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Funny how this world works in strange ways

It is funny how this world works in strange ways. You don’t know who really cares about you until really tragic things happen. It does not mean life is negative, it is always a positive experience. When someone really cares about you, you notice the people who want to see how you are doing.

I will keep every one updated on how I am doing and what is going on with the surgery.

You might be getting posts not be me in the hospital by my webmaster or my family.

Be well and wish me luck!!

I know I will be just fine and bounce back as quick as I can.


The time is approaching for a 5771 New Year Tune Up…

I am sitting tight and waiting anxiously for something which has been waiting in the distance for a long time. I will be going under the knife Friday morning to repair a congenital aneurysm near my heart which has become too big. I will be fine since I know I have my angels with me. Many things are changing before my eyes and even before your own.

In case you don’t know in layman’s terms an aneurysm is a dilatation of an artery in this case the main artery, which stretches the walls of the artery becoming very weak. It can stretch so much that the inner lining of the artery tears or rips a part causing a dissection. When this occurs near the heart, a person can die. I am very lucky though because I can stop this from happening.

As i went through surgery for New Year’s 2009 for my pancreas, I go once again for New Year’s 5771. I won’t be posting anything from home while I am in the hospital, but as soon as I feel well enough I will be posting much more of my fiction and other articles. Life can throw curveballs at anytime and a lot of the times curveballs change your life in a different way.

The countdown begins for Friday at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center… I have my strength, will, and will be just fine.

I end with a poem…

Brushing through the air
I sense a way for me to breathe,
I sense a way for me to alter
my direction from the wind
diverting me from my goals.
I sense an urgent calling of
relief coming toward me,
as I hold with dear life
on a pole standing next to me.
A man comes up to me
offering his help and support.
He tells me to think about
where I am now
how I want to succeed
and how I want to feel
by the end of each day.
I sense repressing feelings
of passion I had when I
was a child that
I no longer thought about.
He touched my heart
and whispered in my ear
go with your passion
not with any one else’s.
I listen to those words
over and over again
when I blink twice
I am lying on a rock
from sleeping for
about an hour.
Then I realize
what I need to do…

(there is sometimes in life when we do what we are not intended to do, but we do it to please another. The only thing you can do is please yourself because you can not run around trying to please every one else. Pleasing other people will just dry you out way too quickly.)

posting again very soon,