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Election Day is Tomorrow so Please VOTE !

Forever we are in the broad spectrum of being Human and need to guide ourselves to believe in ourselves.

I believe being Human, we have to accept each other no matter what and help one another along the way. We are gifted and strong. All of us should even help any body with two legs or four legs or no legs. Don’t be afraid, Don’t feel hurt, Don’t be angry, Don’t be selfish, and Don’t hold grudges toward any one. Life is supposed to be one step at a time moving forward as we approach closer to the moments when we feel our mission is finally complete.

Tomorrow is Election Day and it’s time to continue with President Obama who is giving us a better way for the world to think about. No matter who you are and what you can do, get every American citizen to Vote in this year’s election. If someone doesn’t have access to the internet, newspapers, or the education others have, please give them the rights we all have to be able to VOTE to feel like equals. This year EVERY American Citizen above 18 years of age needs to VOTE and get themselves heard. We are supposed to be United and if we really are, then we all will help give the power to every one in the USA to VOTE.

This should be finally the Election we all need even better than 2008 when President Obama first was elected.

Hope you all have a great day and MOVE FORWARD To be the best we can be!


Obama won a Crucial Debate, For us Americans, and the World!

There is no clearer decision than voting for Barack Obama for a 2nd Term as President maintaining stability and a prosperous future. He is the best candidate at this time that we need for our country. We need to see how President Obama is creating this country to be better than it has in years. We should all be looking at what the grass looks like now instead of looking at other people have in the world. We can create unity, peace, and balance every where. The United States now is an important part of the world. President Obama has been trying to get things back on track since he took office in 2009.

This country needed changes from a lot of the corruption that has been going on throughout the nation in healthcare, oil, Wall Street, and many other industries. We need to focus our attention on helping other people and educating every one. There are too many people in the United States who don’t have an education whether it being a formal education to learn basic skills to vote, learning careers like engineering, other trades, and becoming a teacher. Instead most people want a career they can initially make a lot of money in. There are so many different careers for so many different people. Every one has a talent to do something they can put their mind to. The more people branch out in to other careers, the more diverse this country will be. Eventually when putting enough time in to a career you love, the money flows in more.

President Obama needs to focus his attention on keeping the Affordable Care Act in place for our future, educating every one to understand what’s going on in the United States and the world, and creating jobs through the many different career ideas around. He needs to also make sure trade schools and colleges and graduate schools are affordable for every one, and giving the people what what we need: continued strong leadership to insure he is leading us in doing what is necessary for this country. We do not need to focus most of our energy on the military because otherwise we would be creating more wars and more innocent murder victims of war.

War is negative and negative energy creates chaos and destruction. Instead every one needs to settle their emotions, not judge any one, and spend their time immersing themselves in focusing their energies to help one another. How does war begin? Well, let’s take the first step by saying war begins by 1 person bullying another person, it’s that simple. Bullying is a problem since bullying is like a contagious virus which spreads. For instance, when someone gets bullied at some point in their life, they are more inclined to become the bully later in life. Interesting, huh? We need to educate people about Neurodiversity, Sexuality, Religion/Theology, or other Cultures to eventually decrease bullying so every one will understand and accept.

Unfortunately, it will take a long time to end bullying because bullying is also a part of human nature. Throughout history so many wars big or small have been started. Wars could be as small as something that goes on at school to family wars to wars as big as when the whole world gets involved. Bullying becomes a problem when any one around the world can not handle their own emotions at the time and decide to antagonize other people. It happens in politics all the time. It is very sad this happens.

President Obama needs to keep the United States of America united as we continuously stand together without any one feeling out of place or taken advantage of or bullied by other Americans. America is 50 states, 50 states which are supposed to be united. The President of the United States is the person to keep this country united and bring balance to every one. I feel President Obama has the capabilities to do this because he cares about the people especially the most vulnerable; like people with disabilities like myself. It’s so important to understand and accept who you are and what other people want to live their life. It’s important for people to give back once they make it big, but it’s also important for those people to enjoy their life too. People who have millions or billions of dollars probably don’t need all that money to live. However, it’s important to understand there is always a reason why those people earned that amount of money. A lot of times the money gets to people’s heads and they forget where they came from.

My hope is to get as many people to vote for President Obama because he is a caring and humble man who is trying to create unity in this United States of America.

This is going to be a great legacy for the United States under President Barack Obama, I have faith in him!!

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The State of the Union Address given by President Barack Obama was Sensational

President Obama delivered the State of the Union address last night.  It was truly inspiring for the American people. His message was urging all Americans to unify in order for the country to move ahead and regain our strength.  He stated that the American Dream still exists. He acknowledged  with great admiration the strength and tenacity of Representative Gabrielle Giffords, who was shot in the head by a senseless shooting of a misguided individual in Tucson, Arizona a few weeks ago. She is miraculously recovering from a gunshot wound to her head.   It is unfortunate that a tragedy is what is bringing this nation together. Ms. Gifford has inspired many of us to show how tragedies bring us together to give each other hope and continue to love. Every thing happens for a reason?

