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Up Where We Belong toward Autism Acceptance

Stimming is something I do too. It makes me feel happy. I have always done it and still do to make me feel happy. It’s a relaxing thing to do when when I am feeling over stimulated, over anxious, and sensory overloaded. Part of stimming for me is flapping, spinning, and finding an area where I can apply deep pressure on to my body like on my bed or the carpet in my room. I have done this my whole life. Stimming is short for self-stimulation and is a key trait for the Autistic spectrum.

Professionals and other people may feel this is inappropriate for society, however those people need to understand what diversity is all about. Every one is different and stimming for a person on the Autistic spectrum is something we need to do to comfort us.
When talking to some people and professionals who think stimming relates to unpredictable behavior, they need to get inside a brain of an Autistic person to understand the purpose of the stim.

Even if we have to use ear muffs to focus on another person because otherwise we can’t focus discreetly from the outside distractions, than let us to be able to focus.

It’s almost the end of Autism Acceptance Month, but we still are in the Autism Acceptance decade. The decade where people will accept diversity, human diversity of cognitive abilities and biodiversity itself. Next time you yourself disproves diversity, remember this: It’s time for a positively diverse society. The time is now for everyone’s positive talent(s) for society to be accepted, appreciated, respected, and given a chance to prove to the world the positive differences we can make in this world. There is so much positive things all of us can do for society, yet most of us are not accepted or appreciated of what we can do.

Helping others is important and not helping is no journey at all. Outreach is so important in paying it forward. By paying it forward, we embrace life, it fills us up with joy, and we make a difference. Every one’s journey toward the acceptance of others, and the most important part of accepting ourselves is an experience unique to us. Yet, we journey thousands of miles every day in our mind and back to the outside world to believe we can do it, we can be successful, and we can make that positive difference we are all meant to be doing. Life spins us, lifts us, pounds us to the ground, and cracks us up with laughter every second of our life even makes us cry, however no body is guaranteed to be wrong. Yet, Autism Acceptance is so important for diversity.

Finding ourselves and finding our comfort zones is important. That is why stimming is an important part for people on the Autistic spectrum. It makes us a culture of people that change the world from the Neurotypical thinking. Neurotypical thinking from a typical person without autism shows society there is only one way to survive in this world to understand the NT taboos “in’s and out’s” in society created by the majority NT community. It’s very important to have ethical standards set in place for every one to know and understand. Neurotypicals and Autistics (as a whole) need to meet somewhere in the middle for understanding and peace. People study us in research to be able to understand us. May be people who research us should spend more time in the community getting to know us and getting inside of our heads instead of using MRI technology or other tests to better understand Autistic people as a whole.

There are different ways an Autistic person (as a whole) is, in society. Some are nonverbal. Some have seizures. Most of us stim. Most of us have sensory issues. Some have echolalia. While a lot of us are not nonverbal, some are selectively mute, some are highly verbal, and some have other issues like being face blinded. People on the Autistic spectrum are like the Neurotypical spectrum because we all experience what is, humanity. We all experience being happy, sad, angry, mad, crazy, frustrated, depressed, wander, etc. Whether you are on the Autistic spectrum or you are not, people on the Autistic spectrum like myself express those feelings differently. Feeling awkward in society because you are not like the majority of the people around you does not mean you are not up where you belong. Feel the gift(s) you have to have a positive experience in the world to make a positive difference in this world. Remember this: Don’t let any one pull you down or push you around, Move Forward to be the best you can be to make the changes you want to see in yourself and society for acceptance of diversity. Out of the darkness and into the Sun, I see the rainbow bursting through with diversity everywhere. Whether you are on the autistic spectrum or not, any person can do things to be positive productive members of society. You just need to find your niche, work hard to build it, outreach to others, and pay it forward!

BTW, Positivity Day is approaching us once again, so get ready for an Extraordinary Positivity Day!

Here are a few lyrics to Jennifer Warnes and Joe Cocker’s song “Up Where We Belong”

Love lift us up where we belong
Where the eagles cry
On a mountain high
Love lift us up where we belong
Far from the world we know
Up where the clear winds blow

It’s been a while since I have been posting. I just wanted to tell my DMC readers that I am here still and building up what I need to say. Building myself more to outreach to others on the Autistic spectrum to build Autistic culture as a whole! Got to get moving to show y’all more of what I do with my art.


A new week starts, A fresh outlook on Life

A fresh outlook…

Now that Osama Bin Laden is finally dead we made a first step to a fresh new outlook on Life, but its only the beginning of a long road ahead of us. To bring justice to all the terror in this world, we need to fight more to come back to order and peace. Although peace and order are very hard to achieve in the world because there is always someone out there who is feeling angry, we must work together not against each other. Some people think the end of times is coming, but its really just the beginning of a new era approaching us to 2013 and beyond. A few years back I had a discussion with someone I was teaching who explained the whole process to me from a book series he read. He told me by 2012 some people will be staying while others will be going. The ones who will be staying here need to fulfill their missions in life, but the ones who will be leaving us already finished what they had to do. It is a matter of justice, joy, and forgiveness.
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It’s Positivity Day Every one!!! Enjoy the day…

This is the first year we celebrate our life in every positive way we can.  Positivity Day is the start of something new.  Something new for you and I.  A day which can change the world forever.

Strong feelings of devotion to the word
and the world. It is a feeling we have
in every development of our transpired
spirit which can bring joy to every one.
Joy is in the heart of all of
us if only we bring it in. A feeling of
satisfaction. A feeling of love in our hearts
for ourselves and for every one else around us.
The trouble is not what is, but trouble
coming from within. When you feel hurt inside,
you feel tragedy, it hurts only if you let it hurt you.
Together we show ourselves the necessary tools
to feel good, feel inspired, and move forward.

Celebrate Life, Celebrate Joy, Celebrate Love, Celebrate Neurodiversity!!

It may take time for all of us to endure our latest product we created, but each day should be a celebration of what we do or even try to do. A spotlight only lights up around those people who SURROUND THEMSELVES with just joy and love.

It’s time to start a new day for the rest of our lives. A new day, a new era of our lives.

I end with a quote:

The birthplace of success for each person is in his Inner-Consciousness. The Inner-Consciousness will use whatever it is given. If constructive thoughts are planted positive outcomes will be the result. Plant the seeds of failure and failure will follow. And since the only real freedom a person has is the choice of what thoughts he will feed to his Inner-Consciousness he is totally responsible for the outcomes he gets.

Sidney Madwed

Like what Michael Jackson says “Going to Make a change for once in my life…

    The Man in the Mirror



Now since it is World Autism Month, Positivity Day coming up, and Plan for Autistic Pride Day…

To make Autism Month even better, we should all establish our needs for a better contribution to our life.  Next Sunday will Positivity Day!!  If any of you are still feeling angry and emotional inside, then next Sunday will help you feel a whole lot better.  Start planning for what you want to do, preparing for the day.  It is a day to focus on our strengths, not our weaknesses.  The day will provide for every greater good in your life.   No one can do everything, but every one can do something.

There is also a time for us to plan events for Autistic Pride Day, June 18, 2010!! This is exactly 2 months after Positivity Day, April 18!!

AUTISM ————–> Angels Unite To Incorporate Super Missions

I know some people have started AUTISM———> Always Unique Totally Interesting Sometimes Mysterious

Think to yourself what you want to do for Next Sunday…

Contest:  Please comment on my blog if you have an idea for a symbol for Positivity Day April 18, 2010.

The first person who comes up with a symbol for Positivity Day in which I like a lot, will be interviewed by me on DMC!


In the meantime, Autistic Pride symbol: