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A Rosh Hashanah to Celebrate a New Year once again!

Rosh Hashanah is here again. L’Shana Tova to all those who celebrate Rosh Hashanah, and for those who don’t, hope your week is going well. It’s always a time to remember what we stand for as positive, diverse, Human race! Here is another letter I recently wrote to President Obama.

Dear President Obama,

I have an idea for a new cabinet among the Executive Branch in the White House. How about a Department of Human Development to help those Americans who have experienced discrimination of any kind. This department would ensure all Americans will be maintain a positive and healthy outlook on life because people need to know it’s okay to be who they are and choose to do the things they want to do positively for society. What do you think? For example, it will help those Americans who are Autistic, Disabled, Homosexual, Transgender, etc. experience life better. I feel America has come a long way, but needs to move forward more in order to accept everyone and what people need to live, hence maintaining Human Rights for all!

America needs to continue to be a leader in Human Rights. We can change the way the world understands differences by leading the way to accepting diversity. Thank you for reading my message. I always support you and want you to know we need to always maintain a peaceful, diverse, positive world!

It’s Rosh Hashanah now and I am going to lead my way to the other part of me that I am too, being an American Jewish man celebrating with my family.

Always a pleasure to have you as our President,


Election Day is Tomorrow so Please VOTE !

Forever we are in the broad spectrum of being Human and need to guide ourselves to believe in ourselves.

I believe being Human, we have to accept each other no matter what and help one another along the way. We are gifted and strong. All of us should even help any body with two legs or four legs or no legs. Don’t be afraid, Don’t feel hurt, Don’t be angry, Don’t be selfish, and Don’t hold grudges toward any one. Life is supposed to be one step at a time moving forward as we approach closer to the moments when we feel our mission is finally complete.

Tomorrow is Election Day and it’s time to continue with President Obama who is giving us a better way for the world to think about. No matter who you are and what you can do, get every American citizen to Vote in this year’s election. If someone doesn’t have access to the internet, newspapers, or the education others have, please give them the rights we all have to be able to VOTE to feel like equals. This year EVERY American Citizen above 18 years of age needs to VOTE and get themselves heard. We are supposed to be United and if we really are, then we all will help give the power to every one in the USA to VOTE.

This should be finally the Election we all need even better than 2008 when President Obama first was elected.

Hope you all have a great day and MOVE FORWARD To be the best we can be!


The Next President of the United States…

Whoever becomes the Next President of the United States is going to have to deal with so many different New and Old serious issues that are going on with our nation.

Not only is it going to deal with the big issue of the Iraq war which created a very destructive way of doing things by President Bush, but there is a whole lot more issues out there and not a lot of money to go about it. That is why there is called a Budget and even the Governments of the world including the United States have to budget.

Budgeting is very hard and very difficult to keep up even for an individual budgeting their own money.

It is true we cause our own problems when we don’t budget right, in fact even governments like the United States get themselves into jams because of poor budgeting.

I have the most difficult with it as well because there is a lot of tempting things to do with your money that you want, but not necessarily stuff you need.

Besides what is going on Internationally including the Iraq War, there are also a lot more domestic issues that need to be addressed. I feel that a president should first go through and help domestic issues before addressing international issues.

For Instance, there is an issue about Autism Spectrum Disorders that are on the rise and the government needs to fund organizations to help the increasing number of people who have an Autism Spectrum Disorder. It is NOT and epidemic, it is just a life that we need to deal with.

Also, Second issue number 2, is that colleagues all over in Ultrasound are suffering greatly especially in the community of Vascular Ultrasound. Why is that the government reimburses more money for an echocardiogram than for any of the other procedures involved in ultrasound. There are some procedures that people don’t even get paid at all in vein mappings. If you look at the statistics, an echocardiogram takes a much shorter amount of time to perform from a venous duplex to check for DVT or a noninvasive physiologic exam. The point is that the number of people getting older is increasing with the number of people who smoked and still smoke cigarettes. This fact also increases the fact that people are losing their circulation more in their arteries.

The government goes through a statistic that the # 1 killer in america is a heart attack. yes, that is true, but don’t decrease reimbursement in any of ultrasound especially in a noninvasive physiologic study or a venous duplex or even not paying for a vein mapping because their are many tech’s out there are breaking their backs trying to get tests done.

All of ultrasound should be untouched in reimbursement because work is being done and I feel that money should be cut given to government officials not cutting money to ultrasound, autism spectrum disorder issues especially with the adult population, and many many other issues domestically that people are suffering from within businesses. What happened to the hardworking american who got his money?

The question is: Who works harder and deserves the money more?

This is a very controversial issue involved in the domestic united states and even all over the world, Who works harder and deserves the money more?

Many people feel that they deserve the money more because they feel they are the ones working very hard. I will tell you this: Life is about working hard and being rewarded for that piece of work whether in money or rewarded by the eternal one when we die and go to the kingdom of heaven. So there should be no complaining because someday whether you are rewarded with money or rewarded in the kingdom of heaven, you will be rewarded. Anyone else who doesn’t do much will not be rewarded at all.

Anyway, sometimes we have to be patient with our own self-worth and in time be rewarded.

Gotta go,

out, J