Our founding fathers fought and developed the laws of this country in order that we have basic human rights and freedoms that are not available in other countries.  President Obama stressed that the way to move forward into the future is developing innovations and creating opportunities for Americans.  The most important piece of obtaining this goal is through education.  We must realize that education is important in developing talents for our future. As a country we must enhance our educational systems so we can compete with the world.

As an American I am proud to have the opportunity to have my dreams become real.  As Americans we can feel proud of whom we are. That is why it is very critical for all of us to listen, open our eyes, and cooperate with whoever is helping us.  This can be accomplished by developing more patience, understanding of who others are no matter what.  We are all too critical of other people that are not like us.  This can be your neighbor, co-worker, friend, or a family member.  In order to come together as a whole we must remove the branding and labeling of others.

President Obama wanted every citizen to know that we may have separate political parties that may divide the American people, but we are still one nation.  Although the Congress is lead by Republicans and Democrats who have opposing views on certain issues they owe it to their constituents to work together for the good of the country.  The President reminded Americans how we inspire the rest of the world to value its citizens, appreciate basic human rights, and live a genuine healthy successful life.

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An image of Dr. Martin Luther King, JR: (As January comes to a close, we remembered a man this month who helped fight for our human rights as well)

We Can Not Let Congress Repeal Healthcare Reform!!

Good health is important for any one, but most importantly we need medical coverage to pay for it. Medical and Mental Healthcare are very important to all of us, but it can also be very expensive to pay for. In fact, nowadays Mental Health professionals are becoming increasingly expensive because most people are trying to seek out a Mental Health healthcare. To the many people using other Medical Specialists, healthcare is becoming expensive also. Medicine has become big business instead of helping people because of the inflated prices of supplies for drugs, equipment, as well as many other healthcare products and services.

The population has expanded with many citizens since the mid Twentieth Century. Therefore, there are many more health issues throughout the United States. Most Republicans seem to not care what happens to any of us!! Most of them seem to be very selfish and self-centered and these members of the United States Congress should think about what it would be like if they were us.

President Obama wants to establish a situation where insurance companies do not have the upper hand to any one. We all need to support the President of the United States because he cares for us since he wants to help us maintain our physical and mental health. We need to all start living a joyful inspiring life.

The people need to be heard and understood that all of their healthcare matters most. Are we ready to finally speak up and help each other? Or Are we going to let insurance companies dictate what we need for our own mental and/or physical state?

People need to speak up and tell the Republicans to back off on this issue!! Any one needs to think about having the best affordable overall healthcare possible to maintain their life.

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A Voice for Autism

The government recently made a new connection with the Autistic community by confirming Ari Ne’eman to the National Council on Disability.  Ari not only has autism, but is a driving force in promoting education, awareness and understanding to the public.  It is to be hoped that by this confirmation it will help shed more light and a voice to not only the children, but the autistic adult.  There is a large population of adults with autism whose voices are not being heard.  Instead the focus is on the causes, cure, blame and birth rate of newly diagnosed cases.
We live in  a human society where we are judged harshly for not fitting into what society calls the “norm.” Many people use their reasoning to generalize how every one should be and not leaving room for those of us who are different. As an autistic adult I look at the world as an incongruent system that I must conform to.  I am not alone in thinking and feeling this way.  There are many individuals struggling to fit in to this world. Being different can work for some people who know how to navigate through the maze that we live by and can try to fit in.  We do applaud those who are different when they offer entertainment, creativity and scientific discoveries.  However, looking at the world it is not a kind place for those of us who are autistic.
In our culture it allows many people to live their life the way they want to, but those of us who are not neurotypical feel displaced.  We are living with unique minds trying to unravel the mysteries of fitting in like Sherlock Holmes solving a difficult case.  Some people feel they need life to change for them because the rejection they have to deal with on a daily basis destroys any sense of self.  So how and where can these changes start to happen for the adults living with autism?  Why does everyone forget that the autistic youngsters, will become an adult sooner then they realize? It would be good if some advances and acceptance were made for all individuals on the spectrum.
The National Council on Disability tries to encourage every one with a disability to strive to their fullest potential.  This means just because you have a disability, does not mean you are incapable to do anything. Disability is a label used to displace others who society feels cannot be or do anything.  Every one has an ability to move this world in whatever way they possibly can.  The more one realizes this it will facilitate the change needed in society.
People who are given labels are generally expected to act in a certain manner.  Their behave at times can be very outrageous.  It is accepted because of the label they have.  After all why should they act differently when it is expected and allowed.  Their behavior is unfair to every one else around them.  We should be teaching, not enabling them.  Some people need a lot more support and understanding to be taught how to function in society.  There is acceptable ways to live in this society while they may be different they have to be accepted to be accepted.  Changes can and will occur in time for it is a process of being patient, working hard and keeping our morale up.  The first step is getting rid of categorizing and labeling people. How can we do this?  Where can we start?  This can be done on a small level by every one of us.  On a larger scale by The National Council on Disability and other organizations.
So, Hopefully Ari will be able to fulfill some needed goals.