experience.  Barack Obama is a very intelligent man who is also a very humble person.  Sarah Palin is not as humble as Barack Obama.

This is why Barack Obama has a huge lead over John McCain and why Barack Obama will win.

I know no body is perfect to be president and every one seeks out perfection, but everybody has imperfections and we must look at the pros and cons of everything.  Barack Obama has pros that outweigh his cons.  I find he will be a good President. It will not be a perfect Presidency, but who says any Presidency was perfect.

Anyway, posting later on,


Which is better Obama or Clinton?

They are very similiar and what comes in politics is everyone needs to step up to the plate and do something not just telling people in words only.  NIKE JUST DO IT is the slogan because once we do it or do what we need to do, then we get repected for something that we have become.

In any case, whoever becomes President of the United States needs to JUST DO the best that can be done for this country.  Not just let the country sink deeper into depression.

out, J